• 5 Class Bootcamp Pass : $75

    Passes are only used by availability within each class, your spot is not guaranteed; please sign up for a monthly membership for a secured spot but email first to ensure there is space.

    This pass is available for purchase online as an alternative payment option when attending classes. 

    Pass is usable for all class times and days. 

    Policy regarding passes September 2014 onward will be passes expire one year after date or purchase (or until the cessation of classes being offered). All passes will be considered purchased on September 2014 that have been carried over from June 2014. This means they will expire September 2015. Passes purchased in September 2014 onward will be honored by their purchase date until a year after. 

    Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable unless due to a medical event with supporting documentation or the event of your relocation. 

    Price: 75.00 CAD 

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  • Sign up by the month and guarantee your spot!


    Join the original bootcamp where it all started in it's 8th year sweating!

    Bring clean inside running shoes, workout clothes, water, a mat and 5-10 lb weights if you have them.

    Workout at your own pace and succeed no matter what your fitness level is!

    Price: {80.00}

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  • Tired of up/downs of dieting? Tired of all or nothing approaches? Why not try a sustainable, manageable and successful approach to creating the life you are looking for?

    Track and journal for one week, email your progress each day and have it reviewed to improve your lifestyle! Coaching offered creates a balanced approach towards exercise, nutrition and life. 

    Price: 75.00 CAD

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  • Purchase 5 personal training sessions and also have your journals reviewed. Improvements will be advised to work together to create healthier habits for LIFE!

    No fancy gimmicks, no quick fixes and real life solutions for your health.

    All sessions are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. Sessions cancelled within the 24 hour period will be charged a full session fee.

    Price: 300.00 CAD

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  • Create new patterns and goals with the guidance of a coach and personal trainer to assist you. This one hour in person session will create positive habits, attainable resonating goals and tips/tricks to create a lifestyle that will be sustainable for years to come. 

    Price: 100.00 CAD

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  • Need that final push to conquer your fears, dreams, goals or all three?

    Do you need a professional to offer weekly accountability and information to keep you on track until it becomes a habit?

    Ready to push yourself with a new goal or event you're entering?

    Workouts outlined for the month tailored to your fitness and goals of each event.

     Online contact for the whole month and programs emailed weekly.

    Price: {150.00}

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  • Best value personal training package. Sessions must be used within a year.

    Train with a certified personal trainer who provides safe effective workouts tailored to your needs and fitness level.

    Price: 500.00 CAD

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  • Try a personal training session to try it out with a certified personal trainer who will help provide you with tools you can use for your body, goals and life!

    Price: {75.00}

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  • Want to train as a group privately? Get your friends, family or co-workers and sweat together.

    $60 a session based on either 2 ($20), 3($20) or 4($15)/person


    Price: 60.00 CAD

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  • Learn to yoga with a gentle class that helps you learn how to move your body, what Namaste means and the purpose of yoga.

    Suitable even if you've never done yoga before!

    Please bring a yoga mat, water and a blanket/sweater.

    Price: {$60.00}

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