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Touch N Go

Some people come into our lives to teach us lessons, we come into other peoples lives to offer them lessons as well in return. You never know which one it is if you are the giver or the receiver.

You can feel the difference physically and mentally sometimes by how you react after being in someone's presence. If continually you feel drained and unhappy take a look at whether it is actually that person or your response to them. Often times you will notice once you have one bad thought about someone it triggers a flood of emotions and related events that were stimulated by that first negative feeling.

Try to reverse this for a while to detect what the problem truly is. Some people are meant to be avoided at all costs but still treated with humility and kindness just not brought into the inner soul circle. You will find when you start treating people how you want them to be often times can trigger them to start wanting to be that.

If I trained a client every day and repeated to them: "You're too fat, you're too slow, you're not a runner, you can't do it". Do you think they stand a chance of ever succeeding? Not likely. They may do it to spite me but now that intention is negative even if it's trying to become a positive outcome it never will be.

Maybe smile at the person who seems miserable perhaps they're hurting inside. Side note: I did have this fail a few times some people are so unhappy a smile is foreign to them but you never know if inside it touched them even if they don't notice.

Forgiveness, there's a big one. You can forgive a person and not even have them in your life to do so, it can be a personal release that just lets go of the situation. However, if you forgive something fully then your intention is to keep that person in your life. That is what forgiveness does. Forgiveness (defined): the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

An ACTION, a PROCESS it isn't just a word. Our whole life is a sequence of actions and processes from what we eat to how we workout to how we live. They are all verbs meaning we are actively involved in it.

Consider today as you are out and about what impact you have by touching someone's life, what actions or words you are sending out there. And don't be afraid to give out a hug, I've yet to be refused one!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200

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