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Light The World

Tragic media stories weigh heavy in my heart despite the fact that the "truth" is as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I struggle daily trying to read through the lines. A perfect example of not believing everything you read is in our local paper recently it stated that the race we completed in the Yukon was three local women; it was not. One was from Edmonton. I may be a small oversight but small things add up and that's how the world seems nowadays.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they're justified, that's great. We all have a quick to react button on comments or shares but perhaps there's some forethought that should occur before you are so quick to have an opinion or judge others so harshly for theirs.

The power of social media rules the world currently and despite it's wonderful benefits there needs to be sometimes the silent rule of: "Would I say this to someone's face or state this out loud,?". Better yet: "Would I want to be talked about this way?". Simple enough, yet daily people continue to act like the internet is their right to post anything they "feel".

The more say what you mean, no rules and bashing groups you support on social media mean you are a part of it. It may be entertaining but at the end of the day remember those people and/or businesses they are trashing are part of the community and when we start to function as sections instead of a whole trouble ensues. If you have an opinion share it with that person or write it out as an email and re-read it in the morning and if you still feel justified go ahead and send it.

 I marvel as how our own reaction to the world around us creates either light or dark. Even in some of my hardest times I try to remember to smile at someone else because maybe they are struggling as well and that single kind gesture changed their day.

Walking down the street my children become annoyed at how many people I greet or wave to or visit with. They think I know everyone but the fact is I don't sometimes I say hi to strangers. I love that many people wave or return kindess daily that's how we should all be.

One of the best compliments I ever hear is when someone tells me that they feel safe around me since I won't judge whatever their struggles are. Shouldn't we all be that way? I don't have to agree with people and I'll be the first to say I don't like that but I don't have to like it. That's the difference you're allowed your feelings and I'm allowed mine and we can both leave feeling validated.

There is so much darkness in the world right now with young toddlers being murdered, political strife and upheaval it is no wonder it seems hard to be optimistic. So many people I know personally are struggling with issues out of their control but remembering that we have the power to lift them up is important. A call, a text, an email or a simple unexpected surprise lights the path for them.

Darkness defined as the absence of light; the other is wickedness or evil.

If that is the case then the more we stand together as beacons of light the less chance darkness can take over. It comes down to the choice of each person in this world every day when we wake up the impact we will leave around us.

Refusing to allow fear mongering to force us into poor choices, lending a listening ear instead of a judging comment or simple just being around for someone who needs it is often enough whether you know them or not.  It is our choice daily!

But, remember if you need help sometimes you have to have the courage to ask for it. Needing help isn't weakness it's allowing people to share the gift of giving with you.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200

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