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This week I decided to give up sugar substitutes. Totally and completely. That means no more Nestea iced tea packets (addiction), no more morning sugar free coffee syrup (heaven) and no more Splenda baking. It's not the first time I gave up something I was so dearly close to. 

Diet Pepsi and I had a divorce about 5 years ago now. I was hopelessly dependent on it. I would drink nearly a litre a day! Wow!  Negative effects: headaches, cravings, more cravings and the need for more sugar, whether it was psychological or real I felt it.

So this week as I struggle to change my habit and not succumb to my need for it. A ray of light shone in the grocery store (I love BuyLow Foods they have amazing selection!). Coconut Sugar. Yes, it has only 3 g of sugar per tsp and it tastes like brown sugar but lighter...OMG! I can't believe I found something that is healthier, tastes good and isn't a glycemic index overload. 

Life really gives you what you need when you need it whether you know it or not!



So, as I change a habit what really happens is it is replaced with another alternative but already since giving up sugar substitutes I notice I do not crave sugar as much.

Thank you life for always giving what I need at the right time. 

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking



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