Written by Lisa Stocking.

In my previous autobiography I did not describe the roles I play in life. This - Ilivelifenow! - is what I do in life, it is not WHO I am. Huge difference!

I AM a mother, wife, daughter (Love you MOM!), friend, motivator, personal trainer, athlete, housekeeper, professional hockey cheerleader/driver, gymnastics coach, ex-soccer mom, runner, biker, swimmer, mountain climber, hockey player, cook, lawn mower and....I can't think of anymore right now. What I am not is: a gardener, scrapbooker, seamstress ( I can't sew at ALL) or princess (but I have been accused once.) Maybe I will one day!

I love my roles in life.  Sometimes it is chaotic and life can start to gather speed similar to the boulder going downhill, but I LOVE THAT!

Being busy keeps me sane and it keeps me focused. I don't have time to worry about frivolous details in my day that can drain the energy from your life.

Yes, sometimes it would be nice to slow down but it will happen one day.  Until then it's 90 mph on a one way street because you don't move forward in life looking in the rear-view mirror. Keep looking down the road, you can't change the past!

I Live Life Now


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