How To Lose Weight And Be Great!

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Ten step program:

1. Move more or perhaps with more intent (workout with purpose not to put in time)

2. Eat more (whole food, real unprocessed food)

3. Eat more and stop believing you have to be hungry and unnourished to lose weight

4. Intensify your workouts (only possible with enough food and fuel)

5. Sleep more (less than 7 hours a night is not helping you recover)

6. Stress less (track your home, work, life stress and note those days which you eat worse is directly correlated)

7. Set yourself free (stop weighing yourself every day, it is self defeating, once every two weeks at most)

8. Breathe (rush rush rush, in the middle of the rush take two big deep breathes to calm the mind)

9. Pack your own food and prepare (you cannot nourish the body by eating out no matter how hard you try)

10. Realize that this is not a one month race, you can drop weight but the real trick is to keep it off? Incorporate choices that are sustainable for the rest of your life! Example: Eating well 90% of the time and having 10% leeway to indulge in other choices.

Oh, by the weigh (pun intended) you don't have to lose weight to be great. You see we keep thinking if we lose weight our life will be better, not so much. 

Losing weight is a by product of making daily choices, creating habits while others react to situations and claim they have no choice. You always have a choice. It is Remembrance Day soon and those soldiers fought for this right to have a choice for freedom and we forget that we have free choice perhaps too much free choice that leaves us confused and overwhelmed with choices.

Those that focus on a weight number goal eventually give up or get there then give in because it was not sustainable. Listen to your body, watch your body transform as you grow stronger instead of beating it up to a pulp of weakness. It has been 11 years since I lost weight after my kids and although at first I dipped into that lower range of weight eventually 10 lbs above that is where my body and mind is the happiest. I could keep fighting to drop lower but guess what? No wine on Friday's, no evening pizza with the kids once in a while. 

Your kids are watching, paying attention to what you do. They in the end don't care if you weigh 35 lbs more or less than you are now, what they do pay attention to is how you talk to yourself, about yourself and what you are doing to look after yourself. The kids that come to boot camp are still doing burpees in the living room at home which makes my heart sing! The example set to them is clear; take the time to do something for yourself and your body.

Create a love for life and yourself, treat yourself kindly like you would a stranger on the street you would help if they fell down. We so easily bash ourselves for not doing this or coming up short in that but in the end we need to realize that we are all human. And being human starts with treating yourself with kindness and compassion. Losing weight by hating your body into it will not result in a great body it results in a messed up mind and body that eventually will rebel trust me I have watched it over and over. 

Sorry, there's no flashy marketing system attached to my ten step program, there won't be those "amazing" before and after pictures but then again we don't see the after "after" picture a year later when those great programs deliver the extra 30 lbs back on you lost with the quick fix.

I understand there are success stories with those programs but most often times they transitioned to the above ten step program after they lost their weight the first time. There is many magic pills and potions out there but in the end it there is me, myself and I to depend on for success. 

Become the best you whether that is where it is at right now, 10 lbs up or 50 lbs down. However, ensure that it is in a supportive role not your worst enemy. Strength is empowering, it is more than just muscle. Knowing you are strong and fit becomes engrained in your soul and offers you opportunities you never imagined before. Strength is freedom. Being skinny for the sake of dropping weight is a prison, a self torturing prison you can never escape until you taste a little freedom.

Walk, run, climb, crawl, bike, hike, ski, snowshoe, snowboard, lift, swim, yoga, pilate, spin or dance. I don't care what you do to find a way to create some type of fitness in your life you never know what you might like until you try it. Raise your hand if you have said to me personally "I don't like running" and now do. My biggest thrill is when I run into a past client and they tell me they ran a half marathon this past summer or went hiking with their family something they never even entertained before but now "like" it.

What you will discover is as you like more things in life you never imagined possible, you start to like yourself even more along with it.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking 





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