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This summer is full of many adventures for me and I am pleased to offer a taste of what I will be doing over the next couple of months!

This week I will be on the infamous West Coast Trail located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. There is over 100 ladders to climb, mud bogs and tough terrain so in honor of this you shall enjoy a great leg workout with me:

Complete each superset back to back without rest 3 X then rest before the next set if needed!

Set #1 

Mountain Climbers 1 min

Wall Squat Hold 1 min

Set #2

Burpees 1 min (count how many you do!)

Lunge Pulse 30 sec each leg

Set #3

Squat Jacks (Power Jacks) 1 min

Single Leg Squats 30 sec each leg

Set #4

Speed Skaters 1 min

Lateral Lunges 30 sec each side

To mix this up complete an upper body workout on the off days or cardio between! 

Good luck and I will return with lots of pictures and stories to tell...


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