Five Ways To Get Lucky!

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Five ways to get lucky:

1. Prepare

2. Work hard

3. Focus

4. Knock on opportunities door

5. Work more!

They say that luck is when opportunity and preparation meet. I agree.

It is the timing of so many things in life that determine success. Do you think if you invented Pong right now it would be a success? No, we are so passed that stage in the game it would be laughable to introduce such a simple one dimensional video game in the world of gaming nowadays. (If you don't remember Pong it's okay click here to learn:

Timing. Lucky breaks. The perfect conditions. This is what I am driving towards in the upcoming year. 

Spending the last couple of months focusing on what I want out of my company has been a real struggle at first. Writing down dreams, passions in life, what I want in the future, what I want to provide you in the future most of all. It is so hard to stare at a blank piece of paper and just start dreaming sometimes. That's because fear always sits there in the background taunting you...your not going to make it work. You can't possibly achieve that. Why would you bother? Stay in the corner in your warm fuzzy bubble.


What I've come to realize over these past few weeks is that many of us are trapped by fear. Fear of new experiences yet when I read my own philosophy in life it all came to a peak: Life is not just the passing of time, it is a collection of life experiences. It is possible to live more than one lifetime in your helps make this achievable!

So why would I not provide life experiences, memories and fitness to clients, friends and strangers on the street?

I'm going to!

If I put it out there now there is no going back on it. That is the easiest accountability there is. Publicize it! 

Here it is:

2013 I Live Life Now will be offering premier fitness retreats to women in the picturesque setting of Jasper, AB.

These retreats are meant to introduce a wow factor and fun into fitness, adventure and experiences unlike any other retreat offered of it's kind before.

Am I scared? More than I can write in words.

Will I succeed? Time, hard work and a little luck will tell.

Why am I doing it?  I believe they are many many women out there with so much adventure in their soul and no one to share it with or an outlet to release it in that I Live Life Now would like to be that catalyst for you. Try new experiences, learn new tools, try new foods, make new friends and memories for a lifetime.

Fill your cup up until it runs over....only then can you help others around you! Keep checking back for updates about future events. But until then join I Live Life Now near Athabasca, AB at the Long Lake Outdoor Education Center for the Nature & Nurture Retreat Sept 7-9, 2012. It will be a rustic getting back to nature and rediscovering yourself weekend. Yoga, walks, talks and journaling will be a big components of this event. A small sampler of what is to come! 


I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking





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