Written by Lisa Stocking.

In life accomplishments do not happen alone, there is always the support from someone or many to assist you in finding your dreams.

I am so thankful to have many and to not acknowledge them would be wrong.

Thanks to my husband as corny as it always sounds he really is the rock that I lean on and he only looks at me partially crazy when I have another "adventure" planned now.

My kids for keeping me balanced otherwise I would work 16 hour days and not be human. 

My mom for being the voice of reason, my sounding board, my tell it like it is sanity in my life when I need to be reigned in.

Friends...where to start. I moved to a town that I knew one person in and that has grown to a huge extended family that has treated me like one of their own. For anytime you watched my kids, pushed me to a new idea, joined me for a run, race or coffee it is our CHOSEN family that is so important. And since I am short on biological family I think I have been given many friends to fill that void.

My mother in law who has always been there to help with the kids when I am off somewhere else. Or watch our house when we receive 2 feet of snow while were at a sunny place!

Last but not least to a guy who never got to see any of this but I know is watching. Thanks Dad I know about the bear and the buck-brush and I thank you for teaching me this valuable life lesson even in a short time! Miss you!

I live a live fufilled because of the roles you all play in it!



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