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Most of my blogs or articles are inspired as most peoples are from real life. Now, this has to be one of my favorite comments of all time: "What is the point of this bike? I don't sweat on it at all, it isn't very good"

Love it! Love it! Love it! Did I mention I love it!

At this point in time I calmly smile and ask the person to get on the spin bike so I can show (not explain) how it works to make sweat. And oh sweat we did! (We meaning I watched and she sweat).

So, how do you use one of the butt torture machines? Yes, everyone's favorite complaint about upright bikes or spin bikes is that it hurts their butt. You have one of two options: pack your own gel seat to put on it or create the butt callus that develops after the first week of biking. Honest it's the only way.

That and ensure your bike is set at the proper height and position. Some bikes seats do move ahead so you have no need to ride on the nose of it unless that floats your boat (it won't) but it's your choice. Here is a few tips on how to set it up to ensure your ride is comfortable and sweaty indoors.

The current bike I use is a Keiser such as shown in the video so any pictures after this are from the screen on this bike. A neat App that I discovered for this bike is Keiser Ride Buddy it is free on the App store. I am looking forward to playing with it and using it over the winter.

When you have yourself ready with some water, a towel and high octane music for your workout you are about to enter the world of spinning sweat. I myself am not a huge sweater while I workout but when I ride a spin bike it DRIPS off of me I make a puddle on the floor. I pant, sweat and gasp for oxygen and sometimes my legs barely work when I get off but I LOVE IT!

I have taken pictures while riding my own bike at home to give you an idea of what to focus on while riding.


RPM: revolutions per minute 98 on this screen. 

Watts: the amount of power you generate on the bike 147 on here

Heart Rate: I didn't have mine on 0

Time: 42:39 Just about done!

Gear: 12

Trip: 17.9 (this is neither miles or kilometers it is just a number for you to compare each ride)

The most important numbers that I pay attention to are RPM and Watts, they are your money maker numbers in terms of fitness. Right now at this point in my workout this was my base or recovery speed in the above picture.

This was the picture a minute before the other one. My RPM's are only 72 instead of 98 so a lot slower pedal cadence but my Watt's are 334 vs 147 so I am outputting double the amount of energy. All because I am on gear 20 and completing a standing climb.

This was a ten minute interval set of standing climbs for one minute and then recovering for one minute!

1/1 min X 5 is what it would look like wrote out as an interval. 

This is a great heart, lung burner. As long as you make sure that your climbing interval is hard enough you can barely finish the minute and that the recovery minute truly gets you ready for the next minute. Now remember everyones numbers will be different from bike to bike, person to person and day to day. 

Some days I can barely get to 300 watts and some days I can hit 400 watts. Every bike is geared different as well so don't plan to copy these screens I am just showing you how to play with power.

A spin workout for myself might look like this:

5 minute warmup

5-15 minutes 1/1min X 5 climbing/rest intervals

15-20 minutes recovery for 2 minutes of it and then 3 minutes increasing speed gradually again

20-30 minutes pyramid spinning; every minute increase the gear by 1 X 10 gear increases (ouch)

30-32 minutes recovery

32-41 minutes 30 sec/1 min X 6 sprints/recover

41-45 minutes cool down as needed

I generally keep my workouts around 45 minutes right now but anything is better than nothing! Sometimes I get on the bike for 20 minutes but it is such an intense 20 minutes of speed or climbing with no breaks I feel more fatigued than a longer workout! Play with time and intensity always!!

If your workouts are short because you are limited with time then make them intense, if you have an hour you can make it slightly less intense and if you are at a spin in movie then pace yourself. Yes, a spin in movie. In the larger centers you can spin and watch movies in their spin studios. But, you can do the same at home! This is how I usually watch a movie with my family and it is fabulous.

Email me any questions you have about spinning! I love to hear your spinning tales...oh what a tangled web we spin!!

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