Living Life??

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If you were told you have 6 months left to live how would you answer?

a) I guess I better start living in those 6 months.


b) I now have 6 MORE months left to keep living.

Heaven Hell

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My body has shown me Heaven on Earth.

Why treat it like Hell?

Try not to let your mind win with negativity! 

Appreciate your body, life and abilities!


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"Bluebirds don't fly with crows."

Not my advice but my Grandma's, are the people in your life emulating behaviour that you want to follow? 

If not surround yourself with supporters who are living life now!


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If you're not LIVING...start DOING.

Instead of REACTING!


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It's time to put the "I" back in respons"I"ble!

We are responsible for our bodies and fitness. 

There is nothing easy about it and but the rewards are plentiful! 

Better than you can even imagine!

Keep it off

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Everyone knows how to lose weight.

Be one of the few who knows how to keep the weight off!!

Diet's expect you to fail. So you can start over again.

DIEt's are not the answer!!

Break Beliefs

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Break old beliefs, society's beliefs, your beliefs! 


Stop believing what everyone has labelled you as!

The world is yours for the taking!!


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Normal is what everyone else is doing...

Is that really what you want or who you are??

Set goals based on your dreams not society's expectations!

Too late

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Life will interfere....count on it. 

Life is now...realize it.

Life is precious....don't wait.

Life is to be lived....

What would you choose to do today

if you found out you couldn't tomorrow?


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Try a new type of "ect".

RESPECT instead of perfect.

Respect for your body, mind and soul.

Life becomes easier when you release the idea of "perfect".

I Live Life Now....not when it is the perfect time.

There is No Try

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I will TRY....that means maybe you'll do it.

I WILL...means you are going to do it.

Change your self talk: SAY IT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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All training and SWEAT class is cancelled today woke up sick! Sorry I don’t think you want me there throwing up 😷

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