The B Word

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I haven't been called the B word, well at least not to my face. Perhaps when I walk away I am called it I'm not sure or maybe even the C word or F word but my self worth isn't tied to opinion so you can call me courageous and fabulous all day I won't take it personally. What other words did you think I meant? Let's find out about this B word shall we...

I have began off-season training. Meaning I periodize how I workout. In the summer I relax off of weight lifting or resistance training in favor of outdoor activities such as running, biking, hiking anything to get outside and enjoy the weather! In-season training is specifically geared towards what I am training for, when you are planning to run 58 km in the mountains you should be running on uneven trails, in the dark and up some hills to simulate what you will be doing during an actual event.

Now that the snow has started to fly (I am not a whiner but I don't belong here that's the end of the whining now) I head into the basement instead of outside on those nice fall evenings when I used to go for a run. In the basement I have my own gym with everything I need to train. Although others crave hunkering down with a good book and a cup of tea I crave weights....heavy weights. And the theory is the heavier you can lift the lighter you will get if you have some weight to lose. Imagine what is going off your body is going onto the dumbbells to lift instead.

No more packing around an extra 30 lbs, now you can squat that without having to move it day in and day out. I often see other women using free weights in the gym and we (as women) have been brainwashed for so long that they head to the light end of the weight rack. You know the end that is lighter than your purse or groceries that you carry into the house on a daily basis.

Chase The Mountain

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Ready to head up the hills? Just because the weather is cooler doesn't mean you can't have a great workout! Complete this workout on any piece of cardio equipment.

Warm-up: 5 minutes increasing speed as you go!

Main Workout: 30 Seconds 8-9/10 difficulty of speed or resistance then recover 1:30 minute on an easier speed or reistance X 10 sets=20 minutes.

Cooldown: 5-7 minutes as needed to allow the legs to recover without blood pooling in them!

A 30 minute workout! This should be hard enough that you just make the 30 seconds uncomfortably! It should be hard and you should be sweaty. Watch your strength and speed grow as you complete this workout twice a week on non-consecutive days.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


What are you showing off?

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The plans are already in motion; the upcoming year ahead of what I want to do and where I would like to go. These plans don't always include my family as it is not their idea of fun what I do for fun but sometimes there are trips that do appeal to them and then they want to come along with me on adventures.

Next year already I plan to enter Rundle's Revenge which also happens to have a fun kids race as well. My daughter is so excited about it! So, in preparation for this event we both need to learn to mountain bike for "real". There are a few camps around Alberta that you can participate in and I am hoping that we can attend a weekend together and she can watch me learn something new with her and see that everyone has to start somewhere learning a new skill. We are not born knowing how to do much!

Showing your children that you can learn at any age is important as well as teaching them that learning something new even if it is scary is ok! When we become so wrapped up in calorie counting and complaining about how we look, you forget what they value is: you! Just being their parent. Not what you look like but what you can do with them. Not what the number on the scale is.

As well, we are planning a mother/daughter hike weekend with others in the mountains next year. My daughter's highlight is she gets to eat dinosaur egg oatmeal which is never in my house other than when we hike! Find ways to make them want to go with you.

My son? He is not into anything adventure based such as this but it makes his day if I play Just Dance 3 on the Wii with him. Everyone has their own personality and likes/dislikes. Hiking did not float his boat at all. But he has seen it and understands that it is there to go back to. Maybe after he sees mountain biking he will like that! The key is to expose them to many things to ensure they know what is available in life. 

Maybe we will kayak next year on summer holidays!  As with adults (although they won't admit it) children can sometimes fear doing something new until they see it or try it! 

What we show our children they absorb like a sponge. If you are constantly cutting yourself down about what you look like or weigh or they see you constantly dieting what are you showing? Use your body and life to help them find their path that they love. It may not be what you love but exposing them to new adventures really gives them confidence to try other new things later in life.

I learned to snowboard last year, my kids watched me wipe out for an hour on the bunny hill. My son stuck with me for a while and said you can do it Mom as he took off on his snowblades. But guess what? After enough tries I got it (a bit) and then we all headed down the hill together and the kids were as proud of me as I was of myself for not giving up. What are you showing them? Don't give up! My legs were blue for weeks after but it was fun and we plan to go again this winter when the snow flies. We all loved skiing together! Even though I was like a baby on a snowboard it was fun, the five year old flying by me on the hill was inspiring...

Show off and sow seeds of inspiration to others by always trying new things in life! My legs shook on the top of the zipline for my daughters birthday but I never said a word to her...fake it til you make it. Then she went on her own after the fourth zipline and loved it! We all contribute to each other to have a great life!

This is why I keep fit, so I can continue to try anything new that comes my way with my family and inspire them and others to do more!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking




Faithful Companion

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I am thankful to have had many faithful companions in my life. Dogs are a great source of joy and comfort, as well an awesome workout partner that is always ready and excited to head out the door for a run! No whining they are tired, it's too early or late, no reminding you we haven't "run" for four days and they are grumpy about it, they aren't bloated that day, it's not too hot out...have I covered enough excuses yet?

My current running partner is a fanatic. If she thinks that she sees me with my runners on and I could possibly be going for a run it turns into a frenzy of excitement.

Here are a few basic rules of how I run with my dog for enjoyment:

  1. Teach your dog to heel or get in. This is valuable for when vehicles come down the road. They should be able to do this on a leash or loose. They should run behind you on your heel for your safety and theirs.
  2. Never let them lead you! I see many people whose dogs are pulling them. Who's the pack leader? 
  3. Allow them some freedom on the way out from home but ensure they follow behind you home instead of running away from you as fast as they can home. 
  4. Long runs over an hour  ensure they have water too or a place to roll in water to cool off when it is hot out.
  5. Even if I don't take a real leash I will pack a rope or twine in my pocket in case we get in a situation that I don't want her loose. Usually on a new route I do this. 
  6. Basic knowledge of sit, stay and lay down is an asset in case you come across other runners or dogs. You should be the leader at all times. And they should be able to listen to you at all times.
  7. Remember they look forward to this more than you do especially if you live in town and they are limited for activity don't let them suffer because you don't feel like it. Dogs are great motivators if you are consistent with them!

Remember the type of dog you get should match your energy level, you don't want to get an animal that can't run if you're an avid runner and vice versa with a dog that loves to run and you walk slow. They are part of our family so ensure they are a good fit for you.

This picture is my favorite, I was having a great run that day and sometimes I think she mocks me for how slow I run compared to a dog but here she is running and panting! Love it!

Whether your companion has four legs or two legs commit to yourself always even if they don't come along for the run. You are always first priority! Remember that and life gets easier.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking



Oh Boy Or Girl! Ouch!!

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The most common complaint (or excuse) depending on how you approach it is that it is too hard to get to the gym for a workout. But, the great part about body weight exercises is your gym is always attached to you and unless you are really going for muscle building and your fitness level has surpassed your body weight there is no reason to not do this workout!

Try it. You might like it and even better you might want to do it again once you can move!

Here is my workout from the other day of a new Tabata workout. Tabata in my opinion is a great once or twice a week workout to work into your normal routines. The research behind Tabata is that in an average person it can increase your VO2MAX by 20%. What that mean you say? It means your ability to use oxygen in your cells increases by 20%! Wow! That means more energy to run, walk, skate, swim or do anything better. 

Caution on the Pushups and Scoop Pushups if you have a bad shoulder such as myself; modify what you need to in order to protect your body even if you have to hold the plank and focus on shoulder stabilizing. A great workout shouldn't hurt your body to the point it doesn't work from injury! It should be sore from muscles working hard. If you can't jump simply perform quick squats or pivots instead of jumps. Always find a way to make your workouts work for YOU!

If at some point you want to increase the difficulty you can increase the number of sets each time up to 5! The idea is that you do as many as you can in each 15 second interval, add them up as you go to see if you can stay consistent.

Have fun with workouts and life! Yes, sweat and live happy.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking






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I had a strange thought today in the, not on a run but while rota-tilling. Can you grow a garden and just look after it once and expect the weeds not to take over? Kinda like your health. You can't workout once and be good for the season. Steady consistency is the name of the game to victory in any type of outlet!

The reason I thought of this is I am not a gardener that likes to have the perfect garden, the weeds tend to overrun a bit. I do still end up with a bounty of some sort. But, I do make time for fitness to ensure my own personal garden is weed free and healthy. It is all choices in life that way.


This is where many people end up struggling with their health; January rolls around and everyone hops on the bandwagon of fitness, because why start during party season? The problem is you could have started during party season and formed a habit even if weight loss didn't occur. The reason is today is now. Here and now and ready to go the minute you are!

It doesn't matter if it is the latest fad diet, the latest workout craze or the newest fat burning system there is only one way they all work: Consistency! Doing them often enough to keep the weeds out of the garden. Creating habits that you can consistently perform is the key to success. Not some random challenge, diet or system that promises a miracle quickly.

Perhaps human nature's downfall is thinking we have to do all or nothing. This is the most common complaint from clients when they start a workout program or new lifestyle. They plan to quit smoking, eat better, workout six days a week, grow organic food, bike to work and anything else they have to do to get to their goal. WHOA!

Pick one consistency to stick with. Reap the rewards of it for a while then add another habit into the equation once the first habit becomes so ingrained you cannot stop doing it. 

When you ask the general public what their most important priorities are in life, health is nearly always listed near the top right next to family but guess what? If you're not healthy you can't be around for your family and if you're not investing in your health along with your RRSP'S you will not be around or in any kind of shape to enjoy it. 

Pick one goal, one positive habit, one healthy choice to keep for a sustained period of consistency and then see the results that transfer to the rest of your life! It is worth it! And so are you.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking




Baby In A Poison Store

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Walking into a grocery store, restaurant or any food provider without basic knowledge of nutrition is like sending a baby into a room filled with poisonous household cleaners along with a few healthy bottles full of goodness. How do they know which one to pick? How do you? 

I honestly believe it is becoming scarier and scarier what we are being presented with for food options and yet keep being told it's natural, organic, whole, wholesome, nutritious and good for you. How are you to know in the sea of garbage what is safe and what isn't? It is a struggle every time we walk in the store what to eat and what not to. Basically, the only way to know it is okay to eat is if you have grown it yourself but we do live in North America where there is winter up here for nearly 6 months of the year. Yes, we can can it, freeze it and store it for winter but once in a while you need that fresh vegetable taste!

Do you realize there is no regulations for calling a product natural? Read this stunning article to see just a few of the unknown products you thought were great: 10 Misleading Food Product Labels. Shocking isn't it?

Leaning Over The Edge

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Don't lean out too far you will fall. Fear is a factor in all of our daily choices and activities. It is also placed in us as a protective reflex to ensure we do not endanger ourselves. But too often fear stops us from doing things we may really love.

I read a great quote the other day: If you're not willing to look stupid; nothing great is ever going to happen to you. Dr. Gregory House.

It's true looking stupid is something we all fear and the one's that claim everyone else is stupid are just to smug to admit we all have our turn. Of course you're so much smarter than everyone else when you don't talk or offer your opinion because no one can tear it down or critique it. Perhaps that is why it is so hard to write blogs or thoughts for some. I even find it weird that you read this...but my fear of you cutting it down is overridden by my joy out of it.

Hitting A Nerve!

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Okay, a few of you are about to be offended by this post and may even possibly think I am writing about you...I probably am! You know who you are; the non-breakfast eaters. Let's go through the myriad of excuses of why you can't eat breakfast:

  1. I am not hungry: Not true, you have shut off your bodies response to hunger and you believe you are not hungry but your body is starving literally!
  2. I can't eat: You may need to train yourself to do this, start slowly with just a glass of milk or an easy to eat piece of fruit.
  3. I don't have time: Make it! There is no excuse for this. It doesn't have to be a huge sit down meal.
  4. I don't know what to eat: Something is always better than nothing I have even told people to eat pie or anything to start to trigger their bodies response (no this is not for life though..the pie).
  5. It's not a big deal: Yes, yes it is imagine not burning any wood when you don't put fuel in the just sits there with cold ashes in it. Imagine trying to start a fire by dumping a whole wheelbarrow of wood on it and trying to light it.



Workout Anywhere!

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Big box gym outlets or private gyms want you to become habituated into only associating workouts with their building or location. Meaning you feel the need to go and workout there exclusively. There is comfort in expecting the same situation every time you go there, people recognize you and an atmosphere of solidarity is created. For many people this is the key to their success and consistency with their workouts. It is a great thing.

However, it is not convenient when life interferes and you are thrown into chaos. For many the usual patterns are broken and with it the habit of working out regularly. 

Life has been chaos for the past eight months yet my workouts have been consistent and imaginative. One workout involved running up and down the stairs of a hospital for half an hour doing pushups and lunges at the top and bottom of each set. There was a park beside the hospital that I ran laps in to equal a five kilometer run. Tabata is a great short protocol that can be done anywhere without equipment and takes 16 minutes. Who doesn't have 16 minutes to not be able to hold their water bottle up when they are done and be sore for two days?

Find a road, find a street, a dirt path anywhere. Even enough free space in your hotel room will work. A TRX is a great tool that fits into a small pouch and can be taken anywhere for a truly great workout. I always keep one in my vehicle or luggage for a portable workout.

That One Counts TOO!

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Consider how many opportunities and choices we have throughout one single day.

Wake up? What time? Workout in the am? Or not...
Shower? Eat? Don't Eat? Drive to work, walk or bike? 
Arrive early late? Take a break? Work through? Eat doughnuts brought in? Don't?
Skip lunch? Or work through? Eat the "healthy" chicken caesar salad or an actual healthy meal prepared at home? Drink too much coffee to get energy? Or have water?
Overstressed about co-workers and decisions? Or clear your head with a walk at coffee time? Have a smoke instead? Rush home in traffic and pick up supper through a drive through? Or go home and cook a meal?
Workout? Lay on the couch? Eat too much on the couch because you didn't eat enough all day? Or eat because you're bored? Eat cake because it is the neighbors birthday? Or eat a good meal and skip the cake but visit instead? 

Literally, the amount of decisions is endless in one single day and these decisions determine how your life will be in twenty some years. Honest. 

Changing even one choice or action towards a positive outcome has huge impact on the rest of your life. Imagine if you replaced one drink of pop a day with water. That's it. Here's the math...I hate math but I love numbers so here it is:

270 calories/65 g sugar  (Based on a cola product)

3500 calories= +/- 1 lb

270 calories a day less x 13 days= -3500 calories

Techincally on paper if you didn't increase your calories else where in your nutrition plan you would lose 1 lb every two weeks simply from stopping the midday cola binge.

In a year that adds up to 26 lbs. All from reducing your pop intake...

That is the power of one! One choice. One action. One result.

Everything works out on paper in terms of math and calorie intake to show a weight loss. But in the end it is up to you, your lifestyle and other activities that determine how your body reacts to it.


The key is your life depends everyday on one choice or action. Your health in twenty years depends on what you do NOW. Your future depends on this moment. If you keep saying to yourself, just one more donut or next Monday those choices determine whether you will be in a hospital bed or a house in Hawaii when you retire.

Find power in the choices and decisions you make each day. The path you need to take is not always smooth or easy but in terms of results and outcomes, laying in a hospital bed having tubes coming out of everywhere isn't a easy path either...

Pick one, stick to one and then move on to another action plan.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking






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