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Big box gym outlets or private gyms want you to become habituated into only associating workouts with their building or location. Meaning you feel the need to go and workout there exclusively. There is comfort in expecting the same situation every time you go there, people recognize you and an atmosphere of solidarity is created. For many people this is the key to their success and consistency with their workouts. It is a great thing.

However, it is not convenient when life interferes and you are thrown into chaos. For many the usual patterns are broken and with it the habit of working out regularly. 

Life has been chaos for the past eight months yet my workouts have been consistent and imaginative. One workout involved running up and down the stairs of a hospital for half an hour doing pushups and lunges at the top and bottom of each set. There was a park beside the hospital that I ran laps in to equal a five kilometer run. Tabata is a great short protocol that can be done anywhere without equipment and takes 16 minutes. Who doesn't have 16 minutes to not be able to hold their water bottle up when they are done and be sore for two days?

Find a road, find a street, a dirt path anywhere. Even enough free space in your hotel room will work. A TRX is a great tool that fits into a small pouch and can be taken anywhere for a truly great workout. I always keep one in my vehicle or luggage for a portable workout.

Adaptability has to be key when you are planning to workout regularly. Having a go-to routine in the back of your head is always better than just giving in to the moment of "I'm not in my usual place". Anything that uses your own bodyweight for resistance is great if you don't have other tools available. That is also why running is so great. As long as you have your shoes, anywhere, anytime is a great workout.

Here is a quick easy go-to routine to do anywhere:

25 reps or seconds of each




Side plank/side


Front plank 

Mountain climbers 


You can repeat through this total routine more than once if you wish 1-4 times. If it's too much at 25 repetitions drop down to 15 repetitions.

Sweat: it's cheap therapy.

Keep a bag with workout clothes with you at all times, you never know when you'll get the opportunity to use them!

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