Life Thrives Even Among Weeds

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We all have our reasons or circumstances for life not turning out the way we wished, not everyone grows up in the white picket fenced house with family dinners every night, a solid foundation of morals to grow up with or even a parent that cares properly for them. What struck me the most the other day walking through my yard is that life is still able to thrive even under conditions that are not ideal. This epiphany occured while walking past my garden, I am NOT a gardener at all and this year has been even worse since we have been gone for most of the month. To add insult to injury after I planted it there was no moisture for a while and I am not a babysitter so it sat and waited...

Eventually the weeds started popping up and I was reminded of one of Jim Rohn's famous quotes:

"If we relax, the bugs and weeds of negativity will move into the garden and take away everything of value"

I loved this quote when I heard it because if we are not vigilant about who or what we allow into our lives we become overrun by weeds and lost in negativity. You can still be polite and kind towards all but who you allow close to you is your choice based on their input into your life good or bad!

Among the weeds I did find this:

Somehow even life does proliferate among the weeds and it is flourishing creating new life, eating these peas reminds me that not everything good in life has to be cultivated and tended to consistently. That good things can grow amongst the bad. This is how troubled households create productive good kids who shouldn't have had any kind of chance at all.

If something wants to grow bad enough nothing can stop that desire...

Food for thought or something to eat?

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking




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