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I love learning from clients. For example today we all know that January is the month of new exciting goals, resolutions and plans to become this or that. Climb Everest or walk around the block every day someone somewhere is planning something this time of year!

How do you avoid the dreaded downfall or regression out of your new found wonderful habits? Adding to your life instead of feeling as though you are just putting in time is one way.

So, it is January 13th, 2014. There are 50 weeks left in the year 2014! If you exercise, workout, sweat, intentionally expend energy for 20 minutes or more at an intensity that challenges your fitness level each time for 4X/week you will have accomplished 200 workouts by the end of this year!

Join my client! Feel empowered instead of frustrated. Buy yourself a journal, log online or whatever is most convenient for you and start writing it down.

Sample Journal Entry:

#1 Workout Jan 13th: Lifted weights today for 45 minutes.

#2 Workout Jan 15th: Treadmill workout 30 minutes.

#3 Workout Jan 17th: Bootcamp 1 hour

#4 Workout Jan 19th: Lifted weights 30 minutes

End of Week #1!

#5 Workout Jan 21, 2014: Run 45 minutes

This doesn't have to be in depth or overwhelming. What we are missing from our lives with fitness is focus and consistency. If you miss a workout in one week you now understand that you have 5 workouts the next week.

Make these types of goals attainable for yourself, if you can't commit to 4x/week try 3x/week then you are committed to a 150 workout year!

Do it! I know you can. Do it now, don't wait!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking



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