Silently Swearing

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Lately I haven't had a lot to say or should I say haven't had a lot I want to say, I read a quote that I posted on my newsletter that said:

Those who know don't tell,

Those who tell don't know.

If you want to know what people believe stop listening to what they're saying and watch their actions. Yes, we all know you want to run a race, eat better or get "healthier", join the masses who proclaim this; the problem is our actions speak louder than words. 

Sometimes the loudest person isn't necessarily the provider of truth and should I say truth for your life! Why we keep believing the flashiest loudest pushiest seller of anything I will never know. Want to turn me away quickly from anything? Promise me it's the best, your the best or anything of the kind.

In my brain I am saying bull**** and you have officially lost any chance of me buying anything from you or listening to what you are saying.

See here is where I lose respect for so many people and maybe why as I age I become quieter and quieter all the time, when you say one thing then do another I'm done. Done as dinner. Your chance to have valid input into my life is over. 

I may listen, nod and even smile but those words just go in and out my ears.

Every day in my job I have to combat office hearsay that so and so said this is the best food, diet, workout etc. Guess what? Take stock of who is telling you what, does their actions match their words? Does their health match their words? Is their body and health where you want to be? 

Suzie told me to not eat carbs, fat is bad, nuts are good, carrots make you fat cause of the sugar. Of course they do. IT's all true isn't it? Eat tuna to look young but then don't eat it because the mercury will kill you.

Good grief STOP!!

What works for MY body will not work for YOUR body, I can help with tips and tricks that may work for you and trust me no one knows your body better than you. Listen to it! Although sometimes the problem is we have been puppets on a string of misinformation for so long our bodies don't even know what to do anymore things that used to be so innate to us are lost in the world of fast food and flash diets.

If you would like to know what the best workout is here's the answer: The one you can continue for life! Not one month or one year but forever.

What's the best maintenance diet? There's no such thing as maintenance what you worked so hard for must continue for life to keep you there or guess what? Back up in weight and out of shape you go and if your goal was unrealistic I can promise you will revert a little. We all have a weight that our bodies can maintain for life and it's not always the number you have programmed in your head. What if you could maintain just 10 lbs above it forever but instead you punish your body down below that only to disappoint yourself by not being able to stay there and then reverse right back up 30 lbs over that? This is where we fail our bodies, they keep giving us so much, forgiving us for punishing it and yet it is never good enough just a little more...

Maintenance is a ghost everyone is chasing. Lose the weight then maintain, nope actually you have to work harder to maintain your weight because with each pound you lose the less calories you burn while exercising and the less you burn at rest. 

For all those who are promising they have the answer I can say one thing for sure I know is that I do not. I have an answer for what works for me and I can help you find what works for you but there is not one answer for all bodies or people. We are all different for a reason.

As much as we are different we are all the same, starve the body and you will lose weight. As my mom used to say no one on Survivor gains weight while on the island. No one said they feel good or look healthy either.

Skinny has become such an all or nothing obsession that we forget strong is the real winner.

Some of the best emails and texts have been from clients and friends who started to get it and realized that they could run with their kids, out run their kids or keep up in situations they never dreamed possible. That is empowering, just being skinny is just that skinny. Empowered, strong and ready for a life fulfilled is what garners the most rewards that others can't quantify for you by saying oh you look so good losing all that weight. Having a silent pat on the back for yourself in those moments no one sees or knows about are so special and not needing external approval creates self-approval which is far more powerful.

I have some clients who don't look a stitch different from training but they could list off for you all the positives in their life verses the string of negatives regarding their bodies and lives they had before. That is success starting to change our thinking slowly to be our own champion in life. Change your mind, change your body. That is truth since our lives all begin with mind. Dream it, think it and do it. BUT you have to put thoughts into action for success.

Listening to my body I plan to do more yoga this month. I really feel the deep need for that peace, strength and stretching to become my best right now.

What are you listening to?

I Live Life Now,

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