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Every human being is the author of his/her own health or disease. 

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We need to realize that we are empowered and responsible for the story we are writing of this life it is not someone else's fault or problem to blame but our own story to put down on paper and what we choose is what the story reads.

Let's play a game. We are going to write a few books together but like anything in life they need a catchy title or no one will buy it! So follow me...create a title for each of these books:

Book about your body?

Book about your life?

Book about your fitness?

Book about your fondest memory?

Book about your family?

Book about your relationships?

Book about your past?

Oh, there should be some good ones! Mine?

Body: B is for beach body not bulky!

Life: I Live Life Now. Do you?

Fitness: On the seventh day she rested! 

Fondest Memory: Hawaii Baby!

Family: Normal? Does that exist?

Relationships: I am lion hear me roar; meow!

Past: Life's hard wear a helmet.

Memories and experiences are what we have left in life even if our bodies fail us. Laying in bed incapacitated yet mentally aware you will still be able to draw from memory past achievements. The idea is to picture yourself not capable of doing anything you want one day and live with a sense of urgency now to create what you want in life NOW!

How many of you are guilty of this: "I will ______________________ next week, next year, when my house is paid off, when I retire, when it works out.

The irony is if the opportunity presents itself do it! Go for it. Thinking that life will set itself up for the right time is like waiting for the perfect wave in surfing all day instead of riding most of them first and then hitting the perfect wave watching is not doing!

I have had the opportunity to travel and experience some amazing things in life but they most times don't just fall in my lap. I research, read and plan then I hope and pray I can find at least one or two other people crazy enough to want to join me and if not I many times have still headed out on my own. Perhaps it is the product of being an only child I don't need someone to come along I will go anyways.

Think back to some of your happiest memories; what are they? Are they sitting at home catching up on yard work? Or are they in the mountains with the blue sky above, sun on your face and family and friends by your side. Most great stories don't start with; I was mowing the lawn when __________. Maybe they do but most likely not!

What you are creating now is what you will reflect on in the golden years. Very few of us will have the ability to travel far, experience and enjoy our golden years in the way we picture. Sad but true.

It is a humbling moment to figure out what year you will live to if you live to 80. Mine is 2056. Doesn't seem so far away now does it? Tick tock tick tock tick tock....get in the game or wait for the buzzer on the bench.

It's your choice! Write a story you'd be proud to publish.

I Live Life Now,

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