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Resilient Model

Role models come in all shapes and form throughout our life, young people especially have many of them in their life and what you don't do sometimes speaks louder that what you profess to do.

How you live your life speaks volumes to those younger eyes and ears, even when they roll them at you they're still watching. What are you saying?

Are you the first person to lend a helping hand? Or are you the last to bother getting up? Are you the person who despite difficulties and challenges continues to move forward towards the future with as much of a positive attitude as you can?

Often times I notice how children respond to crisis or to challenge is a direct mimic of what their role models do be it parents, teachers or mentors. You can choose to stay on the couch at the slightest sign of sickness and abuse those work benefits or you can get up, get dressed and make the best of the day. What do you choose?

I read a recent article that in Britain a principal is implementing a rule about having parents dress appropriately to drop off their kids at school instead of showing up in pajamas. The feedback by commenters is amazing in the sections below the article, people are riled up by the fact they feel it's an attack on their freedom. Freedom for pajamas....right.

Yes, I wore slippers at work last week fully dressed and it was fun, it's a reminder to lighten up and laugh. It's not a habit where I show up at work unkept every day as I roll out of bed and drag into work unable to take the 15 seconds it takes to put real pants on. We are at a turning point in society where there is a lack of respect for simple society agreements.

Do you have to look like a fashion model? No, but having simple self respect for yourself and your body is even a part of the eight limbs of yoga (yamas and niyamas). Life is lived in the middle. No one expects a ball gown to drop your child off at school or pajamas but washed and tidy is great for everyone and no it's not a big deal in the morning at school I'm sure but as with everything it all slides downhill eventually into noon, then supper and then hell why even wear pants.

Taking the time to care for yourself is important not just physically but mentally as well and if you continually put yourself last making it impossible to have time to even put pants on what have you turned your life into? Or is there a way you can implement tools to help yourself be ready for the morning in a better fashion (pun intended).

I don't need to wear makeup every day either but I wash, put lotion on and take the time to be tidy. I'm not intimidated by the fact I walk out the door and will been seen without my face on. There's a difference though between walking out the door not even cleaning, this is the line that's disappearing slowly.

Being resilient is definitely a genetic pattern for some, people sometimes just don't have the natural ability to recover from difficulties but it is something you can learn and teach yourself over time. Fitness is a great tool for that as you find efficacy in yourself each time you complete a workout you thought was impossible. Impossible (I'm possible) is spelled out in the word.

So, the choice is yours: give up or listen to the silent courage that whispers try one more time. You decide.

Thanks so much for reading over the last month!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200