Pain Free?

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Sitting in the Fit Rendezvous 2012 conference today listening to the many motivating and inspiring speakers it dawned on me the fact that many assumptions are made about the fitness industry. (Hi Brett, here is your blog!)

 It is in both directions these assumptions. We as trainers assume that our clients know inherently some of the information we do and are shocked to find out our clients thought a certain food or exercise was useful to them when it could be the exact opposite. No one asked or communicated. Clients or others who do not train with us also make assumptions about how we live, eat or feel. 

New Life Resolution

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2012: New Life Resolution.

This morning over breakfast my 10 year old son was looking through a hiking book and he stated: "Mom I can hike 24 km in a day!". Just like that. No inhibitions, no worries about being too far or that he couldn't do it.

My son is the prince of worrying about things in life. I was shocked to hear him say this. He is willing to try and believes he can. 

Many of us shut down ideas out of our minds before we even allow our bodies to attempt such a feat. Yet a 10 year old boy is willing to hike 24 km in a day...and maybe he can or maybe he can't but either way he is believing in himself right now. Most times that carries us farther than any training program ever will. Or if someone believes in you that you can accomplish something we are at least open to trying it then.

My challenge to you for 2012 is to not make a New Year's Resolution....but a NEW LIFE RESOLUTION!

Change your life, change your body, change your attitude one decision and goal at a time. Instead of investing your time and money into diet's that will not have a lasting effect in your life discover your inner strength (yes it is there!) and start slowly. Life is a long journey so perhaps we should pace ourselves, space out what we would like to accomplish each year! 

Start a new life...not a new diet.

Good luck. The world is waiting! 

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Lessons In Life

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Although most of us have left school many years previous, the lessons that life can teach us are more valuable sometimes than all the textbooks in the world.

The premise of this site is to Live Life Now; not recklessly but with an intent and purpose in your life that creates balance, happiness and peace that will sustain you through until your last days on Earth. Fear is a great motivator as well as inhibitor of our greatest dreams. 

What if you were to find out that you are sick tomorrow and all that you depended on for the future was going to be taken away? All the dreams you held off entertaining were now so far out of your reach that there was no way to have it back. Thought about entering the Canadian Death Race but you were too scared? Whoops too late, you have no chance of doing it now. Allowing fear to stop us from what we are craving in our soul slowly kills part of us while we are living for next year instead of now.

Give and Take

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I am thankful for the opportunity to have clients trust me with their bodies as well as their minds because the deeper you get into fitness you will find how intricately they are linked.

Working with them has taught me nearly as much as I have taught them about how to move the body and setting goals to set themselves up for success.

Many of my thoughts for this site are derived from either clients comments to me or trying to find that 'switch' that really gets in their head. My favorite just today is telling a client that fitness is like working before retirement. You have to put in the work to enjoy the fun later. Plain and simple. 

Have you thought about it that way before? No, it won't always be a basket of sunshine and rainbows while you're sweating in a workout, but the feeling after lasts so much longer than the 30 minutes you dedicated to yourself that day. This is what money or quick fixes can't buy...a deeper belief in you!

So, even if right now you don't believe you can, try. If you can't, try again. Quitting never accomplished anything great! Slowly start to believe it and the changes in and around you in this world are mind-blowing! 

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