How Do I Do "IT"

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IT is the in thing now, "it's" all the rage. Everyone is doing it. Some don't even know it. Others are purposely doing it and even more are contemplating it. It is in our human nature to do. Naturally...

Oh I'm sorry I was talking about change. What did you think I meant?

When we talk with our friends, family, co-workers, counsellors or anyone of interest and the topic comes upon life changing habits we all have the same answer; I will do it when I am ready. Whether we are talking smoking, drinking, drugs, shopping, weight loss anything the key word is YOU ARE READY! Not when your spouse tells you to, not when your mom nags you to death, not when work pays for it and not when you feel crappy from it but when that switch goes off in your head that say "I'm done with ______." 

Change is so scary it can be something we are familiar with but in a new atmosphere or venue, there is a level of fear to it. But, change is necessary for the Earth to cleanse, purge, create and proliferate constantly. If it stops and change stops what do we have? Stagnant, boring and stale. Change may not always be good at the time but it is needed always.

What do you need to change? I can tell you my exact story of change and how I ended up where I am today. Pregnant, hot, overweight (didn't lose weight between my pregnancies), bloated, miserable, scared, unsure, self-conscious, tired, overwhelmed and lost. I think that covers most of it. It was a very very hot summer during my pregnancy with my daughter and I remember laying on the couch looking down at my legs and thinking...I did not sign up for this life. I was mad, at me!

In school I was always athletic until I was too cool for athletics but even then it came easily. As a teen I remember promising myself that I would always stay fit and strong, I was a strong farm girl. Now looking at my legs on the couch I couldn't see my kneecaps let alone muscle everything was jello-like and weak. How was I to look after two kids after this? I had let myself down and gave up on the promise I made myself when I was younger. This was my aha moment enough was enough but now what?

Life hands you what you need I firmly believe and even when you think that you are losing something important sometimes greater good is gained. Standing in line at the grocery store I saw a copy of Oxygen, now let's be clear. I had never lifted a weight, worked out formally (other than the buns of steel tape I tried in college once, can you say ouch!) and this magazine drew my eyes like a moth to a light. Monica Brant was on the cover and her strength amazed me when I looked at her.

I bought it, but unlike most people that buy something like that and read it once thinking it's impossible it became my bible of life. How to eat, lift, exercise you name it I read it four hundred times over. The most poignant part was the editor's letter where Robert Kennedy (who is sadly gone now) wrote about life and how there are 24 hours in everyone's day and if you cannot find one hour out of the 24 for yourself you are in a sorry way...yup I cried like a little girl after reading that and vowed to change then and there for good.

Just like that this is how I did it. Made up my mind forever. Now, ten years ago seems like yesterday and a million lifetimes ago all at once. The point is I didn't just cut myself down forever about where I was headed in life I just changed it. And in the end that is how anything can happen you so wish for. Was it hard? You bet. But my focus was so steadfast and unwavering that it just kept evolving, changing and growing each year to lead me to where I am today. Is there still work to be done? Yes, and not in the way you may think. My body is my body, not yours, not the girl in the gym it is mine. How it reacts, changes or evolves is it's own entity not yours. My best is my best not yours. 

I enjoy being strong and capable but as I have aged and changed, my focus is not to look like a fitness model or worry that my carb intake was too high today and I might gain 0.2lbs that is narrow minded and doomed to fail after a while, it is self-defeating and I am looking to grow my mind now as much if not more than I changed my body. Why? Because I decided to. 

Perhaps I could sit around all day and complain that I'm not as fast as so and so or my arms aren't as defined as this persons but guess what? It doesn't matter. That is being a victim not empowered and will not end in success. Forward thinking, planning and goals are powerful and motivating. Having a drive and passion in life is wonderful and I wish for people to feel a quarter of what I experience daily if possible, life is great. Hard but still great.

So, now that you know how to do "it" what are you going to do about "it"? Wait, watch and dream? Or act, plan and do?

It is in your hands (mind), literally...

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking





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