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Quit Quota

What is your quota of quit?

This past weekend was humbling for me, I push myself harder than most they say but I digress.

It's not often I find a moment where I need to question the quit quota. When have I had enough to pack it in? Running nowadays I don't push to the point of no return as I enjoy the emotional balance far more than the physical challenge.

After two ankle surgeries (not snowboard related), nearly breaking my pelvis and missing a whole season of snowboarding I strapped in. My daughters choice of activities for the year was boarding and so I went and bought boots and new bindings to ensure I would feel the best for the first time out.

I remember how awesome it felt when boarding was good. Like anything, once you have one good run of it you chase the dragon until you feel it again and again. That's what gets us to return to anything we consider "fun" is we get better at it and that moment of "WOW, I love this!" comes to us more often as our skill level improves.

First time down the slope I froze, scared to move and switch edges. That was just from the parking lot to the chalet....
Up the lift we go, I check fear at the door tell it I'm not letting it stop me but I know it has a choke hold on my brain. Down the lift, my daughter leaves me in the dust, fearless and free. Like an angel she waits for me each time knowing I'm slow and scared.
In my mind I was done I wanted to quit I knew it was stupid to be nearly forty and trying to learn to snowboard again after so much time off and for how much my body hurts.


I just couldn't let go...until.

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