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Cracks In The Sidewalk

When you sit and wait and watch you see a lot…not to be snoopy per say but observant. As I sat in the hallway soon emerged a coach and her player. She asked why the player was upset; was it her yelling on the court while they played (let’s digress it wasn’t mean at all it was coaching, not reprimanding)? No. What was it? The girl had a steady stream of tears coming down unable to vocalize the problem, just needing to cry.

Finally, the problem came out, I don’t know what it was but honestly nowadays in this world of don’t care, don’t touch, don’t offend I was proud to see what happened next. The coach gave her a big hug. If this offends you that a coach would hug a player then you have shut off that part of your life from past experiences. Every person in the world isn’t looking to pounce on the weak, there is good left. Connection is the only path that leads to healing in the world.

This wasn’t a creepy hug, a cross the line hug, it was a I care for you and want to help your hurting hug. I was so happy to see that humans can still be humans in the over regulated world that has gotten to the point of ridiculous.

Before you speculate who this was, it wasn’t anyone I knew or you know it was just a moment. If you pay attention to moments in life like these you see the power of love and connection at it’s finest. After feeling cared for and validated the player returned to the game once again ready to play.

What happened here is no different than what happens in my studio, some day’s people walk in broken and just need to be heard. Some day’s people are overwhelmed, stressed and tired and just want to be free for a moment. The studio has been called a safe place by many and for that I am proud. There’s no judgment when you walk in that door of what is right or wrong for that hour. There’s accountability but not judgment and those are two very different things.

As my daughter and I drove in the city and watched the houses pass us by which to me is foreign to be so close to others in a super dense populous, when you live on a farm with lots of space.

Suddenly, she looked at me and said: “Do you notice how things can look perfect from far away but when you get close up to it you start to see the cracks and imperfections?”.

Seriously? What kid thinks this? Wow, I said that is a deep observation for a young woman but remember that for all of your life because even more so with people when you first see them they seem perfect until you get closer to them and start to see the imperfections. Then you have to decide if you still love and care for that person with those imperfections; that’s true love. Loving all of it the good, the bad and the ugly.

Often times we see the cracks and move to a different sidewalk thinking that one’s better from far away instead of taking the time to patch up the one were walking on. Soon you keep hopping like a twisted game of hopscotch from sidewalk to sidewalk looking for that perfect place. Jokes on you; it doesn’t exist except for where you invest your time. And maybe that means giving someone a hug, a safe space and connection.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200