Time Warped

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Time ticks along, looking back over the last year it is getting harder to fathom it has been a year already since I was at home not working in my profession but at a different job I loved. A year since time stood still, time clips along so quickly that we just seem to bounce from day to day wondering when it will slow down.

In a different time warp I was at my husband's great grandma's 107th birthday on the weekend! It seems inconceivable to me that his grandma's mother is still alive and his father's grandmother is still alive as well most of the family is still well given how large it is. If you want to wonder how to slow time down visit a nursing home or elderly care community, time seems pretty slow there and I thought to myself if I could pick death it would be my own grandmother's. She woke up excited getting ready for a cruise in the upcoming week while eating breakfast at the age of 80 she had a heart attack; end of story. No suffering, no long term care, no pain it was a peaceful death although it was the first person close to me I had pass away at the age of 18.

I watched with great interest the aging process at the home great grandma was in over the past weekend and time is not kind. The greatest gift Jenny said is not being in pain at a 107 years of age, wow. I know people a third of her age that are in pain every day. With age as our bodies shut down by simply wearing out I'm sure they must pine for some things in life we took for granted at one point or another.

Getting up quickly out of our chair, picking up items easily, walking on our own and the plethora of other important daily activities we assume will continue on indefinitely. Yet, as we continue in this life of comfort and luxury with the abscence of hard physical work anymore our bodies are aging quicker in one sense than those who worked harder before us. Our lack of movement is slowly killing us physically and mentally.

We are an intelligent species that has been capable of developing machines and easy ways out of manual labour, as well as easy ways to lose weight. What I believe is that we do not develop as individuals without a little suffering or difficulty in our life. A bit of stress in our life is what fuels us to better things. The need for food, shelter and money is what ensures you go to work each day to provide these essentials for a good life. Somehow we have confused what we need with what we deserve, and thousands of young people are staying sheltered under their parents wing to keep it easy for them. There is no worries about if you don't work you won't have food, someone will cover for you or help you. Suffering can be good, and sometimes we should suffer a little to appreciate what we have in the future.

Working hard during workouts and eating moderately for what works for our bodies garners so many attributes far deeper than just losing weight. The accomplishment you feel after a hard workout is very important for your own confidence and will transfer throughout your whole life. Learning to suffer a little while working out teaches you a mental strength that will allow you to survive when you believe you should break. You realize you don't break you just get stronger just like your muscles each time you lift weights.

I struggle right now the most with suffering, you see our avoidance of suffering is innate but the problem is when you constantly avoid suffering of any kind you do not grow as a person to become who you are meant to be. Ask anyone who has gone through really difficult times if they would trade it back for the person they were? Most times they say no. I agree, there is no trading in of any of the hard times I've faced and my hard times are what I could handle because there are a lot of people with much harder times than myself and until I am faced with that situation there is no knowing if you can handle them but guess what? Most times with a positive attitude you can make it through anything, even hell.

Why do some others survive and thrive in harsh conditions and others can be given everything yet refuse to succeed? 

Watching my own mom suffer unimaginable pain and agony was a life lesson, I wish deep down I could have taken it away from her but by seeing her response to it in such a brave and kind manner it has taught me lessons and strength well beyond my real age. Not learning and retaining these lessons from situations you cannot change is a waste of that persons suffering. 

As the fog lifts it is clear that all growth occurs with suffering it's whether you use it as an excuse and roadblock for life or you simply find a way around it or over!


Personally, I am proud of the things I suffered through the most and came out the other side. Whether it is a hard run, difficult situation or tough times you remember fondly how hard it was and recognize you are in a better place now thankful for it.

Sheltering yourself from these situations is the fastest way to warp time and stay stuck where you are...

Whether it's your body or mind we need to push it out of it's comfort zone to move forward.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking






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