Miles For Minecraft

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In my house we have two kinds of kids; one who loves all things video, computer, Ipod, game obsessed related activities. And one who would rather be outdoors, build crafts and do activities not based in fantasy land...

It has been this way for years, since the dawn of their lives. I do believe that people people are born with certain attributes and they are coming true to life the older my kids get.

Initially, to encourage reading my children had to read equal time to play their Leap Pad, DS Nintendo or whatever it may be. Now both kids are avid readers and sometimes I have to kick them out of their rooms to go outside instead of reading. This is a great "problem" to have as they both excel in Language Arts in school now.

Recently, the newest game obsession not just in my house but the world is Minecraft. My son's eyes literally change color and enter a different time space continuum when he talks about it. This is their future, I understand electronics are an integral part of life but you will never garner the same enjoyment and happiness from a computer that you will from real human interaction EVER! 

I don't wish to hold this back from him and refuse to let him engage in these games so the next obvious transition for a 13 year old boy who plays sports is to create Miles For Minecraft: Run 1 mile=15 minutes of play on Minecraft. Day #1=3 mile run for 45 minutes of Minecraft. And let me tell you this boy wants to run every day. It doesn't have to be running, walking can count too whatever your child is capable of.

This doesn't have to be an exact template but similar ideas I've used before is playing your guitar for equal time of X-box or computer usage. What we have to help instill in our children is that life is not all or nothing. That goes for adults too.

Too much food equals health problems, too little food equals the same. Life is lived somewhere in the middle.

Evaluate where your life is? In the middle or one extreme to the next? Help your family figure out the balance by encouraging them a balance of work and play in life. 

Try using Miles For Minecraft to help encourage your kids to move, play and enjoy life in the middle.


I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking 


The Carbs Came Back...

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As I write this right now I just went and weighed myself out of curiousity, the photo shoot was yesterday and when I woke up I was 122.3 lbs the morning of the pictures. Now as I sit here after a glass of wine last night, steak and salt I sit at 126.4 lbs up 4 lbs overnight. 

I do not write these numbers down to show off my weight, au contrair. This is how ridiculous it is to live your life by a scale; salt and water consumption (and wine) makes the biggest difference in weight loss/gain imaginable. By the end of the week I should be back to my regular weight that is my life weight: 129-131 lbs give or take any day at my height of 5' 5". 

After I followed the protocol in the afore mentioned program I was down to only 2 cups of water for two days and a re-introduction of carbs over those two days. The idea is that with no sodium intake at that point your muscles absorb the carbs and your skin is dehydrated making the muscle "pop" out from underneath your dehydrated skin. Bodybuilders or figure competitors take this one step farther and use diuretics. I used no special products at all and refused to.

The morning of the photo shoot I got my makeup done, hair done and basically took longer to get ready than for my own wedding! Lesson learned out of this? Take the time to do this more often. As much as I am not a superficial person who feels the need to have my nails done or get fancied up ever, it does feel fun to play dress up like a little girl again. I think my hairdresser may be rubbing off on me when she keeps repeating that if you look good you feel good. I agree maybe the problem is I feel good not dressed up, when I'm dressed up I still feel good but I understand now why it's important to be more of a woman once in a while! I'm trying...

The previous night gave way to a spectacular thunderstorm, I ran outside to check on my horses in the barn that were going to be used for part of the shoot. This day was a fantasy day where a great photographer is willing to shoot anything you want to do and we are both open to absolutely anything artistic or different! How awesome is that! How often do you get this chance with someone so talented to play with photos for four hours? NEVER!!

After I ate, packed and loaded all of my wardrobe, gear and beauty supplies into the vehicle I headed to town. I was not nervous because the beauty part was we are friends and how can you get nervous with a person you just can't! Make-up went off without a hitch and was easy breezy; you know! Then off to hair. My hair has grown longer lately and it also has decided to be really curly so that was fun and easy to do as well!

I looked nothing like myself, but then again I guess that is the fantasy part. Play the part and become anything you want to be, or so I was going to try.

The weather was the deciding factor in all this and it was holding and miraculously even breaking up a bit. Please, please stay away rain. By 2 pm we were overlooking the river and town ready for action with the temperature actually warm although cloudy but the clouds were ominous looking creating dramatic backgrounds. Once we got the camera all set up we started both just working our way through like two newbies to this but still fun!

Photos by Crystal Kemp Photography

The photographer really wanted to go down to "muddy" river point as I called it but off we went to it, you don't argue with an artist lol! We walked down to the river and this is where she thought the magic happened, I even agreed to walk out in the river a bit onto a long piece of tree that had floated down in the floods and was beached! It was fun right until the rain came....oh why!!

Off to my house we headed to do some pictures there in a rain storm, by the time we arrived it was a full fledged downpour! So much for anymore outdoor pics, that is until the makeup and hair trashing photo session, I can't be a princess for too long it just doesn't last.

After some indoor photos there was no reprieve in sight, it was socked in and pouring. Lakes were forming in the front pastures so off we went with my wedding dress and rain. Yup, a dress trashing and horse photo sequence coming up! Now this was the fun part.

I am so blessed to have so many talented people in my life that share their passion with me, thanks to Crystal for coming out to do pictures it was a dream day. Thanks to my hairdresser (you know who you are), Rena for my nails, Megan for the awesome spray tan and to Addie for my makeup. It takes a small army to make this look good!

If you think photos are just for your family think again; get photos taken of yourself at your best and it will motivate and remind you always how your hard work has paid off!


I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking








The Week The Carbs Went...

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The week the carbs went, similar to the week the women went a reality tv show that followed a small town of oilfield wives who left town for a week. The only remaining residents were the men in charge of daily activities such as tending to children and attempting to maintain some sort of normalcy usually cared for by the women.

At the time an oilfield wife myself I was amused by watching the hilarious mishaps that occured while one key component of life was missing and the men floundered under pressure. This past week however was when another useful tool left: carbs.

Lol, I can hear you gasping right now in shock that I who professes so much against diets and dropping of nutrients would consider this. Don't get me wrong I still firmly believe in not dieting for life, eating real food, a lot of whole food and eating what you want in moderation. I routinely enjoy chocolate, ketchup chips and steak; ask anyone that knows me well, I am not a food nun but I do make smart choices 90% of the time! I will live this way because I now enjoy it, not because I am punishing my body and not allowing it enough food to enjoy all the activities I love to participate in! To be a race car you need good fuel!!!

Why I gave up carbs, salt and sugar for nearly a week was because of volunteering to do a fitness model shoot for a photographer friend. She wanted to practice taking fitness photos and I thought why not? I have always wanted to challenge myself to this type of week long diet down similar to bodybuilders and fitness competitors simply to experience it and have the knowledge to share with others I may train in this facet of fitness.

There was no other prep for this at ALL! I arrived home five days prior from the West Coast Trail, a week of eating chips, candy and dehydrated food on the hike. Followed up by a day in Victoria enjoying all of it's culinary delights from Thai food to enourmous sundaes (YUM!). The night before I started this strict diet and fitness program I was at my best friend's 40th birthday drinking wine and eating anything I wanted. To top it off I was camping out at the lake in my holiday trailer for 10 days during this timeframe, watching everyone else drink, eat chips and have campfire smores. However, I am innately stubborn and determined and it didn't even phase me to watch others eat this around me; I was ready to mentally get through this week!

What I did during this week involved only REAL food! WHOLE food and no supplements of any kind. I wanted the photos to be a reflection of what I looked like after a week of dieting and not another thing, no extra workouts or fancy pills. I found a plan from Precision Nutrition online to follow that others have used before pictures or competitions as well. Here it is:


Sunday < 50g. No fruits, starches, sugars 5 meals, 1 serving per meal ½ g per pound of body weight 2 gallons None Salt food Cardio workout
Monday < 50g. No fruits, starches, sugars 5 meals, 1 serving per meal ½ g per pound of body weight 3 gallons None Salt food Whole body depletion workout
Tuesday < 50g. No fruits, starches, sugars 5 meals, 1 serving per meal ½ g per pound of body weight 3 gallons None Salt food Whole body depletion workout
Wednesday ½ gram per pound of body weight 5 meals, 1 serving per meal ½ g per pound of body weight 1 gallon None No salt Whole body depletion workout
Thursday 1 gram per pound of body weight 5 meals, 1 serving per meal ¼ g per pound of body weight 0.25 gallon Herbal, if necessary No salt OFF
Friday 2 grams per pound of body weight 5 meals, 1 serving per meal ¼ g per pound of body weight Small sips, < 8oz all day Herbal, if necessary No salt OFF
Saturday - Photo Shoot 2 grams per pound of body weight 5 meals, 1 serving per meal ¼ g per pound of body weight Small sips, < 8oz before shoot Herbal, if necessary No salt OFF

Now I am not recommending you do this EVER, not unless you have a specific event or goal in mind aka: wedding, photo shoot or one day event. This protocol will fall apart the minute you consume salt or water after it and you will return to a pre-diet phase body and if you are not careful even bigger than before, this is not something you can maintain or do frequently EVER!


I used real food and ate a lot actually when you realize you can eat your bodyweight in celery for 15 calories it's pretty easy to get full. However, it is not realistic. I was full from either food or water the whole time I did this. The hardest part was the last couple of days with more carbs but less water and you will feel crappy and it is dangerous to continue with this type of plan longer than this. 

By the end of Day 5 I was nearly down 10 lbs, I started at 131.4 lbs and weighed in at 122.4 that morning. Sorry all you fancy diet programs anyone can do this without buying special food...just the amount of nutrients and the timing is important.

My sources of food were:

Mahi Mahi

Chicken Breasts

Protein Powder 

Natural Unsalted Peanut Butter

Unsalted Nuts








Balsamic Vinegar

Eggs & Eggs Whites



Sweet Potatoes


White Rice

Lean Turkey Deli Meat (Low Salt)

0% Fat Greek Yogurt

This is what I ate for a week and really this isn't much different than what my daily life would look like in the nutrition world. I enjoy all of these foods daily. The most difficult part was the water intake and salt intake to monitor. And feeling so full from water you could barely eat, I'm not sure I made the whole 12 L of water the couple of days but it was close can you say getting in touch with the outhouse week?

I spray tanned, gel nailed and put an honest effort into this I didn't want to just show up with my runner's tan and an old pair of shorts. This was my birthday present to myself so in years to come I could look back on what I accomplished and what I was capable of two kids later and at the age of nearly 37. I understand not everyone is capable of this but it is MY best not yours and truly many of peope are capable of their best they just don't believe it is possible.

A study revealed that a very small percentage of people have actual serious enough metabolic problems stopping them from losing weight, there may be really big obstacles in what makes it harder for them than others but when it comes down to blood work, body types and nutrition but it is possible to be YOUR best no excuses!

We all decide to do in our minds what we do in life, our actions are a product of our thinking or sometimes shutting down of the mind and floating. It doesn't mean you have to decide to do this but we have great satisfaction out of achieving goals or plans we set out for ourselves. Whether it is buying our first home or saving for retirement we need to have a focus.

I just finished reading The Happiness Project and I really enjoyed one saying out of it: Goals are short term; resolutions are for life!

Having a goal of running a marathon is short lived but if you resolve to workout and run three times a week for life that is a resolution with a future outcome that will sustain you much longer than just a once in a life time event! A goal of fitness photos is short lived and this nutrition program with it as well, that is the difference between a diet and just plain good old sound nutrition for life. No up's and downs or yo-yo'ing with weight. 

How will my pictures go? I have no pressure about them and I am just excited to see what comes out of it, deep down I know I have given it the effort I wanted to and still lived life now! 

Remember: you can do anything for a minute, then an hour, then a day and when needed a week!

And when you need a visual as to why lifting weights is important remember this:

The difference of space taken up by muscle or fat is huge! Weights are your friend not foe!

Once my photos are done I will update you with how it all went.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking









Working Out, Camping Out

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Just because you are hanging out at the lake for the summer doesn't mean you can't enjoy a workout, small daily choices add up to big results and this means even fitting in small workouts while on holidays. All you need is a pair of running shoes no other equipment required!

Find yourself a set of stairs or a hill to use as an interval set!

Here is what I did this morning:

Warm up 5 min

Stair repeats 3X (they were short stairs) your repeat may be shorter if they are tiring at one repeat.


After the stair repeats I completed:

20 pushups

10 Step Downs/Leg

1 min of the Plank different variations

10 Skiers Lunges/Leg

I completed these sets for 6 rounds, without rest between but that is dependant on fitness level so please have a rest between rounds if needed.

You can complete anywhere from 3-6 sets of this workout.

Beautiful location and great weather made for a wonderful swim in the lake after to cool off and clean up!

Enjoy the summer and keep on working hard.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Near Sighted Until They Cross?

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Tis the season of excess, indulgence and richness the only problem is most times it's not with love but with food, drink and foolishness. Everyone is merry and jolly as they expand their waist lines and bust out the elastic pants or spanx whichever is suitable for the event you are attending; family dinner? Out come the pants. Corporate party? Spanx and a fancy dress.

This is the season of being near sighted as we stop focusing on our goals for the year and say "Oh, it's just this one party, drink or dinner" to justify to ourselves the gluttony that ensues. Don't get me wrong you will see me eating and drinking what I want to at this time I do not place limits on something if I want to have it when it comes to parties or family gatherings. What I do place a focus on is what I want after the holiday season of indulgence comes to a close and all you are left with is pants that are too tight and self confidence that has plummeted.

During the holiday's not much changes in terms of workouts for me, in fact they may even ramp up in intensity since sometimes when they are shorter than normal if I am crunched for time between functions. This is how you keep your eye on the prize of life long health and fitness. No, you cannot out work bad nutrition but for a short period of time you can maintain if it is not a month long of oh screw it I can work it off January 1st.

This is where the downhill slide eat poorly, have less energy, don't "feel" like exercising, sit on the couch more or else stay "busy" forgetting to eat and unable to sleep well. Fitful sleep worrying if you got the right gift for so and so or if you'll finish your project at work before Christmas is what really robs us of what you've achieved throughout the year. Your stress hormone levels hit the roof creating a whole plethora of problems including weight gain, now add in high calorie food at every turn and wow; you wonder why the holidays creates problems.

EAT!! Sticking to what you know and what you want is a smart way to approach the holidays. Plan your food for the week and include when you will have parties that you know will tempt you but instead of saving up for the big supper and being a glutton, eat normally for the day. Eat what you want at the party, try to avoid eating like it was your last supper enjoy those first few savory bites, they have proven those taste the best, then we are simply chasing the dragon hoping the rest will taste as good or else just eating it mindlessly not realizing the whole piece was gone. I often eat right before a party so I don't just scarf down whatever I see in front of me but truly want to eat what I pick out.

EXERCISE!! Not to lose weight but for your sanity and if you have already started planning for 2013 to achieve your goals in the new year. A resolution run may be a great idea to keep you focused on workouts through Christmas then transition to a longer run the month after to keep the groove going.

SLEEP! The research now being put into sleep is proving that it is a larger predictor of weight gain/loss for many that has been ignored for too long. Think about it, the energy you feel after a great night sleep verses dragging your butt around with no energy to move let alone exercise. The double edged sword is to break the cycle takes a lot of mental power by starting to commit to exercise which then starts to create more energy in itself and better sleep but you have to break the cycle first!!

Wish I had more exciting news for you on how to get through this season but it's plain and simple. Instead of being so near sighted you become cross eyed starring at your plate full of food, take a step back and look at the whole picture and what picture you want to paint for yourself in this life! Your are the artist, paint your life with whatever brush you wish and create a masterpiece or a disaster it is up to YOU!

Personally, the thought of letting go now what I worked so hard to get seems a little pointless so I will enjoy and love this time of year with an open heart instead of an bottomless stomach.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking






What's The Title Of YOUR Book

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Every human being is the author of his/her own health or disease. 

Buddha Quote

We need to realize that we are empowered and responsible for the story we are writing of this life it is not someone else's fault or problem to blame but our own story to put down on paper and what we choose is what the story reads.

Let's play a game. We are going to write a few books together but like anything in life they need a catchy title or no one will buy it! So follow me...create a title for each of these books:

Book about your body?

Book about your life?

Book about your fitness?

Book about your fondest memory?

Book about your family?

Book about your relationships?

Book about your past?

Oh, there should be some good ones! Mine?

Body: B is for beach body not bulky!

Life: I Live Life Now. Do you?

Fitness: On the seventh day she rested! 

Fondest Memory: Hawaii Baby!

Family: Normal? Does that exist?

Relationships: I am lion hear me roar; meow!

Past: Life's hard wear a helmet.

Memories and experiences are what we have left in life even if our bodies fail us. Laying in bed incapacitated yet mentally aware you will still be able to draw from memory past achievements. The idea is to picture yourself not capable of doing anything you want one day and live with a sense of urgency now to create what you want in life NOW!

Top 8 Exercises Without A Gym Membership

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It is the age old excuse...I don't have time to go to the gym. Fair enough but for a fraction of the cost you could set yourself up with an at home workout that requires little equipment if any at all! And it's only 30 MINUTES!

A full body fun workout that your kids will be wanting to do with you!

If you have a living room floor space you should have sufficient area to workout...

30 Minute No Excuses Workout!

After a warm up of walking, running, biking or marching on the spot for 2-5 minutes. Follow the exercises completing them in order once through completely (1-8) if you are a beginner that is enough for today.

Already an avid exerciser? Then complete the each pair of exercises (1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8) together 1 minute each back to back 3X for a total time of 6 minutes. That means squat/pushups, squat, pushups, squat, pushups. Rest 1 minute between starting the new round or if you're really fit don't rest here either. If you require rest between each exercise that is okay. Remember if you haven't had a consult with a doctor lately please do to make sure you don't have any health problems. Or if you feel dizzy, nauseous etc. stop! 

Cooldown with some stretching!

Push yourself hard but make sure you are connected to your body and how you feel before you really start pushing yourself too hard. The body always tells us if we listen to it!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking




I Don't Want To Hurt Myself...

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Last Monday was a reminder to lift weights, not just weights but heavy weights. No more messing around with dumbbells that are lighter than everyday items but weight that can re-sculpt and model your body into a strong, powerful person; inside and out.

However, I know in the back of your mind you were saying "But, I don't want to hurt myself." and this is a valid point. Lifting heavier does require more concentration, focus and skill BUT you can learn that just as you have learnt all the other things in life you know how to do well. Our lives are in constant change as well as our bodies, so learning technique and form for weight lifting can be really important.

The part that you haven't maybe considered about not lifting weights in fear of getting hurt is you are hurting yourself just as much by not lifting weights. Resistance training where your muscles must overcome a resisted force creates micro-tears in your muscles that triggers the muscle to then rebuild and repair stronger and better in case the load on them the next time is the same or larger. 

This is important to understand because this is why your muscles require rest. Did you know when you finish a workout you are actually at your weakest point? Your strength is built during your recovery phase when you rest them. They require at least 48 hours to recover but that is also based on how heavy and intense you lifted previously and what your goals are. The general exerciser is safe to lift every second day in a full body protocol and if your life is going to the gym then split your body parts up to ensure you can lift every day.

How To Sweat On A Spin Bike

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Most of my blogs or articles are inspired as most peoples are from real life. Now, this has to be one of my favorite comments of all time: "What is the point of this bike? I don't sweat on it at all, it isn't very good"

Love it! Love it! Love it! Did I mention I love it!

At this point in time I calmly smile and ask the person to get on the spin bike so I can show (not explain) how it works to make sweat. And oh sweat we did! (We meaning I watched and she sweat).

So, how do you use one of the butt torture machines? Yes, everyone's favorite complaint about upright bikes or spin bikes is that it hurts their butt. You have one of two options: pack your own gel seat to put on it or create the butt callus that develops after the first week of biking. Honest it's the only way.

That and ensure your bike is set at the proper height and position. Some bikes seats do move ahead so you have no need to ride on the nose of it unless that floats your boat (it won't) but it's your choice. Here is a few tips on how to set it up to ensure your ride is comfortable and sweaty indoors.

How Do I Do "IT"

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IT is the in thing now, "it's" all the rage. Everyone is doing it. Some don't even know it. Others are purposely doing it and even more are contemplating it. It is in our human nature to do. Naturally...

Oh I'm sorry I was talking about change. What did you think I meant?

When we talk with our friends, family, co-workers, counsellors or anyone of interest and the topic comes upon life changing habits we all have the same answer; I will do it when I am ready. Whether we are talking smoking, drinking, drugs, shopping, weight loss anything the key word is YOU ARE READY! Not when your spouse tells you to, not when your mom nags you to death, not when work pays for it and not when you feel crappy from it but when that switch goes off in your head that say "I'm done with ______." 

Change is so scary it can be something we are familiar with but in a new atmosphere or venue, there is a level of fear to it. But, change is necessary for the Earth to cleanse, purge, create and proliferate constantly. If it stops and change stops what do we have? Stagnant, boring and stale. Change may not always be good at the time but it is needed always.

What do you need to change? I can tell you my exact story of change and how I ended up where I am today. Pregnant, hot, overweight (didn't lose weight between my pregnancies), bloated, miserable, scared, unsure, self-conscious, tired, overwhelmed and lost. I think that covers most of it. It was a very very hot summer during my pregnancy with my daughter and I remember laying on the couch looking down at my legs and thinking...I did not sign up for this life. I was mad, at me!

iLiveLifeNow Tweet!

Just a friendly reminder the studio is closed this week!! Have a great week 💪🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

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