My Cast Is Itchy

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First question everyone it itchy? 


Tomorrow I get another new cast (yippee), what is itchy however is my psyche. I have floated in oblivion neither here nor there for the past 6 weeks. First week flew by in a medicated high, second week I was just happy to feel mostly human, third week I was happy/sad to get a new cast not a walking cast, fourth week just happy I could walk with my cast shoe, fifth week just put your head down and work more...sixth week is hanging on by a thread just take this thing off.

But no, it's not itchy physically I've been lucky that way. 

I haven't even entertained the idea of being able to run, hike, walk or enjoy much lately. I have exercised a bit, mostly I have done yoga every day with my daughter. We're on Day 13 of yoga straight, usually 15-30 minutes in length! Trying for 21 days consecutively and if we get there maybe work up to 30. Her resolve is impressive and the improvement for her in those days is amazing she even sees it. I do what I can in a cast and show her that you don't have to quit just cause you are temporarily unable to do some poses. 

Note to self I feel like I'm folded in half but pictures don't lie...I'll blame it on the immobility of the cast.

I am itching, itching to get out and do something now. My mind misses the upcoming excitement of adventure, the planning and the training. This time of rest has been wonderful but soon very soon I would like to plan a trip to move my body and see something (preferably mountainous).

My life has followed a natural progression as the universe has given me what I need when I need it. Take for example the amount of books I have been led to lately regarding mind/body connections with chronic pain. The Web Of Movement was a book recommended to me by a fitness conference speaker and it was amazing to realize how interconnected our bodies are. If you're not brushed up on anatomy it will be a dry book for you to read but for myself it was unbelievable the complete connection of each muscle and bone in our body held together by fascia.

From that book I've ended up reading many others and I sometime wonder how so many books written over 50 years ago were brushed under the carpet and not given a thought. Think to yourself if you feel pain consistently how often is it better or worse when you are angry, mad or sad? Maybe you're mad or sad so much you're in pain and you haven't linked the two together.

The latest article I read in a newspaper states that there is no point in losing weight through movement and nutrition because the chances of it working are very slim (pun intended). I think to myself about the clients I've seen lose weight many ways and in the end you have to live your truth. Your truth shows through your life. Without dealing with emotional aspects of life the weight will always return, always. It doesn't matter how you lose it.

In sneaks yoga and martial arts, that have combine both physical and emotional aspects into their practices for thousands of years. How many things in your life right now have a track record of thousands of years? Maybe it's time to give these segments of health a closer look. Very few other facets of fitness have existed for thousands of years, what diet product right now has had success for thousands of years?

We keep trying to re-invent the wheel or buy the newest product but as I told a new client the other day there is two rules for success in health and fitness: sweat and shaking. If you're sweating and shaking you are working hard enough to change your body. Sometimes we worry about hurting ourselves when we workout that we hold back but very rarely do we push to the limit we need to in order to create lifelong changes in our bodies.

Here's hoping my new cast isn't itchy either and soon I'll be sweating and shaking on a regular basis again. Right now it's just been a modified sweat!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Shell Shock

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Driving back and forth during my yoga intensive; some days I should have had a chauffeur because many days I felt as though I wasn't even touching the Earth. As I drove I often thought to myself how silly it is that we have reversed in this world the reflection of ourselves through as an example: our cars.

If you take your vehicle to be a reflection of yourself what does that mean? At a glance the person driving a perfectly clean newer vehicle really has their life figured out. All must be well in their world because they project such a great external appearance.

What if it was the opposite? Some of the kindest, most compassionate, wonderful people I know don’t care for their vehicles the same way they care for the heart or lives of others selflessly. Often times they do not have to project power and perfection because they understand that it is all a facade.

There are many people walking, living, driving, looking all a certain way that one would believe they have it all together and yet they may never admit it they feel a little hollow, never satisfied and constantly frustrated by one thing or another. When you feel like everything should be perfect all the time it is a never-ending battle of attachment to things that essentially can NEVER stay perfect. Why, because change is inevitable.

Try not using your vehicle, house or office when it is just so wonderful! How long does that last if you are actually living? Not very long, and how much stress does that create by trying to force everyone else to keep it looking perfect? A lot and you don’t generally become very fun to live with.

Gee, this girl sounds like me? Hmmm, wondering how I know this? I used to be this. Always feeling behind because you can’t keep every duck in a row forever and if you do there is hell to pay! Your kids will be scared to move or enjoy things, life becomes one big perfection striving chase your tail in a circle moment. Ugh, no thanks.

You see if everything was flipped around and no matter how much money, perfection or anxiety you threw at your life it wouldn’t look perfect if you weren’t content and settled inside. Perhaps instead of driving that perfect vehicle or owning that perfect house your internal life would reflect completely on your external life. Meaning without a lot of inner reflection and acknowledgement there would be no way to attain perfection! And those who have found contentment, purpose and love would be living in those perfect reflections instead.

Kind of puts a weird spin on everything when you think about it. Which one are you? Driving the perfect vehicle while slowly dying inside or driving without a care in the world of what you external perfection is and living a life within each breath and moment fulfilled?

These are the thoughts I have while driving people…I see one person driving a clunker and wonder if they are any more or less happy than the person driving a fancy vehicle? Because the western world wants us to believe that the person in the clunker is unhappy but I really do think sometimes we have it backwards.

When the time comes that our external reflection is a direct correlation to our internal reflection I think many would be surprised by who isn’t so shiny, sparkly after all. We are all perfect no matter what we own or don’t own. We are all great because we are human, we have a soul and the ability to share love with the world.

That is a great reflection!

Best compliment today was by a cashier she wished I were her customer because she said I was the happiest person to be around. Wow, that is a great compliment to receive!

I have always joked if you see me all dolled up for no reason you better ask what is wrong cause I’m painting over a broken house to make it pretty, otherwise I have no reason to hide my true spirit!

Have you found your true spirit of happiness or is the hollow of perfection eating at your soul?

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200


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This isn't necessarily a religious awakening per say but a back to life awakening. It's hard to admit when you struggle and need a break but I had no choice (I take that back we all have a choice in life it's whether we have the courage to admit it and choose it).

Many of you were confused by this and although I won't provide specific answers to it I am thankful that I could recognize what I needed to do at that point and step away from training. I can't teach what I preach if I don't follow my own advice. 

What you see on the surface never guarantees what is going on inside. My favourite comment from others is I wish I had your body. Excellent, let's trade now. After this weekends informative conference at Fit Rendezvous I learnt a lot about how to help my ailing body along with pain I have daily. Genetically I am pre-disposed to having pain as arthritis plays a large role in family for me along with colon cancer so I guess I'll pick the pain to live longer lol.

That being said jokingly there are many tools you can use to assist yourself in living longer with less chronic pain as well as increased this is not a sales pitch. 

The latest statistics states that only 15% of Canadians receive enough activity each week to garner health why are the other 85% not joining in? LIFE + OVER STRESS +SEDENTARY WORK/HOME LIFE = REPEAT CYLCE OVER AND OVER WITH NO ENERGY TO ADD IN ACTIVITY.

There is a direct correlation between sedentary lifestyles and increase in disease patterns. Even if we do not address the physical disease what about the efficacy and self esteem issues that arise from less activity. Yet, we have created lives that leave us little "time" to invest in ourselves because we are too busy, too tired and too sore from "living" out our "dreams". 

Other comments I have received over the years is the reasons that people gain weight, fall out of life enhancing habits etc. is over stress from either family, work or _________. I am no different then the next person to live any of these or all of these problems. I have just created such a deep engrained pattern of living a certain way that even in a tornado I would probably be still working out and eating to benefit my body in some way shape or form. For goodness sakes I have worked out in the stairwell of a hospital in Saskatoon, done burpees in palliative care and ran my stress off in a park outside the hospital window. It can be done. We just have to realize that the world will not crumble if we take that 10 minutes, 1 hour or 3 months for ourselves.

I am lucky enough to be supported by great clients and human beings who support my decisions to step back from training and give me the space to figure out I miss it and enjoy providing the service to them. Within a day of saying I was returning I was booked and I take that as a great compliment of the character of my clients for being kind and forgiving.

Take my website for example I have finally got back editing it and updating it, why? Because I'm awake. Finally back to taking care of basic tasks. Seems simple and mundane but I honestly could not put energy into these things for the past few months. Instead I put it towards reading, yoga and naps. Yup, naps.

If I felt tired I napped. If I felt a need for release and strengthening I did yoga. If I felt the need to be educated and inspired I read. Simple as that.

After attending many sessions over the weekend it has become inherent that we continue to make fitness and life too complicated. Our fitness industry is just catching up to the ancient practices known for years in the Eastern part of our world. Yoga and marital arts have been performing these patterns now being used in fitness for thousands of years.

I think my favourite part of the conference was the actual description of science based exercises being researched from farmers and how they

YUP! FARMERS! The theory is that you know a farm kid is always tougher than the town kid and why is that? It is how they live and lift on a daily basis in doing their chores (loaded movement training). It actually lays down more collagen and creates more strength pound for pound! Needless to say this explained a lot to me!

Growing up on a farm and living on a farm I have always been strong and maybe sometimes to a detriment because what research maybe doesn't show is that you lift too heavy sometimes because you are strong and for me I am stronger than my joints can handle. My son in on the trailer after loading 60 straw bales by himself at the age of 11. Who knew I was training my kids all along. And better yet I feel like I have answers to why certain people are stronger than others for no apparent reason visible to the naked eye.

I am awake, aware and ready to return to more training again but I will always guard closely my own health and needs instead of giving it away (often times for free) to avoid burnout. I only have six more years left with my kids at home and that will fly by if I don't cultivate it and respect the needs they have as well. Taking care of myself has always been the best solution to take care of my family.

New thoughts swirling in my head...oh it's the dreaded week after a conference for all clients! Maybe we will have bootcamp out at the farm this week.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking




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Rainy day, I'm enjoying the spring rains coming down it gives a person time to reflect so often we are "busy" planning and creating the crisis of the day or the goal of the future that we forget to honor where we've come from or been.

Nostalgic perhaps thinking about my ankle and all it has given me throughout the past ten years it is like a farewell to the old and welcoming in the new.

I have climbed, biked, swam, skated, rode, hiked, ran, walked and crawled (literally). In those moments I have discovered more about myself than I ever thought possible. Moments of why the hell am I doing this? What was I thinking? And on the flip side of those thoughts is how amazing our world is. I have felt as though I touched God in the sky on mountain tops and have seen the beauty of nature I never imagined existed on the West Coast Trail. 

People I have met along the way in these adventures are nothing short of a psuedo family who I would depend on if needed, they have my back and literally my life when we have saved each other out on the trail providing water, help, food or just an encouraging word.

Perhaps, I have struggled this past year being unable to plan an adventure for the year it is as though my soul thrives on it and maybe even it's a bit of an addiction to beauty and challenge all wrapped up in one. Now that I actually know when I am having surgery the thought of healing is great and then after that is the ever present "What are we doing next?".

A hike in the mountains in August or September would be fabulous and I surely hope that it is possible. Maybe instead of a long 50 km hike through the hills I may have to accept a 10 km or less day hike to sustain my soul for the year. My ultimate goal for the year is to finish the Heli-Run with my racing partner body willing!

If one has to pick any experience which would I pick as my top one over the years? Honestly, it would be a toss up between Mt. Rainier and The West Coast Trail. Both as different as the sun and the moon but both are out of this world.

But, then I think back over 6 years of the Canadian Death Race, numerous other races and hikes with friends and family and really there is not one I regret or wish I hadn't done. I am truly blessed and lucky beyond words.

When life is lived instead of wished for you have no regrets. By living life we are not tortured by numbers on a scale, bodyfat %, jean size or an ideal that does not exist in real life. You are just you, that wonderful spirit and energy that exists inside without all the external garbage surrounding our world nowadays. Want to worry about numbers? Become strong, stronger than you can even imagine. Do 30 pushups on your toes, make burpees look easy and never apologize for your strength because strength creates a much more meaningful life than just worrying about superficial numbers. Triumph exists in accomplishments we never believed at first we could achieve.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Walk The Blog

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It's been a little over 7 months since I've hiked the West Coast Trail, maybe it's the lack of vitamin D or the never ending cold temperatures but I pine for the beauty, the challenges and the peace out on the WCT.

Perhaps that's the problem is I'm pining instead of enjoying the moment I'm in right now, our world becomes obsessed with the past and the future but not very often the present. We're never satisfied with where we're at there must be something better somewhere else. 

At this moment I take a breath in and out, I am alive and that is all I need to do. The next breath is different then the last and so ever constant change is upon us without us even realizing it. 

Thinking after work one day on the drive home I thought to myself what does healthy mean? Everyone wants to be healthy...take a moment and answer what healthy means to you.

Life is like this waterfall; it looks the same all the time but is constantly flowing and changing.

Healthy (my definition): treating my body physically, mentally and spiritually well enough to carry my soul for as long as possible in this body that I have been given for this period of time on Earth.

We are defined by our spirit; think about it. Is the person inside you now the same spirit that existed when you were a baby in your mother's womb? Yes. Is who is inside you now the same soul that was in there when you were 4 or 40 or 94? Yes. Our exterior may always alter and evolve but inside that shell is the true person. Even if you can't answer to yourself who you are you can answer that awareness and existence of yourself has always been "in" this body whatever shape it has right now. Even when your life experiences has shaped you or changed you or so you thought that same person was always there steady true and unwavering. Our feelings and emotions may alter but honestly who you are does not. 

Ironically, we keep waiting for outside influences to change who we are but they shouldn't.  If in my lifetime I can understand that whether I am in the midst of peace and happiness or the worst time of my life that inner soul and spirit is always there and never changing if I allow it to be heard. Instead like most of us we allow the whirlwind to take us over and with it ourselves.

Lately, I have gotten a lot of questions about how to look a certain way, ironically if I could just show people that what you keep pining for is actually so attached to getting real with yourself, answering your feelings honestly about why you feel whatever it is you feel that with it would come all that you seek. Why do you feel the way you do? Do you even know what you feel for starters? Put into words right now how you feel at this moment:  ____________. 

It is so hard to watch people obsess, worry, micro-manage and most of all never be content with who they are or where they're at. Trust me if you woke up tomorrow without the ability to walk I'm sure you're saddlebags would take a back seat (literally) to your worries in life. Healthy? Most people want to look like a certain picture in their head and that is the truth healthy is just what you tell yourself to get yourself "there" but truly when you get "there" you'll want to be at the other "there" cause it looks better than where you are now.

Do you ever wonder why you can't find the end of a rainbow? You have to be removed from it to create the reflection of light it needs to sustain it, if you were in the middle of the rainbow you wouldn't see it or even know it. Maybe you're already in the rainbow and you don't even know?

 So where are you? Here or there? I struggle to be here, mostly cause I am so tired of winter but then I think would it really be better there? Wherever there is in my mind? I watch the sunrise and I am so thankful to be here but I can't fake that I like winter that much thankfully it has warmed up and I can run outside and feel free again, in touch with nature and myself in ways I can't explain to you but I hope you feel one day. Free...

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


Top 13 Lessons From 2013!

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December is a wonderful time of year where everyone is full of peace and love...or stressed, overworked, overstretched financially and grumpy. It's the truth. For some this time of year is just overwhelming!

It is busy this time of year, extra events to attend or prepare for and depending what industry you are in more work than ever! I do love this time of year and most of all the down time of Christmas day watching movies, building puzzles or playing games with family.

This time of year I like to reflect on the past more so than in January when I focus on the year ahead, generally I have booked or started to booked hikes, races or plan out my upcoming year it keeps me focused and sane to keep training when it's so cold and dark outside.

After what seemed to be the longest slowest hardest year this one has flown by with a few lessons along the way!


People are good, really good and even better when you need help. In the hardest times I had so much support and kindness that it was overwhelming to think about. My goal now is to repay that kindness over my life.


Be scared then do it anyways! Being scared is okay, stopping living or trying new things is not. Fear rules if you let it and I did a few things I'm not a fan of and survived (hang gliding and parasailing) did I mention I don't love heights!


Work is always there. I took an extra month off following a really tough year to travel and heal with my family. Best decision ever and the first class of bootcamp after six months off brought me to tears with 30 people attending after patiently waiting for me to get my life back! Thank you.


Life waits for no one. Another screaming example yesterday with life altering events occurring in our community and I am clear on the fact that I don't have to wait for another lesson to realize this. Wait for nothing. Don't wait until x, y or z happens do it now! Plan for it now otherwise you will be passed the point of no return heath wise or time wise! Hence why we are planning a trip to South America next year.


Strong is good. Hiking the West Coast Trail reminded of why I train to be strong in the gym; it's to be ready for life adventures. Anyone can train to look like a magazine or hit a number on a scale but what are you going to do then? The West Coast Trail was phenomenal and taught me many many lessons I now carry with me through the rest of my life.


Life Happens! I have never DNS'd (did not start) a race with a teammate EVER! Guess what? Life happens, my partner had pneumonia and I was crawling on the floor with my back in pain. Never got to run the Heli-Run this year but there's always next too look forward to. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.


Tough times make you stronger not harder. You can become hardened and jaded by tough times or you can soften and become stronger from having lived through them. Compassion, compassion, compassion. Have compassion for those struggling and maybe you don't even know they are. Accepting and learning from tough times makes you better, blaming and resenting not so much.


You did what? Nothing you do has to make sense to others. What you do with your life is for you and your families benefit no one else's. If it works for you then enjoy and apologize to no one! 


Wine is good? Never drank wine before this year, now I've joined the bandwagon and wow! My personal faves are red wines from Chile and Argentina. I'm officially a grown up now, I always said when I drank wine I was "there"!


Anything with "board" in it is fun! Kneeboard, paddleboard and snowboard it's all good. What a great year for learning and trying new things. Paddle boarding is one of the most enjoyable, peaceful activities I have ever done. Snowboarding just hurts my a** but it's fun too hopefully this year is better!


Yin to my yang! I don't have slow gear but I have started to find it and the peace with it. After such a tumultuous year I really needed some calm. Yoga has helped me a lot! I really enjoyed the yoga retreat in Jasper this past May. Planning to attend another one this upcoming year.


If there's an obstacle it's put there for a reason. Sometimes now when I'm sitting behind slow traffic or that famous person ahead of you in line I try to remind myself that for some reason the universe slowed me down from being somewhere I didn't belong at that time. It has calmed my brain down a lot and eased frustrating situations.


Everything in this world is linked some way and somehow! Do not be foolish enough to believe that you are independent from others we are not. Even the smallest form of life to the largest on Earth depends on each other to survive. No one is more important than another we all have the right to be happy and loved!

These are just a few of the lessons I learnt from this year.

I had a lot of time to reflect while on the West Coast Trail watching whales spout in the distance....

It's easy to find your happy place in places like this but the real trick is to keep that happy place inside yourself no matter where you are or what chaos you find yourself in!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking








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November. Nearing the end of the year, we are into the homestretch of 2013 and yet my heart gets heavy even though this has been a year full of wonderful times and experiences. That pit sits there: waiting, watching, wanting. Ironically, I watch friends having to support others in tragic times and it is always harder to watch people suffer than when you are in the eye of the storm. In the eye of a storm life seems magically okay, as though you can postulate your own happiness unaware of the damage that is going on in the surrounding areas.

You are completely aware you are in the storm, you've heard the weather warnings clearly, seen the sky change and yet you function as though there is no problem. Others on the edge feel such vast devastation and can't possibly understand how you are staying calm and carrying on. Coping mechanisms are wonderful thank you universe for those abilities to cope in dire times.

This time last year I was forced to depend on so many others for strength and basic life needs to get me through. I could list names but it is pointless because every interaction, every smile, every kind gesture was supportive whether you knew me or not. Those who brought food, helped with just a coffee break and visit or simply sat with me saved my life when another around me could not be saved.

We are foolish enough to believe we can survive alone in this world and don't need anyone else, yet if a butterfly flaps it's wings in the amazon it is felt across the world. This is what is known as the butterfly effect: that a single occurance no matter how small can change the course of the universe forever. Being an only child I really have to fight the idea that I can't do it all alone, that our whole existence is interconnected beyond what we can fathom. 

Events that are occuring right now that do not effect me directly, indirectly eat at me. I know many others suffer right now at the hands of many different crisises, I don't know them personally but it is devastating nonetheless. It is like being on the edge of a storm feeling like a volvo ran you over and it coincides with painful anniversaries now beginning. The thoughts of why, senselessness, suffering and all that follows is just heartbreaking for all involved.

These are experiences that change the very fabric of who we are, who we thought we were and who we want to be. To not question these things is to put on blinders to the whole event and basically write it off or push it down deep to a place that will not serve you to your best self. 


You realize in the homestretch of watching someone cross over in life that you many not have time to live your dreams when you are told you have X amount of time left. Not only that you may not have the health, energy, means or desire to as the fear swallows you up and you feel trapped by a disease bound to take you away from all you know and love.

You realize all there is is: love. That's all one can give to someone who has nothing left to lose and nothing can be given material wise to them. Love.

Energy. Love. Intent. Support. Gratitude. Caring. Giving. 

Not one of these can be bought or measured and yet they all exist.

As we enter the homestretch of the year, take stock of your life. What do you see for yourself in the upcoming year, years and decades? Our intent and energy directed towards what we plan is very powerful indeed. Even when we feel helpless we can still set an intent out for our life, maybe only the next minute, hour or day but we can set our energy towards positive or negative. 

Sometimes I feel like a broken record. Those of you living this right now or have lived it will understand the urgency to these thoughts. 


Keep strong, feel weak, give it your all but always with love and with that you can never truly fail.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking








Lowly Slowly, Higher Faster!

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The past few days have been a low, subconsciously knowing my kids were worried that I could have cancer and I was going to get screened was hard realizing how much they grasped it all.

I crawled into the doctor's office Monday after I couldn't sit or function with sciatic pain in my back, a build-up of three weeks of too much wood chopping, working and painting. Finally, I went on medication which I never take be at bare minimum functional, what a relief. 

Then after 30 hours of fasting lying on a hospital bed feeling hungry and empty waiting for a scope and getting the weirdest looks from nursing staff asking why I was there. The youngest in the room, others were leaving their canes in the bathroom and I walk in (shuffle due to my back pain) looking out of place. Although I felt twice their age not mine at the time.

That was the low point.

Once I staggered out of the hospital (read: still not sober from sedation) I was able to eat food, glorious food. I drank, ate and was merry! Finally feeling the fog lifting from my body and the food fueling my soul I came home happy and excited to share with my kids the good news that I was healthy and clear of any beginnings of cancer! 

We danced, sang and ate supper outside on the deck in the beautiful weather. The spirit of the day completely switched and the high began to kick in. I was just so thankful for my health, so thankful for my family and their true love of each other and life.

After supper I felt even more alive, it was like a tidal wave building, cresting, crashing and rebuilding into another momentous surge. I felt the deep urge to run and off I went.

This is who came along with you think she gets excited to run?

She looked how I felt, the energy built and I really questioned after zero intake for so long and sedation followed by a lot of food how I would feel running. Do you know how I felt? Grateful, wonderful, powerful, purposeful, bountiful, blissful, beautiful, forceful...full of all things great in life! 

The cadence of my run got stronger, faster and continued to build until I ended my 3 mile run in a blistering time and I still felt great!  At the end I knelt down on the ground and just thanked the universe for everything I had felt and feel every day!

I am the broken record in your ear, I am the thorn in your side to remind you each day that life is good and life is yours for the taking to enjoy!

If I could share with you just an ounce of the energy from that run you might be intoxicated cause it was that good...just like life!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking





Perspective Changes Everything

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  • a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view
  • true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion

I chose these definitions relating to perspective because they are what mean the most to myself and my life. 

When you begin to understand that perspective is all about where you are at and whether it is positive or negative with regards to how you view it life evolves differently.


1. a person living in a 1000 sq ft house happily going to work each day earning an honest living and enjoying the small things in life.

2. a person who lived in a mansion on the hill enjoying the finer things in life is now living in the 1000 sq ft house, unhappy, miserable having to work every day and hates life now as it is.

This is where one persons junk is another's treasure. Life is where YOU decide what you're happy with.

I had this thought about perspective while running on quad trails the other day, I was out in the middle of nowhere running over roots, mud and through tree tunnels and it was AWESOME!! However, I am aware that to many it is dangerous, ridiculous and maybe even not possible for their bodies to do this. 

It's all about perspective, how our brain views things and how we keep it in proportion.

A little bit of exercise is good, a lot is detrimental to your health. An apple a day supports the body, a bag of them not so much. 

Many people have walked up to me and felt very sorry for me thinking that from their perspective of having a large family of which are all still living that I have it badly. I disagree, what I have is a small family that has been blessed with realizing how lucky we are to have each other, our wellness and living a life we love. 

I read a saying the other day that said:

Man dies at 27 years old, we just bury their bodies at 72 years of age!

So many people are walking shells, empty, unhappy, searching, seeking and lost. Others yet feel so much gratitude just for this day they are given. No matter how bad sometimes life gets there is another day to enjoy, feel grateful or simply make it better than the last. The night is always the darkest before the dawn...just make it through the night. One step, one day at a time.

I hope maybe your perspective got a tilt today on how good we have it instead of wishing we could just have this to be happy or another pound off of here to make life better. Honestly, even in it's darkest hours last year life was good, even if you are dying life is good because you have today, none of us know if we have tomorrow so STOP WAITING AND START DOING!!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking









Lost And Never Found

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Life lately has seemed really awesome, if I take stock of where I was this time last year it was sitting in a hospital for a month straight day after day watching and hearing worse news with each test, day and passing hour. Only to discover my worst fears were coming true.

This summer has been full of such amazing adventures, times and memories it is just hard to describe. Joy can be like that hard to put into verse, sorrow even more so...

Life floats along in a "boring" mundane routine and I love that because having lived the "exciting" portion of life a couple of times I suggest you choose boring. Exciting doesn't mean happy.

I feel so confused lately, people getting divorced left and right each week it is literally another one or two I hear about. That makes me sad. People talking so negatively about their bodies and lives while at work when there is really not much to complain about; that makes me feel drained. This week learning about a friends passing far too soon and for who knows what reason is just simply crushing. He was so lost he will never be found.

How we end up in these dark holes of hopeless is similar to a bucket being filled up a drop at a time either with good or bad in your life. Sometimes it is never one event but a slow piling on of problems that just pushes you to the brink. Being a little to proud myself over the years to ask for help from friends I understand how it gets to this point but what I have learnt over the past year is when you are drowning if someone is standing there and puts their hand out it is still your choice to grab it or not. I'm a slow learner but I've learned to reach out!

We will always wonder why senseless tragedies happen but we will never have that answer. What we are left with is a choice of our own when it comes to that point in time. 

Life just seems so lost right now in the world I wish I could just stop everyone and ask what the hell is going wrong with us as a society? Why do we seem to have it all and yet seem so unhappy? Obviously all this stuff isn't the answer, even having all the friends and family a person could ask for isn't the answer so what is it? Why can't we find that place we're okay anymore?

I feel okay and as many times as I read you can't let the outer world destroy your inner peace it is something I struggle with every time these tragedies happen. The sadness washes over a person like a tidal wave and you just wonder how others will survive this situation but I know deep down inside the human spirit is like a wildfire, it may be put out for a brief time but those embers sit there waiting for the right time to flare up again and start another fire hopefully to live a life fulfilled!

If you feel as lost as I do right now and need some grounding start a one word gratitude journal for the week, just one word or sentence of what you're thankful for. Short, sweet and to the point. Or better yet send someone a note saying how much you think of them!  Don't wait until they have left the world to tout their greatness why don't we let everyone know NOW!!


A friend of mine says when you see the sky like this it is the people's soul going up to heaven...I sure hope so because there's been far too many headed up that way that should still be here.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking






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Of course Boston is in the news and on everyone's a runner it somewhat touches even closer to home at the thought of how I felt finishing my marathon to have that happen at the end? It is devastating and emotional watching it from another country. Something that seems so sacred and pure, represents sweat, struggle and hard earned accomplishment to be wiped out in an angry instance?

The camaraderie and excitement out on a course cannot be realized unless you have been there. Between the volunteers, the cheering squads, the organizers and the participants themselves it is an accumulation of months of training but more so an unspoken bond between all of us. None of it could exist without the other and it is magic to watch it all come together at any race event. 

Imagining the people that will live with amputations for life and the fallout of deaths from people who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time is overwhelming. I often times think of the aftermath of these events ten, twenty, thirty years from now and how this instance in time for some will define them for life. Perhaps the five year old who watched this or the parent that must raise a family alone now? Or someone who was an avid athlete having to go through months of rehab physically and then the mental side of it.  By the end of next week most of us will have forgotten until it is the one year anniversary and we reunite again to remember but in the meantime I think this event will do the opposite of the intent behind it and form a united front even more so in the running world between all involved.

As everyone keeps heading down the road of bigger and better, spend more money on our "looks" or our house to improve it up to the neighbors standards take a step back and ask yourself if sometimes we need to keep competing to one up the other person around us? It happens don't kid yourself that it doesn't and everyone is sold on it so silently and easily by the media we don't even know it's happening. Sometimes I feel as though I've woken up from a really bad dream where I realized I was being an overindulgent crazy women following what someone else set out for me.

I buy what I need for a specific purpose right now and leave the rest for others who have an insatiable appetite for more and more while feeling less and less happiness in their life. That fleeting feeling of buying something you thought you wanted only lasts a moment and once in a while you really enjoy that "thing" you bought a little longer. I have a lot of things I enjoy regularly and have never regretted buying but the time has come to re-evaluate what I have and really need anymore. Walking through a department store the other day I really have no desire for anything at all, I have all I need and enough for twenty more people if they need. 

Life has become more freeing with each slow realization of what I truly want and don't need. Perhaps others think it is ridiculous and that is okay, I don't feel the need to judge back on what you need and if you need it great! I just now understand a lot deeper that it wasn't making me feel any happier. 

Ironically enough, since I have taken a big step back from the media in the past couple of years my opinions are formed as my own and not what I am inundated with each day. The "media diet" has been great I'm to the point that I didn't know who Kim Kardashian was the other day until someone showed me a picture and guess what? The clouds are still up in the sky, the sky didn't fall cause an even crazier thought is I'm pretty sure Kim isn't worried about why put energy into people who are real life fictional characters at any rate. I enjoy playing Boggle with the kids or reading about my next adventure online, that is where I invest my energy. 

What we do for entertainment is also personal so if you enjoy pop culture by all means have at it! But on the opposite side if your life is falling apart, you don't have time to workout or eat better or simply go for a walk cause you're too busy I suggest maybe removing Kim from your life to facilitate time for a better life for yourself to move forward to become who you truly were meant to be. I can walk away from a show at point in time now because a while ago I had this doesn't matter or effect my life or future since it is just a show. 

Between Batman shooting and Boston bombs we are shocked yet sadly becoming used to these occasions being more and more often and numbed to the media propaganda that is getting more glorified with each event.  Interestingly enough today I was standing in the Law Courts of Edmonton listening to people that were so angry, yelling and carrying on that life was everyone else's fault but theirs (and this was just in the lobby). It was sad, they couldn't stop to see that we all have some ownership in our decisions and actions in life whether we chose to be in the situation or not. Step back and ask yourself if you were working there how would you want to be treated? Is it their fault you filled out a form wrong for a will? Probably not...just sayin.

More of real life, nature and being involved in our own lives is what we yearn for deeply, I imagine kids that grow up in the middle of major cities who are never exposed to anything but concrete and gangs how do they stand a chance of understanding what else is out there? Or how it feels to wake up with nothing but the sound of the wind? I am saddened by the prospect that this will be a rare occurrence for many youth in the future and guess where that will head with direction? 

Get back to basics, go outside, be in the world on this Earth! Love deeply yourself so you can share that love with others and refuse to live in fear of what others can do to you! Race, run and complete your marathon this year if you desire or 5 km, 1 mile or just around the block it is all important and not worth quitting because of fear.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking






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