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I am thankful to have had many faithful companions in my life. Dogs are a great source of joy and comfort, as well an awesome workout partner that is always ready and excited to head out the door for a run! No whining they are tired, it's too early or late, no reminding you we haven't "run" for four days and they are grumpy about it, they aren't bloated that day, it's not too hot out...have I covered enough excuses yet?

My current running partner is a fanatic. If she thinks that she sees me with my runners on and I could possibly be going for a run it turns into a frenzy of excitement.

Here are a few basic rules of how I run with my dog for enjoyment:

  1. Teach your dog to heel or get in. This is valuable for when vehicles come down the road. They should be able to do this on a leash or loose. They should run behind you on your heel for your safety and theirs.
  2. Never let them lead you! I see many people whose dogs are pulling them. Who's the pack leader? 
  3. Allow them some freedom on the way out from home but ensure they follow behind you home instead of running away from you as fast as they can home. 
  4. Long runs over an hour  ensure they have water too or a place to roll in water to cool off when it is hot out.
  5. Even if I don't take a real leash I will pack a rope or twine in my pocket in case we get in a situation that I don't want her loose. Usually on a new route I do this. 
  6. Basic knowledge of sit, stay and lay down is an asset in case you come across other runners or dogs. You should be the leader at all times. And they should be able to listen to you at all times.
  7. Remember they look forward to this more than you do especially if you live in town and they are limited for activity don't let them suffer because you don't feel like it. Dogs are great motivators if you are consistent with them!

Remember the type of dog you get should match your energy level, you don't want to get an animal that can't run if you're an avid runner and vice versa with a dog that loves to run and you walk slow. They are part of our family so ensure they are a good fit for you.

This picture is my favorite, I was having a great run that day and sometimes I think she mocks me for how slow I run compared to a dog but here she is running and panting! Love it!

Whether your companion has four legs or two legs commit to yourself always even if they don't come along for the run. You are always first priority! Remember that and life gets easier.

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