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Happy Monday or better known as fasting and cleansing day!

Every five years I cleanse with a special product that has great results...Colyte! And my result is a colonoscopy.

Why shall I share this with you?

Because every day, week, month of the year someone out there is selling you a cleanse and you are buying it, trying it no questions asked. Personally, I do not use cleanses ever nor do I support using them as they have not been proven to be of any benefit to the system. Ingesting some unknown product that could contain more chemicals than you were ingesting in the first place is not healthy in my mind! Give up sugar for a week if you want a cleanse, try only eating food from the earth for a week if you want a cleanse, drink more water today if you want a cleanse! All free and cheap switches in thinking that could lead to longer term results.

We are so willing to jump on the bandwagon of "health" being sold to us that we will avoid regular check-ups at the doctor because it may be a little know what's really uncomfortable? Suffering, dying, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension; shall I go on? We stick our heads in the sand about family history or true to life problems we are facing without going to the doctor to get checked up on and instead worry about how our physical body looks, sometimes even the most beautiful building could have a crumbling foundation and is about to crash but hey at least it looks good from the outside til it's gone...

Yes, this is the world we live in. Avoid all things uncomfortable because we are so comfortable being comfortable we don't want to push ourselves into a situation where we have no control. You do have control, every day you wake up you have control in your life and how you act in it. Therefore you also have control over your medical situation and health. 

Both of my parents died of colon cancer one at 49 years of age and the other last year at 61 years old. Neither saw retirement, my own children are very aware after watching my mom suffer that looking after yourself is important and they somewhat worry that if I end up with cancer they need to get checked as well. Pretty observant for 11 & 12 year olds. Living through death makes you grow up fast sometimes.

What are you going to do for your body and health today to make it better? To make it function at it's prime? To treat it with kindness instead of killing it with poisonous thoughts?

Today, I will eat popsicles, drink juice, water and Colyte (and no I'm not suggesting you use this ever unless prepping for a colonoscopy). I will be hungry, grumpy, uncomfortable and tired but guess what? It's only one day of discomfort to protect myself from a shortened lifespan and doing my utmost to be here for my family as long as I can.

I recently had a corporate wellness presentation and my first question to the executives was this: What are your top 3 priorities in life? Once they listed them I asked where quality of life or wellness was and if it is not near the top you are fooling yourself that you can give anything to anyone else when you do not take care of YOU! YOU are the key to work, family, life, church or whatever you choose to give yourself to.  

My plea to you for today: if you have a family history of some disease GO GET CHECKED, BOOK AN APPOINTMENT! Don't wait!! Waiting may be too late and wishing for that time back is futile. We have the choice in our life now.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking



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