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In my house we have two kinds of kids; one who loves all things video, computer, Ipod, game obsessed related activities. And one who would rather be outdoors, build crafts and do activities not based in fantasy land...

It has been this way for years, since the dawn of their lives. I do believe that people people are born with certain attributes and they are coming true to life the older my kids get.

Initially, to encourage reading my children had to read equal time to play their Leap Pad, DS Nintendo or whatever it may be. Now both kids are avid readers and sometimes I have to kick them out of their rooms to go outside instead of reading. This is a great "problem" to have as they both excel in Language Arts in school now.

Recently, the newest game obsession not just in my house but the world is Minecraft. My son's eyes literally change color and enter a different time space continuum when he talks about it. This is their future, I understand electronics are an integral part of life but you will never garner the same enjoyment and happiness from a computer that you will from real human interaction EVER! 

I don't wish to hold this back from him and refuse to let him engage in these games so the next obvious transition for a 13 year old boy who plays sports is to create Miles For Minecraft: Run 1 mile=15 minutes of play on Minecraft. Day #1=3 mile run for 45 minutes of Minecraft. And let me tell you this boy wants to run every day. It doesn't have to be running, walking can count too whatever your child is capable of.

This doesn't have to be an exact template but similar ideas I've used before is playing your guitar for equal time of X-box or computer usage. What we have to help instill in our children is that life is not all or nothing. That goes for adults too.

Too much food equals health problems, too little food equals the same. Life is lived somewhere in the middle.

Evaluate where your life is? In the middle or one extreme to the next? Help your family figure out the balance by encouraging them a balance of work and play in life. 

Try using Miles For Minecraft to help encourage your kids to move, play and enjoy life in the middle.


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