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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Reflecting on much that has happened this year as the holiday season is upon us I become contemplative upon work, home and life.

Work: I often marvel at how whenever I worry that work may slow down poof there shows up two more clients in the most unusual circumstances. Work is a joy in my life which I understand is a gift within itself to have a career that I love with people I enjoy spending time with. 

Home: I've come to the conclussion that children are our greatest measuring stick in life. The frustration, confusion and revelations that occur from them are our loudest landmark to open ourselves up to parts of ourselves we want to avoid. If we want to pay attention and do so. 

With two teenagers in the house I've learnt things about myself and my family that has helped me evolve as a human sometimes in the hardest ways possible but overall for the betterment of our whole family in the end.

Life: Life, hmmm what to say about life. Life by definition is the existence of an individual human being or animal. It can only occur with the continuation of bodily functions such as respiration and circulation. Some lives are cut short before others, some lives extend beyond the bodily functions that determine a quality of life that we can enjoy and some lives are simply dull without any awareness of the beauty around them.