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Soul Sisters

Who are the people who fill your cup? Glass; maybe glass of wine, those are you're true friends. The inner circle of soul sisters that you keep are who define you.

Those are the people who are family without blood and I have been thankful to have my fair share of them. I think back over the years of those who have come into my life and supported me. These are people who give without expecting anything in return and show up when others leave.

Today, I reflect on these people as I know there are friends of my own who are going through tough times and most times the first people we turn to are these soul sisters when we feel overwhlemed or lost. They are seperate from our family and a unbiased ear to listen to our problems.

Maybe today take the time to send a text, email or call to someone who you appreciate and consider part of that inner circle. You can never let someone know too much how much you appreciate them.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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