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The Day I Lost My Sh*t In The Airport...

On a recent trip to a warm Christmas in Arizona we had the opportunity to test out all facets of the medical system.

Our daughter broke her front tooth off in a freak incident that required a root canal, we asked her if she wanted to drive to Mexico to get it fixed but she really didn't find us funny (teenagers). We ended up with great care from a dentist down there, enough for us to get home and have the tooth filled in here. 

The morning of the day we are set to fly out she walks in our bedroom at 5 am tears streaming down in such distress and pain that she woke us up. I can count on one hand how often the kids have woke us up in the middle of the night in the last ten years this was unusual. Where we stay in Arizona is outside of Phoenix without a hospital only health clinics and the closest opening time was 7 am. I asked if she could make it til then...that's when the crying and pain got worse. So off we drove to emergency in Phoenix. 

This is the same girl who lived with an exposed nerve in her mouth for two days before we could get it fixed and never said a peep so it was extreme how much pain she was in. Her right leg was very painful and moving locations of the pain in odd places my fear was a blood clot as we had to fly that night.

After outstanding care in the childrens hospital and numerous tests six hours later we were discharged safe to fly but still unclear of what the cause of the pain was. It subsides then returns still to this day.


The afternoon passed with a warm sunny day and me trying to soak as much Vitamin D through my skin as possible before we left. Off to the airport we went for a late night flight home.

Airports are great places (read sarcasm) everyone is so relaxed and happy or one would assume. We never sit at the gate we are flying out of since it's so crowded, we usually wait a gate or two over for more room and less people. Once they start calling the flight we walk over and wait until we're boarding.

We aren't world travellers by any means but we've flown enough in our lives and we now simply take carry ons because we have a washer/dryer usually wherever we travel and none of us require a lot of stuff especially if it's a moderate temperature. Our carry on luggage we have taken on planes to Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Iceland and the USA without any problems.

Granted, mine was fairly full this time as our daughter had received parting gifts from the hospital (a stuffy, body butter and lip gloss; she's fifteen and still loved it) so I managed to get that into my suitcase. All of our other bags have and do fit into the overhead carrier on the plane. When they mentioned the flight was to capacity and anyone who had carry ons that wanted to check them could feel free to do so. In the interest of a late night flight and not fighting to find overhead space I mentioned that we should tag two of ours and put them under the plane; so we did.

However, we had the pleasure of "Joe Self Proclaimed Luggage Inspector" near our gate and on our flight. He was beyond offended that he paid for his checked baggage and that we were free loading. This carried on for at least ten minutes and after watching the one man half inebriated performance, antics and social media postings it came to the choice of: to speak or not to speak. 

Generally I'm passive in dealing with someone I don't know, don't care about and will not see again in my life but this guy was getting better and better with each passing minute. Even his wife mentioned that he should calm down. Checking out the comments on his pictures he posted on social media was pleasing him while passively aggressively chastising our choices for luggage. 

He called it ridiculous repeatedly and unfair. Good grief he should be a social justice warrior to help save the world from injustices every where.

I noticed that my daughter still had her medical bracelet on from the morning, it had been such a long day already and the stress whether I feel it or not was piling up at that point of two medical incidents and while boarding the plane her pain was worsening again. I couldn't let it go....I dislike when people drag me down to their level and afterwards I regret involving myself but I snapped.

Quietly I told my daughter to play along and she looked confused. Her medical band was showing on her wrist as I thought of how to deal with Joe. He doesn't know my life, he sure as hell doesn't know what I or my family is dealing with at that point so I helped share that with him.

Calmly, not calmly I'm sure lol I was about six inches from his face or chest as I'm short he's tall (although my website designer says my personality is tall) I asked him why it was so important for him to be worried about our luggage. Stammering he said it's not fair pay your fees. I then filled him in on how we had been at the hospital all morning with our daughter, that my luggage contained medical supplies (kinda...) and that he has no idea what other people are going through in life. 

Repeatedly I said, you don't know what other people are fighting or struggling in life so what is the point of being mean? 

My poor family stunned couldn't believe I was engaged with some stranger...lol well not totally shocked as they do know me. 

Vibrating with anger as I got on the plane I half wished he sat next to me for further discussion, probably best he didn't in the end. 

Please explain to me why people feel the need to take pictures of my own private life in public and post them all over social media as a smear campaign for five minutes of false manhood? That is what pushed me over the edge was posting it online and then reading the comments. 

I fear that my faith in the world starts to crumble but then I come home to all the good people in my life and it's restored again. 

Afterwards I thought about how many people are exposed to this type of jackassery every where and this was over luggage, not my own personal attributes that people are attacked for every day such as being over weight. I realized how few of those people ever can or will stand up to these people and it makes me sad. On the flip side does saying anything ever change someone who is so rude and ignorant to begin with? 





I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200

Paddle Canada Level 1 SUP