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As I write this right now I just went and weighed myself out of curiousity, the photo shoot was yesterday and when I woke up I was 122.3 lbs the morning of the pictures. Now as I sit here after a glass of wine last night, steak and salt I sit at 126.4 lbs up 4 lbs overnight. 

I do not write these numbers down to show off my weight, au contrair. This is how ridiculous it is to live your life by a scale; salt and water consumption (and wine) makes the biggest difference in weight loss/gain imaginable. By the end of the week I should be back to my regular weight that is my life weight: 129-131 lbs give or take any day at my height of 5' 5". 

After I followed the protocol in the afore mentioned program I was down to only 2 cups of water for two days and a re-introduction of carbs over those two days. The idea is that with no sodium intake at that point your muscles absorb the carbs and your skin is dehydrated making the muscle "pop" out from underneath your dehydrated skin. Bodybuilders or figure competitors take this one step farther and use diuretics. I used no special products at all and refused to.

The morning of the photo shoot I got my makeup done, hair done and basically took longer to get ready than for my own wedding! Lesson learned out of this? Take the time to do this more often. As much as I am not a superficial person who feels the need to have my nails done or get fancied up ever, it does feel fun to play dress up like a little girl again. I think my hairdresser may be rubbing off on me when she keeps repeating that if you look good you feel good. I agree maybe the problem is I feel good not dressed up, when I'm dressed up I still feel good but I understand now why it's important to be more of a woman once in a while! I'm trying...

The previous night gave way to a spectacular thunderstorm, I ran outside to check on my horses in the barn that were going to be used for part of the shoot. This day was a fantasy day where a great photographer is willing to shoot anything you want to do and we are both open to absolutely anything artistic or different! How awesome is that! How often do you get this chance with someone so talented to play with photos for four hours? NEVER!!

After I ate, packed and loaded all of my wardrobe, gear and beauty supplies into the vehicle I headed to town. I was not nervous because the beauty part was we are friends and how can you get nervous with a person you just can't! Make-up went off without a hitch and was easy breezy; you know! Then off to hair. My hair has grown longer lately and it also has decided to be really curly so that was fun and easy to do as well!

I looked nothing like myself, but then again I guess that is the fantasy part. Play the part and become anything you want to be, or so I was going to try.

The weather was the deciding factor in all this and it was holding and miraculously even breaking up a bit. Please, please stay away rain. By 2 pm we were overlooking the river and town ready for action with the temperature actually warm although cloudy but the clouds were ominous looking creating dramatic backgrounds. Once we got the camera all set up we started both just working our way through like two newbies to this but still fun!

Photos by Crystal Kemp Photography

The photographer really wanted to go down to "muddy" river point as I called it but off we went to it, you don't argue with an artist lol! We walked down to the river and this is where she thought the magic happened, I even agreed to walk out in the river a bit onto a long piece of tree that had floated down in the floods and was beached! It was fun right until the rain came....oh why!!

Off to my house we headed to do some pictures there in a rain storm, by the time we arrived it was a full fledged downpour! So much for anymore outdoor pics, that is until the makeup and hair trashing photo session, I can't be a princess for too long it just doesn't last.

After some indoor photos there was no reprieve in sight, it was socked in and pouring. Lakes were forming in the front pastures so off we went with my wedding dress and rain. Yup, a dress trashing and horse photo sequence coming up! Now this was the fun part.

I am so blessed to have so many talented people in my life that share their passion with me, thanks to Crystal for coming out to do pictures it was a dream day. Thanks to my hairdresser (you know who you are), Rena for my nails, Megan for the awesome spray tan and to Addie for my makeup. It takes a small army to make this look good!

If you think photos are just for your family think again; get photos taken of yourself at your best and it will motivate and remind you always how your hard work has paid off!


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