Turtles, Burgers & Boardwalks

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I awoke thinking it must be raining; nope it was simply that foggy out that everything was soaked.

Moving our stuff out of the tent we had to promptly cover our packs with our rain covers to keep them from being soaked. We were so cold! One could understand how people become hypothermic on this trail when it rains, it was just windy not even rain but the dampness in the air was all encompassing.

Right off the bat we were able to beach boogie due to low tides, I’m not sure who coined the term but in some spots it should be called the beach dragfest ugh! We disliked hiking on the beach. Our first part wasn’t too bad as it was as on rock shelf but we quickly caught onto the fact that black slime meant face plant, green slime meant go slow and you’d be okay and long green plants meant you could go fast! We hiked over tidal shelves, deep sand and rocks, thinking we had only gone 2.5 km we were feeling a little dejected that we hadn’t gone very fast or far since it felt like forever that is until we rounded the corner to Chez Monique’s voila we were there! 

Just prior to rounding the corner I was turned around taking a photo of my hiking partner as I stepped back to get a better angle when; flip....I turtled!! For those of you unfamiliar with the idea of turtling while hiking it means you fall over on your back and due to the amount of weight holding you down you are stuck! Like a turtle on its shell. There I was turtled. This was the day we both turtled mine was on dry land, my friends in water (no pic of this unfortunately).

It made our day to know we had gone farther than we thought! Chez Monique’s is a restaurant we dined at on day four, it has no water, power or restroom for that matter which made drinking the coolers we bought nearly intolerable since one cooler in two coolers out is usually the rule. We ordered the world famous burger and I wasn’t really even craving anything at this point but we planned to eat here as a meal that we didn’t pack to save weight.

Our burger was honestly amazing! Even in a “fancy” restaurant it ranked as a quality burger, along with some salad and couscous. Worth every penny. (Disclaimer: you do get a bun with it but I eat gluten free so I ordered sans bun!).

We filled up here on chocolate bars, apples, mangos, coffee and chips. Some to eat there and some to go! Good thing I only drank one cooler while dining somehow the boardwalk got a lot less stable as we continued to Carmanah Lighthouse.

We visited with some great people at Chez Monique’s as we continued onward we visited with them every night from then on. The tides were too high according to the map and tidal charts to hike after the lighthouse so it gave us time to lie on the beach and tan while our gear from the morning dried out.

Yes, this was our view while waiting...pretty tough to suffer through but we made it!

We watched sea lions until the tide started to recede. Headed out walking ready to wait if we had to due to impassable areas with the tide. As luck would have it we didn’t have to wait at all! We ended up in camp by 4 pm after a leisurely day of drinking and eating along the trail. 

The campground at Crib’s Creek was beautiful, lots of beach and people around. Our tent with a view as great to get out of the sun with and watch the waves before supper. We enjoyed a campfire with our new friends and a spectacular sunset listening to the sea lions in the distance.

We were tired and ready for bed, as soon as the sun set it became really cold and windy, hoping it was blowing in even better weather! Although I shook myself to sleep two hours later from being chilled, I just kept thinking it was the best day ever each day and yet one wondered if it was possible that it could get even better yet?

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