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If you don't like your food hot and spicy that is okay. What you should be using is the spices that are available to you to heighten your food experiences when you are making an omlette why not add curry? Yummy!

Taking a cooking class can be very helpful to discover new foods that you like or realize how quick they are to cook and serve.

We don't have the time in life to research, print out, buy the groceries and whip up a new meal that we hate, our family or friends hate. This leads to sticking to the basics that we like even if it is bland and tasteless it is safe!

Using fresh herbs can make eggs an instant success! Potatoes can become aromatic wonders with fresh dill and a bit of butter. Keep your regular food but add in some new flavors.

Many friends have brought over new foods for me to try that I wrote off as undigestable many years ago and guess what? I loved it! It is now a staple in my nutrition. Who knew that bean salad could be so tasty 20 years later? 

We associate so many foods to a time that we tried it many moons ago. Number one, maybe that person didn't make the best bean salad. Number two, maybe it wasn't the type you liked. Number three, our taste buds change as we age and yes Mom, the Cadbury Creme Eggs are now also too sweet for my liking, but when I was 12 years old they were heaven in a chocolate shell! 

Evolve your food as you age and discover new foods you didn't think you could possibly like in this lifetime!

Off you go. Maybe create a recipe swap night where everyone cooks one new healthy meal and brings it for everyone to try along with the recipe!

Now that sounds like fun!

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