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What's Your Number

As a woman and maybe even a man I'm going to guess you have a number it's definitely more common in women. If you wear a FitBit chances are that number is tied to you daily...how many steps you took, how far you walked, your average heart rate and how many calories you burned. All important numbers I'm sure but they don't mean much if you don't know why or where you're going with that information.

Numbers I find empowering will not ever be a number on the scale that is a fleeting glimpse of what you weighed at that moment being made up of 60% water and for most people they can fluctuate weight like the chinook wind in Southern Alberta. This weight is not real weight it's water weight moving through the body don't get me wrong it weighs something but you could drop 7 lbs and gain 5 lbs in a day this isn't what you weigh on a regular basis.

The most underutilized tool in my studio is the scale I can't actually remember the last time I pulled it out for a client or myself. The most used tool is a calendar where I set up clients on a countdowns to goals or accumulate the amount of workouts in a month.

I enjoy when people tell me numbers about how much they can lift, how far they ran or when they ran a mile for the first time. How many days are left until their goal or how many workouts a week they plan to complete. Perhaps it's how many kilometers they accumulated in a month or what the distance of their next race is? Love it. Why?

These numbers are taking you somewhere, they're teaching you how to incorporate fitness into your life as a habit and just like doing menial daily tasks to keep house or job at top functioning level so does fitness for our bodies.

But, just like anything you can become obsessed with any number and turn that into an addiction that becomes unhealthy for your body and mind. Take the weight number out of the equation for now and find you strength from the inside out not the outside in.


I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200