Comfy As A Couch?

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Comfort in life is as hard to find as Goldilocks and her porridge. Too hot, too cold or just right. It seems that satisfaction is the same for most. No matter what we do or try to do we find a way to admonish ourselves that we could have done it better.

"Gee, you look nice today I love that shirt"

"Oh this old thing, it is too big, I look fat in it and the colour is all wrong"

It seems we are programmed to be humble in all the wrong ways, as though we have to cut ourselves down another level if someone compliments us. When is it okay to just say thanks, I like this shirt too. 

Instead we make up a proliferation of excuses why we still aren't good enough even if others see something positive. 

Hit Your Head Against The Wall

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It is ironic that we need stress in our lives to propel us forward. Overstress however does the polar opposite and drives us backwards in every aspect of wellness. Without stress of some sort we wouldn't get out of bed.

The stress of needing food, water or housing is what sends us out the door to work. Stress is great it prods us and fuels us to greater heights. Overstress where the adrenal glands and body are overloaded to the point of snapping is not great it is harmful.

It seems though that when life is going well we have to create our own overstress to compensate for it. As though we have to create problems that aren't really there. Start fights that don't need to be fought or determine in our mind that there is some issue. Really? We have created such comfortable lives for ourselves that without stress we start to wonder aimlessly and make new challenges.


When Is It YOUR Fault?

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The news has been of little value to me for the past three months. I gave it up cold turkey a while ago. Call me naive, misinformed, uneducated, ignorant or what you may but my life has been much more peaceful without being inundated with horrific stories everyday and little of the positive brought to light. If there are any major events going on I hear about it through Twitter or family and even then is my life changed by knowing who the Dark Knight killer was? No. 


We are a society that thrives off of people's problems, mishaps and bad choices. Look at any of the trending videos on YouTube and my point will be validated. Since I have been in the hospital for a few days and the newspaper is free and I have a lot of time on my hands I started to read the paper. Once again my intuition has lead me down the right path.

As I skim the pages of the newspaper one article in particular caught my eye: Reebok Settles Class-Action Over Toning Claims 

Then my jaw hit the ground.

Where to begin with this? When is it ever YOUR fault, your responsibility or your choice anymore?

Placing your trust in a pair of shoes or gear that will make your butt and thighs more toned is ridiculous. Yes, walking on wobbly shoes (another article entirely) will activate the usage of your gluteus maximus more than flat nonreactive shoes but the fact is when you can't see muscle (aka toning) it is covered with one substance: body fat. When your abdominals aren't a six pack don't panic they are there otherwise you wouldn't walk upright. Guess what is covering those as well; body fat. 

Another ground breaking story is body fat is accumulated by moving too little and eating too much or by eating food that serves no purpose in your body. Even when you are clinging to your 100 calorie pieces of bread, the nutritional value and content of them is so little that you are not nourishing your body you are slowly starving it with malnutrition. Yes, malnutrition. Most adults nowadays are not getting enough nutrients in their diet. We have become food-a-phobes, scared to eat this or carbs or protein or fat or water or coffee or beer or wine or air. The fact is we have stopped living and fueling our bodies for life. 

We can continue to sue McDonald's, cigarette companies, Reebok or whatever latest greatest promise of quick fixes, soothers and convenience there is at the moment but the fact is YOU choose to put it in your mouth, to sweat, to sleep, to drink or to live a life of your making. Even on a limited budget you can help yourself out by buying frozen produce, bulk items or making your own food. Oatmeal will always be cheaper than Lucky Charms. 

Is it easy? NO. It is hard living as an overweight person and it is hard to maintain a healthy weight. Choose your HARD!

I have watched over the past eight months my mother struggle to live and honestly she could take home six blue hospital gowns for a wardrobe and be happy to be alive! Perhaps my point of view has become slightly skewed but I really struggle with where our culture has taken us...more over where we have allowed ourselves to be lead. Stand up for yourself. Stand up to garbage products. Stand up for your dignity. Stand up for your children's future. Stand up by researching and questioning anything that promises to be THE ONE! There is not one product, workout, food or drink that has THE answer to your life. I enjoy taking small bits and pieces of information from each product and creating my own opinion.

This article is my own opinion. I see so much more in human nature than we allow ourselves to be. I wish you could see the greatness deep inside yourself and that all the external products and promises in the world will never fill that empty void of space your trying to fill. Become your best. Step into your greatness and once you make the first baby steps the leaps and bounds will follow.

Choose a life that fulfills you, leaves memories upon your soul and for those around you to embrace and live with you. Usually those last five pounds your struggling with or fifty starts to melt off when you feel a belief in your heart that you can do anything you put your mind to. The secret is to not be sold a product. But be sold you to you. You are the answer to your questions and problems. 

When you choose a goal, dream or life of your own the sky is the limit...

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking







Summer Workout

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It's too cold and dark out to workout. It's too wet and rainy. It's too hot and I'm at the lake. It's too fall-like to exercise there's too many leaves on the ground. 

For many it never seems to be the season of working out. If we're not being pressured to get ready for swimsuit season, it's working off Christmas dinner or else getting ready to head to Mexico. But, what if everyday was a day to do better with your body and fitness? Not just special occasions.

Focus. Intent. Goals. Planning.

It is all so hard and the excuses so easy. 

I've stated before if we paid ourselves a dollar for each kilometer we run in a year and saved that money into a savings account for the future would you be able to see the compound effect then? (Probably not with the interest rates right now but you get the drift.)

You are putting a loonie in the piggy bank each time you workout, make a healthy choice and treat your body with respect. It's not glamorous, there isn't a crowd following you around clapping for each "good" choice or a cheerleader saying "You're our gal if you can't do it no one will". 

No, living a life of moderation can be really really dull if you want it to be or you can approach this type of living with zest. Trying new recipes, searching out new workouts online, researching new races or events to visit while on holidays. Your lifestyle is what you make it. If you want healthy living to suck as you eat tofu and salad while everyone around you eats steak and beer then yes, you will fail. Guaranteed.

Five Ways To Get Lucky!

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Five ways to get lucky:

1. Prepare

2. Work hard

3. Focus

4. Knock on opportunities door

5. Work more!

They say that luck is when opportunity and preparation meet. I agree.

It is the timing of so many things in life that determine success. Do you think if you invented Pong right now it would be a success? No, we are so passed that stage in the game it would be laughable to introduce such a simple one dimensional video game in the world of gaming nowadays. (If you don't remember Pong it's okay click here to learn:

Timing. Lucky breaks. The perfect conditions. This is what I am driving towards in the upcoming year. 

My gift to you!

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Life has a way of giving you what you need when you need it. This applies to positive and "negative" situations.

Sometimes we can't see the shore in the storm of life but there is a sunny beach waiting ahead once we survive the ocean of chaos.

I have grown the most out of negative situations. Positive experiences fill my soul up with gratefulness and gratitude but the difficult ones have shaken me to the core and forced me to question who I am, where I am going and why I keep waiting.

The facts are: the sun will rise and set, life will continue forward always. Whether you move forward with it or not. 

If you are stuck right now it is going to involve a change. Does it have to be an epic big out of the box change? No. Start small. One commitment I have made lately is to wake up at 6 am. This rides the line of still night for me. I am not a morning person, I'm not mean or grumpy just not real "awake" and functional early on. 

Guess what? After three weeks of waking up at 6 am I am still okay. My body adjusted. My productivity has increased three-fold! Some of my best ideas have come from rising early, not watching the morning news anymore and I've started reading at least one positive motivating book each week (in the morning eating breakfast). Life has and will continue to change from these choices.

My gift to you? The latest book I am reading. The Charge by Brendon Burchard. If you read this far in the blog and you email me one change you plan to start TODAY! I will put everyone's name in a draw and pick a "winner" by tomorrow morning. Sharing what you love, enjoy and learn is the greatest gift you can give anyone.  

I look forward to reading your changes!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Hot And Spicy

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If you don't like your food hot and spicy that is okay. What you should be using is the spices that are available to you to heighten your food experiences when you are making an omlette why not add curry? Yummy!

Taking a cooking class can be very helpful to discover new foods that you like or realize how quick they are to cook and serve.

We don't have the time in life to research, print out, buy the groceries and whip up a new meal that we hate, our family or friends hate. This leads to sticking to the basics that we like even if it is bland and tasteless it is safe!

Increasing Your Value

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Listening today to an audio book; yes, I have found a way to leverage my time even better while learning and it makes driving fun. And no it's not Fifty Shades Of Grey, use your time wisely to create a life that spurs you forward with passion and ideas. Not just wild passion...that's for a holiday on the beach reading.

The thought that stuck with me from one book was this:

If you are willing to change; EVERYTHING will change for you. 

This principle can be applied to the positive or negative.

It is a fine line in life that we walk. One simple change can translate to huge benefits or great demise.

One simple change such as walking at lunch hour every day for 30 minutes can have a profound effect on our performance at work, better home life balance, increased immunity, your clothes fitting better, your mind feeling at ease, the possibilities are endless. You were willing to change, just one thing.

In the polar opposite direction you could stop on your way home after work every day for a chocolate bar. Only one simple choice, change that can have the complete opposite ramifications. Less energy, more weight gain, decrease productivity, sick all the time, overstressed and so on and so forth.

In our society of all or nothing it is hard to recognize that just one choice could be so powerful. Instead of committing to six days a week of workouts why not truly commit to two? How exciting when you continue for six months instead of one month hard and then nothing for five years.

Increasing our value is attained through the invisible yet powerful decisions in life. Your personal value increases each time you refuse to give away your power to someone else. Your value increases with each life experience you live in a positive manner.

That is the power of fitness. Being in good enough health to try any experience you may want to at any time. Think of your body as a tool to take you on amazing adventures.

The question is: ARE YOU WILLING TO CHANGE? 

The rule is: Everything will change if you are willing to change... 

Don't make a hasty decision, think about what change you wish to seek. What brings you joy? What memories do you want to have for yourself and leave with your family and friends forever?

My first change: To focus on the positive attributes of people in my life, not the negative. Picking out people's negatives just makes them feel worse, nurturing their positives encourages them to continue with those traits.

It will be hard but so worth it like all other struggles in life the rewards out weigh the work involved.

Lisa Stocking



Life Gives You What You Need...

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This week I decided to give up sugar substitutes. Totally and completely. That means no more Nestea iced tea packets (addiction), no more morning sugar free coffee syrup (heaven) and no more Splenda baking. It's not the first time I gave up something I was so dearly close to. 

Diet Pepsi and I had a divorce about 5 years ago now. I was hopelessly dependent on it. I would drink nearly a litre a day! Wow!  Negative effects: headaches, cravings, more cravings and the need for more sugar, whether it was psychological or real I felt it.

So this week as I struggle to change my habit and not succumb to my need for it. A ray of light shone in the grocery store (I love BuyLow Foods they have amazing selection!). Coconut Sugar. Yes, it has only 3 g of sugar per tsp and it tastes like brown sugar but lighter...OMG! I can't believe I found something that is healthier, tastes good and isn't a glycemic index overload. 

Life really gives you what you need when you need it whether you know it or not!



So, as I change a habit what really happens is it is replaced with another alternative but already since giving up sugar substitutes I notice I do not crave sugar as much.

Thank you life for always giving what I need at the right time. 

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking



It Seems So Hard

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Excitement is easy to catch. Caught up in the wave of whatever new or wonderful thing catches your eye. This is why stores depend on impulse buyers. Why diet companies are successful even when it is just another repackaged program. It has flash and a dash of spice enticing you into the latest greatest fad.

 Even leaving a fitness conference it seems all so easy. The answers of what to do and how to proceed; that is until you put them into practice. Life is hard. Choices are hard, business, pleasure, family and friends all of these choices have impact and ramifications.

Lost In Translation

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We KNOW what is "good" for us and what is "bad". Ask any 8 year old and they can already articulate what is healthy and not. We all know. Tell me something new.

Smoking causes lung cancer? Wow. Breaking news.

Eating too much, moving too little and living with overstress can kill you? Tonight on the late news...

It is in the translation that we have lost the meaning. The meaning of what it truly is to be living, healthy and fit. It needs to be packaged different, sought after different. If I was a millionaire and I could give you a dollar for each mile you logged on my website, how quickly would I have amassed a huge following of people begging to belong to my site? 

Guess what if you signed up for my Learn To Run program you will be privy to some fun games and mind twisting rewards such as this. Time trial? You will get a dollar for each lap you complete...I bet you'll push a little harder to get that last one in when you wanted to walk instead.

The time is now to start having a new outlook on life and how we proceed. If working out was investment in yourself you could tangibly see and bank, it would be easier to justify. Maybe make a deal with yourself to pay yourself a dollar for each mile you run or minute you weight lift and save it for a vacation. Too easy?

We want to be sold. Sold something special. The problem is you are the special product with all the buttons and manuals you need. Just use it! So, until then I will pay you for working out...well only if you're in my Learn To Run program for now anyways. Lucky people!

Happy Wednesday!

I Live Life Now,


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