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The Day I Lost My Sh*t In The Airport...

On a recent trip to a warm Christmas in Arizona we had the opportunity to test out all facets of the medical system.

Our daughter broke her front tooth off in a freak incident that required a root canal, we asked her if she wanted to drive to Mexico to get it fixed but she really didn't find us funny (teenagers). We ended up with great care from a dentist down there, enough for us to get home and have the tooth filled in here. 

The morning of the day we are set to fly out she walks in our bedroom at 5 am tears streaming down in such distress and pain that she woke us up. I can count on one hand how often the kids have woke us up in the middle of the night in the last ten years this was unusual. Where we stay in Arizona is outside of Phoenix without a hospital only health clinics and the closest opening time was 7 am. I asked if she could make it til then...that's when the crying and pain got worse. So off we drove to emergency in Phoenix. 

This is the same girl who lived with an exposed nerve in her mouth for two days before we could get it fixed and never said a peep so it was extreme how much pain she was in. Her right leg was very painful and moving locations of the pain in odd places my fear was a blood clot as we had to fly that night.

After outstanding care in the childrens hospital and numerous tests six hours later we were discharged safe to fly but still unclear of what the cause of the pain was. It subsides then returns still to this day.