Fall Down Seven Stand Up Eight

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At work by 8 am training yesterday, boot camp, yoga sessions, Go Girls class with young women learning fitness and yoga, clients who are becoming the best athlete possible, clients who are starting a journey, clients who have serious health problems just trying to survive; leave work at 7 pm. That is a snapshot of my day.

Listening last night to a snapshot of Dr. Eva Olsson's day was mind numbing. I think a person could listen to her talk fifty times, a hundred times and still never absorb a miniscule amount of the suffering and pain that she has endured, witnessed and survived. At the age of 91 she stood proudly and strongly at the front of the gym speaking to the group of people who really had come to witness history. I nearly went home after a long day but realized that in my lifetime I will never be able to hear another Holocaust survive speak in person again; it was the right decision.

Remember Your First Time?

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Walking down to the studio this morning it was chilly but a wonderful way to start the day as I dropped my vehicle off to be repaired. The path I took lead me to a stunning view of the river valley and the sun and clouds cooperated making for an ethereal atmosphere all around me.

 It is often times like these that I am inspired and reflective, simple moments that one wouldn't think spur deep thinking but for me simplicity is best. After a weekend of yoga at The Shine Festival in St. Albert I think back to how far I've come over the past few years. From first trying yoga skeptically because it happened to work with my schedule, to trying to meditate when my mom was dying up until I took teacher training last summer there is no way to predict all that has evolved.

I remember my first time. Yoga was a challenge for my ego and the challenge was accepted to get good at it. Little did I know at the time that yoga isn't something you get "good" at for the sake of being good at. It is an evolution, a slow steady build up and practice of daily drops in the bucket adding up to final postures that seem to defy gravity. (Note: not close to that yet but that 's okay.)

Who Will Throw First?

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Sadness envelopes our community with the loss of a young boys life under tragic circumstances most likely human error and with it the sense of loss deepens for more than just the loss of life but the seemingly senselessness of it all.

Most tragedies are hard to understand and usually with any loss bitterness follows whether it's being angry with cancer who stole our loved one too soon or as with sudden accidents a sense of why did this have to happen to my family.

I've done the anger part well, I was so angry for so long at cancer I didn't understand that the anger was then poisoning myself the way the cancer did my father. Next go round with cancer I had no anger left to give as it was just too draining to keep that and support my families emotional well-being. Don't get me wrong I had moments of anger but I wasn't enveloped in it like a cocoon. What eventually turned a lot around for myself was love. Corny but true. Love for myself, love for my family and even love for cancer in what lessons I have learned from it.

True. Hard but true, I have gratitude for all of it. I would have never got to the point of peace I am at now in life. Until you face these situations it's easy to fear it and think this chick is crazy.

Now we have a tragedy that involves a lot of guilt, anger and grief. Before people begin slamming everyone else for what they did or didn't do imagine being one of those people. It's easy to say "that would never be me", "I would never do that" maybe, but that fact is whatever happened I can't throw the first stone to say I have never not scared myself swerving on the road not being aware. I also can't say what I would do with "rational" decisions when I am panicked, in shock and scared to death.

Not one stone needs to be thrown because the amount of stones that will be built up from the sadness in the whole situation is enough to weigh down everyone's pockets, making it hard to pick up your feet. Why now must we add in blame, finger pointing or stone throwing? We don't.

We need to heal as a community, love as a whole and help those who are involved by possibly putting ourselves in their shoes for a moment. The facts aren't out yet and even when they are the outcome will not change, a boy is gone but we do not have to perpetuate hate in place of a life lost.

That would be the real tragedy.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200

Welcome To The Zombie Apocalypse

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You've been waiting for it, watching and preparing. There's hit TV shows about it and readiness/survival books published to help: Zombie's they're coming!

Well it's here! No need to prepare we are already in a full fledged onslaught. Where are they? Walking around us in plain daylight starring at their phones, worrying constantly about their own pain (real or imagined) and or simply zoned out to the world around them.

Zombie (informal definition): a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings. This is according to the definition in my computer dictionary.

Hmm seems their not the flesh eating half dead humans pictured in movies by definition it is much deeper. And that is a true description of the literally thousands of people walking around right now.

Everyone is overworked, overstressed, unhappy, under zealous, dreading waking up each day and dragging around the world lifeless. You talk to people and it is rare that someone uplifts your spirits mostly it's humdrum whoa is me talk. There is hope, you can be the light in the darkness around us.

Nothing Changes Without...

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Nothing changes without movement...

Consider this for a moment. Nothing changes without movement. It doesn't matter what we are talking about. You don't get to work without moving and changing locations, you don't read another word in a book if your eyes don't move. Change has to occur with movement.

There's been lots of change in life lately for me with moving (notice I had to move for change) to a new location. The downsides are some for bootcamp such as less space, having to sign up differently but the positives have outweighed the downside tenfold.

I have the ability to work with people I couldn't before, young girls that are shy or don't like public gyms. Private sessions of yoga verse a personal training session when some days clients don't have the energy to workout hard or have just had "that" day. Private group sessions that have me crying I'm laughing so hard have been great additions to my life and workplace.

By moving and creating change one has to modify but there is always a new possibility with it. The irony of reading the first sentence of this blog is that this sentence can apply to anything and definitely to a lifestyle change towards fitness.

Movement = change in your body and fitness level. This doesn't mean you have to look like the latest cover of a magazine. That means you are getting stronger, you heart and lungs function more efficiently and you are enjoying a confidence from knowing what you can do in the gym. Moving heavy weights brings a self efficacy that you can't fake, empowering yourself by trusting your body to support when you push your limits transfers to the rest of daily living.

Some days are hard but I've had workouts that have mentally pushed me there before to the brink and I knew I didn't have to collapse but simply do as I have before count to ten, keep breathing and continue on.

One strategy I've adopted lately to help with the struggle of meditation, I ironically enjoy it but the thought (awareness) doesn't present itself in daily life as once my feet hit the floor running (literally some days) there is no stopping. Even in break times at the studio there is still cleaning, eating, paperwork and other business related items that need attention and I love working it's enjoyable tasks.

However, everything in my life has pointed me towards how much more stillness I require in my daily habits so as a bridge to meditating regularly I wake up and stop. Before one foot hits the floor at all I stop, put my hands on my chest and feel my breath then while I focus on my breath I put forth positive energy to those I know need it. Subconsciously sending positive thoughts to others in need is a direct support to them and indirectly supports your health at the same time.

So far I feel so much more grounded in a day instead of sporadic and rushed. It takes me literally 2-5 minutes to do but instead of forcing myself to meditate and not continue with it this is a great bridge to the future. Creating a pattern and habit for life that provides me with tools that work with MY LIFE.

You can take the latest diet shake, pill, booster, cleanser, workout obsessively and eat clean strictly for any period of time. Some people would call that competition prep. And to those of you who read this you may not think that adding that small practice to my day will have much affect but it will and does if I can maintain it for life.

Watch your thoughts,they become your words.

Watch your words, they become your actions.

Watch your actions, they become your habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.


What are you moving towards? What are you feeling stuck on?


Nothing changes without movement.


I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Fast, Free & Footloose!

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Well, I'm free and footloose but fast is a matter of opinion!

I've got two shoes on now which is a huge improvement over the cast of 6 weeks, for some odd reason I thought I had another month in a walking cast but I was set free into an ankle brace!! The angels sang in happiness I'm sure (I did anyways!).

Last night I realized after two months of doing very little compared to my average life, 15-30 minutes of easy yoga a day *DAY 18 today with my daughter; does not add up to the intense workouts I am used to. And like many others in this world between less movement and heading out to the lake on weekends I discovered one thing last weekend: my bathing suit is tight.

I can't say it's been a runaway but everything is just a little snugger than usual. So last night like a plethora of others before me I made the decision that this week I would re-focus and start to exercise more than usual and in the words of my orthapedic surgeon "You can walk.", so walk I did and instead of waiting until Monday to start my new routine I started last night even though I was tired from too much fun, sun and lawn mowing in the day I set out to walk.

Can you tell who was really excited to head out on the road again? She has been waiting nearly 2 months for this day I felt like I was being stalked putting my shoes on!

I headed out with trepidation and a plan, walk only one mile and turn around no matter how good I feel, today was the day I busted out my new bionic ankle running shoes and christened them with a walk not a run but a walk.

 After attending the fitness conference in May I am trying to wean myself from the cushioning I am used to and what better time than when you have to ease back into walking and slowly build up. I tried my Merrell Pace Gloves (I have never been a Merrell fan but I am eating my words to start a new theory).

The first few steps down the driveway were tender since my family and I golfed that day but once I got warmed up I felt great and I even thought I was flying fast walking....

That is until the cat passed me, humbling me just a little.

The dog was ecstatic she would run ahead and run back wondering what the heck was wrong with me and why weren't we flying down the road as usual?
But the look on her face captured joy; pure joy!

She couldn't contain herself inside her body it was as though she was going to explode with happiness. I felt the same just at a slower level.

It felt so good to go outside and move again, really move and see the world around me once more. I am so thankful to be able to walk and just walk right now I feel alive.

Weight is just a number and understanding when you have to check your lifestyle is noticed by your clothes, I don't need to weigh myself to know what has happened and then berate myself for letting 5 or 8 lbs creep up. I am proud to have made it through this surgery, proud to have gotten back to work and proud that I never let any of this stop me it is just a speed bump that slowed me down it hasn't ran me over by any means.

 The sun was setting last night and when I am outside I remember how I am literally the grass on the ground and the blue in the sky sometimes it brings me to tears seeing the beauty of our world!

Plans have began for hiking in August I cannot wait to have a goal again and see some more of this world. One goal achieved: make it through surgery and out of a cast. Next goal: complete yoga training, then hike in the mountains and the final countdown is running at the end of August!!

Thank you body for the miracles that you keep giving me.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


I Can See Clearly Now!

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I write this with shaky arms, finally my arms are shaky not from painkillers but from a workout. It has taken me 9 days since surgery to even feel like lifting weights. Even though I cannot complete any leg workouts (other than the thousands of single leg squats my good leg has done), my good leg burns from standing on it so much that I was sent down to my knees for most exercises. You have two choices in life: make excuses or make it work.

The fog of pain killers is gone yay!! As simple as it seems for someone who has never really taken any kind of medication it was a bizarre but necessary evil to heal properly. If you are in too much pain your blood pressure is elevated, your body is distressed and you do not heal well so to give yourself the best chance at healing you need to use what is offered to you for pain management.

Since the birth of my daughter nearly 12 years ago I think this has been the longest stretch I have ever gone without exercise of some kind. Personally, I thought I understood how integral working out was to the fabric of my life but maybe not how integral. With just one workout I feel strong again which waivered greatly over the last few days. It is hard to question yourself and how you feel when you've felt strong for so long. 

Perhaps I had a glimpse of how you can start to feel when you begin to believe you can't change where you're at. I remember that feeling of helplessness when I was very pregnant and very out of shape between giving birth, nursing and being pregnant once again. I nearly fell into the lapse of believing that this was were my life belonged as I aged. 

A friend posted that her Uncle at the age of 81 is cycling across Lands End to John O'Groats proves that we do not have believe what aging does to us. What we believe is where we end up as we age. Now, not everyone will be able to accomplish this feat but my neighbor who moved town near the age of 90 still walks every day so whatever way you can continue to stay active is what works for you just never give up!

People often tell me that they fall out of the health habit because life overtakes them; either children, divorce, death, crisis or ________ fill in the blank. Life does ebb and flow that is a money back guarantee. What is not guaranteed is our willingness to give up on ourselves. Even if all you can maintain is 2x/week of workouts that is a better option than no workouts at all. Even if you can't afford a gym membership you have your legs and arms attached to you which means you can workout anytime and anywhere. Walking a mile a day will do wonders physically and mentally.

You don't have to pay for expensive supplements, a trainer, fancy clothes or pre-packaged protein all you have to do is move, sweat and trust yourself that you can do it.

There is no easy answer when we start to fall down the rabbit hole other than to have someone hopefully give you a nudge or swift kick out of it, you choose yourself to get out of it or life forces you out of it. For most people a health scare triggers big changes. Although my surgery was not life threatening being unable to do what you normally do does help put life in perspective again. I've always been a proponent of never taking for granted what you can do each day with ease. Whenever I thought I didn't feel like working out I would ask myself "What if I woke up tomorrow unable to exercise, what if this gift was taken away?".

I smile looking back in the gym today at the carnage left and shaky arms that were a by-product of it. The worst part was looking up the stairs realizing I had a long ways up on crutches with tired arms...

Corny but true these stairs represent life: one step at a time til you get to your goal. 

I obviously made it and now am firmly planted down in my chair to rest.

Back to work tomorrow, I feel ready as I developed my own strength so I can share it with others now.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking





Lucky 13 Left!

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I realized yesterday that I have 13 days left to enjoy life as I know it. Running footloose and fancy free...not pain free just fancy free.

So run I will, even if it is a mile a day until April 28th when they will repair my ankle. Join me if you wish and run a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) until I am in a cast for 6 weeks.

Funny, how when you put it in perspective that you do not waste a day. Upon waking this morning I am sore but I will run today even if it is a slow shuffle.

It's interesting to listen to everyone's assumption of how I ended up wrecking my body to the point that I require ankle surgery. Ironically, I hurt my ankle long before I worked out; hauling firewood at home at the age of sixteen. I tore it so badly I was on and off of crutches for two years. Add in genetics that predispose my ligaments to function more like spaghetti than elastic and you have the perfect recipe for hypermobile joints.

Truth is if I was not as strong as I am I would not walk without a lot of difficulty. So, after years of holding myself together with strength my time has come to get it surgical repaired. However the stark realization of now being in a cast for 6 weeks for this girl is a big deal. I do not take it for granted when I hop out of bed or having the ability to do what I please physically when I wish but now I will become the cared for....oh dear. 

Thankful for good friends (chauffeurs) and family that will help me in my incapacitated state I am ready to tackle this just as I have any other obstacle: with a plan. I am not giving up to eat junk food on the couch in my recovery state but I have figured out how much nutrition I need to optimize healing, what I can do to help myself heal to the best of my ability and perhaps I will have arms of steel by the time I have done my 1000th bicep curl sitting on the couch? Who knows but I know I am not taking this laying down (well maybe the first couple of weeks).

I have a couple of courses to finish up while I am healing. My yoga philosophy and nutrition course to continue working on and I look forward to yoga teacher training in July to return to a physical exertion state of some type. 

And in the back of my mind if my body allows it I still have a race to complete in September with a good friend. We will see where my body takes me.

I look forward to writing during this healing time and staying in touch on here!

(Don't worry I will be back at bootcamp the first week of May, I can still teach on crutches lol)

The Death Race seems like a million years ago by this point but I cherish all the memories my worn out ankle has given me and look forward to living with a stronger one!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Silence is GOLDEN!!

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Being quiet is hard, being still is hard, funny both of those are required to meditate. I used to think that meditation was for those "other" people who were special. Ha! Sure.

I was busy, busy, busy who has time to sit still for 5 minutes or 10 minutes? Being busy made me feel needed, strong and purposeful. Ha! Sure.

Perhaps, I'm not sitting crossed legged on the floor meditating but I have noticed that my awareness of self, soul, spirit and who I am has increased immensely lately. The most freeing part of my life was the moment I let go and let God.

No, this is not a religious blog it is recognizing that I am part of a greater energy source than myself and we are all part of that energy whether we recognize it or not. My own inner belief now sits so deep and unwavering in what I want for my own life because I have finally accepted that I can't control everything, I am responsible for myself, my actions, my thoughts and how I treat myself, past that let it go...


We are all meant to shine, glow and feel connected to ourselves. I see it in this picture whether it's sweat on my phone or a true glow this is how we are meant to be. 

How are you supporting yourself? How are you supporting the body that carries you around while you enjoy your time on Earth? Lately, as I have became more aware of listening to what people say pay attention to their answers. Very rarely do you hear someone answer any question with how wonderful everything is it's the usual (can't complain, surviving....). I am reminded of a friend who used to constantly tell me to be careful what I speak aloud because my body was listening so when I said my back was killing me she would gently remind me that it wasn't and I should consider not saying that. I FINALLY GET IT!! She is right!

Find an ache on your body right now or something that is bugging you. Are you sore, itchy or annoyed with something on your body? Now, for the next minute think of nothing but that: GO!  

How bad did the problem get? Did it exacerbate by tenfold? Notice something that was just there was then multiplied in intensity by just focusing on it only? Now, for the next minute you will think about someone else and send them positive energy and love. Someone you know may need it or someone you care about and just want to focus on: GO!

Notice a difference? Did you see that when you focus on the problem it gets worse not better? BUT, when you focus on the positive for someone else or something else your pain disappears? Hmmmm...

Perhaps as our psyche (or psycho) takes over our brain with all this problem fixing BS chatter over and over you become so enveloped in it you forget that you don't have to agree or listen to it. You are great, you are perfect and you are as you should be. I actually start to feel sorry for people trapped in societies expectation to look a certain way, act a certain way and have certain things to meet standards that are set by MONEY GENERATORS, true story. Oh wait that was me...I felt sorry for me, until I realized I am OK just as I am. Not with a fancier car, fancier clothes or anything external; all I need is me. 

When I say all I need is me it doesn't mean I don't need others in life, we all need each other to love, share love and be love but what I did realize is that I am good enough to share that with anyone or everyone I want to and that becomes a gift in itself. Read The Untethered Soul (Michael Singer) please please please!! It should be required reading in school and if your mind isn't ready to read it yet then that's okay too because all things unfold when they are ready to and we are ready to absorb the lessons from it.

Silence is GOLDEN especially if it's in your own head and the chatter, negativity and neverending mind games stop. What would that feel like? I don't know but I am slowly decluttering my mind or at least being aware that it is there and I don't have to listen :) 

People can sell you diets, plans, one solution fixes all schemes but in the end our bodies are lived through our minds so if you want to change your life, fitness, body and health start with your mind and allow the rest to fall into place (with sweat of course!). That sweat is akin to a soul cleanse and you can't buy it you just have to do it!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Secretly Longing

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I'll admit it have a secret; a big one.

I toy with the idea on here, no pressure just random babbling random thoughts and what I'm thinking at the time comes out as verbal diarrhea on paper. Many people have told me that I am a good writer, they love reading what I write and that makes me uncomfortable.Why?

Why? Because I struggle with the thought of failure, that I am good enough to make this fly, that I can write down something you will want to read and pay me for. Wow. I wrote it down.

Step One: admit to yourself and others your fears to feel free.

Whew. Now that I have that out of the way what do I do? At one time writing was cathartic and saved me while I was drowning in health crises now it feel scary. Why can't I write? I want to write I feel like I have so much to write maybe it is the fear of judgment as well. No matter how popular you are in life there are always haters and why do we give them so much space in our heads? I know: because we agree secretly with them.

Step Two: start standing up for myself and being my own cheerleader by writing selflessly for myself and no one else.

Regardless of outcomes and praise. That seems easy enough but as some of the books about writing say, you can never shut off that little editor in your head that says: how dumb is that sentence, take that word out, make it wittier, make it funnier, smarter, better, longer, shorter, faster, slower.....ahhhhh stop!! So I've stopped. I will write. Write, write, and write. Cognitively, unconsciously, abstractly, factually whatever pops in my head todayly!! (Yes, I know that's not a word screw you little editor ha!)

As my path through life has meandered to and fro how I view life changes with it. I can't proclaim I am the same person I was even a year ago that I am today. I am my soul and that I now understand does not ever change it is the one constant in our life we can depend on if we quiet ourselves enough to listen to it. What I do know: silence is golden, stillness can lead you to a realization in the universe and yourself you didn't believe possible and we have it all wrong as society.

I now understand that we can dress a cat up as a dog but it is still a cat, its DNA says so and its spirit says so. The cat doesn't believe it is a better animal when it is dressed up as a dog it doesn't even care. As so should we be the same. Why is it we believe that when we adorn the outside of our bodies with stuff, or live in fancy houses that it makes us feel "better"? To truly believe in yourself and who you are you should feel the same in a paper bag or cardboard box as you would in a ball gown and mansion but we don't...why?

It has taken me a while to slowly let go of these attachments to self and ego and I am not there by any means. But each time I chastise myself thinking I don't look good I simply repeat to myself "I am". That's it. I am. Truly that's all there is to it. I am should be enough to sustain me for the rest of my life regardless of what I own, what I look like or what I have. I AM.

I am enough.

This is enough for now. Just writing small blogs and feeling free in my heart. I now understand that. It doesn't have to be a big project that sells millions but I will write a best selling book (how's that for asking the universe for what you want). This part of my life right now is akin to expecting to run 125 km the first time I run a race instead of gradually building up from 1 km them 5 km and so on. I will practice my craft getting more time in writing to create what I need in the future when I do write a book.

That's my secret dream. Feels weird putting it out there but now it is and there's no turning back.


I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking



Lovely Iver, Lost Boys...Love Link?

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I turned on the news during my lunch today, something I very rarely do. My mom used to be my news condenser always filling me on world events I needed to know, now I simply choose what I want to read or engage in with regards to news.

There were the usual discussions and news stories and one that is circulating around social media about Baby Iver the newborn that will never know his mother. It is a tragic story for any parent to watch about a mother who was on life support long enough to have her baby be delivered and upon delivery she was removed from life support and died. Now with a premature newborn and the loss of his wife the father is devastated. BUT one thread weaves through this story; love. The love the father shows towards his new son is inspiring and uplifting at the same time it is heartbreaking.

What I find so interesting is immediately after reporting about this story of love and hope in the face of great grief the news followed up with this: Two 17 year olds face charges in Quebec triple murder.

Perhaps I am the only one who finds this interesting that we continue to propagate the grim and disturbing acts of so many people in society who have had one fundamental problem which is intricately linked to the Baby Iver story as well: love.

There's been a lot of soul searching in my own life lately and the realization that we are only put on this Earth for one reason: love.

Take a chance and read Love Sense by Dr. Sue Johnson whether you are in a relationship or not right now is irrelevant because the truth is we are in relationships every day, hour and minute of our life. Whether it is whom you just talked to on the phone, a friend you had coffee with or your spouse you are connected. And this extends to yourself; if you don't have an emotional bond with yourself and positive feelings about whom you are it is not going to be what you need.

Maybe you're still grappling with how this is all connected a triple homicide to a premature newborn who will never know his mother? Love is the answer because an abundance of love verses no love at all is the key. Perhaps the translation will be lost in my writing but if you can grasp for a moment how important love, emotion and connection in your life is you will glimpse what your life could be like. Or maybe you are lucky enough to be living it.

Love: emotion in motion. Love isn't just something you say it is a verb. From the love a parent gives, to love between lovers all the way to  love between friends love is those choices and actions you give to a relationship that support, care for and nurture the relationship you are interested in engaging in. Remove the natural bonding and love from a life especially as a child and you have yourself a recipe for a triple homicide.

As more research is being done in the field of love and whether or not we are wired to be together for life the answer is yes! What is even scarier is to realize that the less safe, nurtured and love we feel from our formative years to our adult relationships the more chance we have at straying from a life fulfilled. People don't wake up hating and wanting to kill others; they definitely are not born that way. They have put up walls, barriers and protection to prevent hurt from occurring in their life again. They have reached out to feel love and give love only to be shut down. In order to cope with this cataclysmic disappointment they decide they would be better off by themselves, only to be swayed and invited into circles of people who treated them with "love" and support. These could be gangs or people that are into addictive problems themselves but they all have one thing in common; they become family because no one accepted them "as is" before. 

But wait I can hear you inside your own head...but I am a good parent, spouse, friend, partner, lover, and giver. I run around picking up my kids taking them here, buying fancy gifts for friend's birthdays, telling my spouse I love them before bed every night. I am love.

Really? When you teenager turns on you because you are too busy to listen to them or acknowledge their feelings you wonder why they turn to external sources of pleasure such as other friends, drugs, sex or alcohol. Those don't disappoint. They take them away to great feelings. When was the last time you told a friend how much they really mean to you? When was the last time you felt like your heart was intricately linked with your partners you couldn't believe that love could be that deep or wonderful? Not just by what they provided for you but from words, actions and intent?

Our world is not love, our world is becoming loveless, hopeless and senseless because we believe if we have this then we will be that. Love is not something you can measure, buy or teach. We keep convincing ourselves that we don't need anyone when the complete opposite is true WE NEED EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN OUR LIFE!  

I don't know the upbringing of the teens involved in the homicides this week and from the outside they could be from great families but the fact is until we understand how to relate to people in terms they understand you may as well be speaking two different languages. Perhaps these teens even if they were from stable families were never allowed opinions, feelings or thoughts that were validated? Our words in life are much stronger weapons than any knife or gun and yet we don't need a license to use those. We can fire off whatever we please on any random person or our closest partner.

Just because you are saying I Love You in Italian to someone who speaks Russian does not mean they will understand what you are saying, words are meaningless then BUT if you show them love by actions that can cross any language barrier possible. Kindness and love do not need words always to be shown. Your words are powerful if we are speaking the same language and you choose them with care.


Before you feel that love is an enigma you can't possibly perfect remember this: love is ever changing. What works today may not work tomorrow as well and you have to adapt!! BUT if you remember that kindness and love is the intent you can forgive yourself and others for what didn't work and keep connecting, disconnecting and re-connecting each time. How you know you are finished with life and love is when you don't connect at all...

Take the chance and connect, the risk outweighs the rewards and if they are not you may need to learn the tools to do exactly this!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking



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