A Very Merry Un-birthday

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A very merry Unbirthday to you….

Today, Friday the 13th not only a freaky Friday but it also the birthday that never was or will be…

I shall never forget waking up to spend the last day with my mom on what we both knew was her last birthday. It’s written down in painful words I will share with the world one day but for now let’s celebrate an unbirthday of gratitude.

This week while I lay on the bed for my colonoscopy the doctor came in a talked with me asking why I was there. I told her about both my parents dying of cancer and her face was shocked…apparently this is a big deal. She says I definitely have reason for concern and should return every five years to be checked even if I am clear.

Tuesday was a day of celebration of being well and clear! Today is a day of sorrow knowing there’s no one to celebrate with here, but I sure do hope my dad is enjoying the love of his life back. That is sometimes the only solace I can seek from sorrow knowing they are both together somewhere somehow.

What if today was your last birthday? What would you do? Who would you be with? 

This is where I was last year...it was a beautiful day and one of memories for life!

Gratitude is a choice, it doesn't just happen. Grateful for my family while I had it and the family I have now as well as the multitude of friends and support in my world.

The lessons I learned from my mom and watching so many people interact with her was this; kindness rules. I received many cards and notes from people who barely knew either one of us that their lives were changed by meeting her simply from how kind and caring she was, she asked how you were while she was dying. Gave what she had left, not taking anything she could grasp at. 

What will you give today to others? 

In honor of a painful day please share and spread some kindness in the world.

Happy Birthday...

Love you long time...

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking




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