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It's too cold and dark out to workout. It's too wet and rainy. It's too hot and I'm at the lake. It's too fall-like to exercise there's too many leaves on the ground. 

For many it never seems to be the season of working out. If we're not being pressured to get ready for swimsuit season, it's working off Christmas dinner or else getting ready to head to Mexico. But, what if everyday was a day to do better with your body and fitness? Not just special occasions.

Focus. Intent. Goals. Planning.

It is all so hard and the excuses so easy. 

I've stated before if we paid ourselves a dollar for each kilometer we run in a year and saved that money into a savings account for the future would you be able to see the compound effect then? (Probably not with the interest rates right now but you get the drift.)

You are putting a loonie in the piggy bank each time you workout, make a healthy choice and treat your body with respect. It's not glamorous, there isn't a crowd following you around clapping for each "good" choice or a cheerleader saying "You're our gal if you can't do it no one will". 

No, living a life of moderation can be really really dull if you want it to be or you can approach this type of living with zest. Trying new recipes, searching out new workouts online, researching new races or events to visit while on holidays. Your lifestyle is what you make it. If you want healthy living to suck as you eat tofu and salad while everyone around you eats steak and beer then yes, you will fail. Guaranteed.

What a true life of health and fitness entails is living within your means of what you can tolerate. During the week keeping great focus and intent with your eating and workouts and on a weekend still eating well but having a steak and beer with your friends. The minute you release the negative association with "bad" foods the faster and easier you will lose and then maintain your healthy weight.

That's another thing...we all have a healthy weight! Not one that is 10 lbs less than where you think it should be. I promise any client, I can get them there if they follow the eating "rules" and workouts 7 days a week. Once we get them to that "number" that they think will change their life; I promise them that they will then gain at least 20 lbs above what they started at. It happens nearly every time.

The problem is when you white knuckle and grit your teeth barely hanging on to the new lifestyle you're trying to live that is so unrealistic for the time or energy you have to put into it. You make it work for a while. Until you snap and the whole routine and world comes crashing down and your weight and bad habits go back up. This is not a healthy positive lifestyle change. This is an extreme gotta fit into my dress by the end of the month, better look good at the high school reunion attitude. 

The compliments flow for a while as to how great you look and questions of what are you doing. Then as quickly as the weight starts to creep back people become silent again with their praise. Imagine if your weight wasn't always the priority and instead people were asking you what adventure you had planned for the weekend. Or how the last race, hike, bike or walk you did was? Isn't that a completely different focus and exciting instead of debilitating ourselves and our self esteem with each gain/loss cycle? Or not being the perfect number.

Numbers do no interest me. I very rarely ask you what you want to weigh or what you weigh at the time. I prefer to see what you can do and why you want to do it...that is lifelong strategy! Not quick fix, drop the weight, gain the weight repeat thinking.

In honor of being strong and living a healthy life for LIFE here is a summer workout you can do anywhere without any equipment and end up being stronger and better as a parent, spouse, friend, co-worker and life participant!

Squats 15 reps

Squat (Pulse) (sit low and hold with a little bounce at the bottom of it!) 1 minute

Pushups 15 reps

Side Lunge (15/side)

Plank 30sec-1min

Burpees 15

Crunches (DO NOT lift from the hips! Only bend at the abdomen and slightly lift your shoulders off the ground; barely) 20

Low Jacks (Get is a wide low squat position, staying low the WHOLE time jump your feet in and then out staying in your squat ouch...) 30s-1min

Repeat these exercises anywhere from 1-4 sets! Depending on your fitness level and ability. Or make it a goal of yours to complete 4 sets easily!

That is when you start to see results in life when you change the focus to WHAT your body can do instead of what you want it to just look like! They both go hand in hand. When you body can do amazing things you generally look better. So, make one nutritional change and add a workout in a week to start with until that is easy and then keep adding in more changes!

GOOD LUCK! (Although luck has nothing to do with it, HARD WORK!!)

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking





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