6 Years O' Sweating

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Times change, people come and go, such is the ebb and flow of life. One thing has remained for 6 years going onto it's 7th: BOOTCAMP!

It's quite shocking when I think of how long it's been going on and I am blessed to have such amazing committed clients who continue to attend and support my classes. The energy I receive back from all of you is intoxicating, the lessons I have learned humbling and the results you have garnered; shocking!

Bootcamp started out of a need for two things: the lack of classes in Athabasca (look at the change now!) and my desire to combine all my personal training clients into two days for the summer as timing becomes sporadic with holidays to keep a full schedule. This was the start of bootcamp! Most times all things great start from filling a need. I honestly thought it would just be a summer fling where in the fall I would return to training and life would continue on but the demand for classes just kept going on.

At one point in time I was teaching 10 classes a week; 10!! And they were all full with 10-30 people a class it was beyond anything I could have imagined. Ironically enough I took a step back from it right before the year of difficulties beyond anything I could have imagined began, a blessing in disguise I took a break when I did.

We have done a lot in the past 6 years, I have watched countless bootcamp babies grow up that I held while their mom's sweated. Many of you have gone onto bigger and better goals well beyond what you thought you were capable of at one time. Some of you are even still meeting up to workout together as a group or have started running together and supporting each other training for events. It makes me smile every time I see someone out running, sweating or working out it is a committment to yourself that no one else can give you and in return you give to the world a better person.

Every minute you invest in sweat provides at least ten times the productivity and emotional stability in your work and life, there are such a plethora of diseases that are prevented by simply moving if the goverment funded fitness instead of drugs we may prevent the problems instead of just fixing with solutions and bandaids. But perhaps the problem is even if it was funded it is deep down inside our choice to do it for ourselves, WE have to make that choice every day to do something that is hard, sweaty and uncomfortable. 

Sometimes that choice isn't so easy with the amount of environmental/chemical factors playing with our bodies, stress that we take home from work that is slowly killing us or that for a fact we know now that sitting all day will be the death of us. We then enter into a cycle of too tired to move, increase unhealthy body fat (making hormones that make don't shut off the mechanism that tells you to stop eating), depression, more stress, more problems, more eating, less moving and repeat! 

Breaking out of that cycle is akin to a crack addict having to stop cold turkey. But it's not impossible (I'm/possible is spelled in the word!).

It doesn't matter if you are on a diet that touts it will be your last one, have a personal trainer, a therapist, a nutritionist and all the money in the world to "fix" what is wrong with you it will not work if you don't believe!

Believe in yourself, believe you are worth more than the world is telling you, believe you can do it, believe that it is small daily choices that add up to big change. A drop every day in a bucket will fill it up far faster than dumping one cup in it a year. 

The world is setting you up to fail, although that is not a permit to blame everyone else but yourself. We do have choice and power in our actions every day. When I see you walk into class I see the empowerment and by just getting to class is all you had to do, I will help you with the rest. Release the worries of the world when you are there and sweat! Then magically the worries aren't so big anymore when you're done or the answer has appeared to you while you were sweating!

Being strong allows you to easily accomplish many other dreams you never thought possible in life! Enter a Spartan Race, triathlon, 5 Peaks Race or hike The Berg Lake Trail. Once you have a base of strength anything else is do-able. People often shock themselves by how strong they are after attending bootcamp for even a couple of months. 

Whether is it my class or the multitude of others in town (that tells how active our community is!) be proud of yourself for getting there and adding a drop to your bucket of health. 

See you September 3rd! Join bootcamp for it's 7th year going!!

Fill up your bucket until it runneth over...

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking 






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