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Hard Ass, Soft Heart

Funny how people percieve without knowing; the assumption is I'm a hard ass...yes I am, but I digress. Being a hard ass is only valuable if you use that with someone who can handle it. Approaching someone who doesn't respond to that is not useful to you or them.

Perhaps I am that person who upholds people to something they are better than they even know and that is being a hard ass, I'm okay with that. My clients range from someone who has survived a severe stroke and shouldn't have survived to another who is training for the Boston Marathon do you think the tools I use are the same for both of these? Not likely.

Diversity I would say is my strength, whether you are just starting or are very fit I can meet you where you are and can assist you find your strengths, then develop them.

As scared as people think they are of me it's not me they're scared of but their fear of failure, the fact that I may ask them to do something they're not capable of. Nine times out of ten I will never ask you to do something that I don't think you're ready for, you might not know that you are ready but I do or I wouldn't ask.

Being able to read and see strengths in others that they can't see in themselves is the prime role of a personal trainer and if I don't push you to that limit you are not growing as a person which in the end is the goal of any fitness program; growth. Growing to handle new challenges and many times people ask when it gets easier and the answer is never. As your fitness changes so should your ability to do more which why wouldn't you want to get stronger, faster or more able at fitness or life?

We hold ourselves back not anyone else and when we break through that fear it is amazing what we are capable of. Funny, most people are looking for a hard ass but they're scared to come to one...but don't fear my heart is soft and would never be malicious or mean to get you to your goal.

Have a great week and I hope you find a new way to challenge yourself to new heights!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200

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