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 I look out the window today and write this in a word document since there is no online access with the storm. The spruce trees are bent over in a precarious game of how far can we bend until we break and for some they may break but for others they can bend with the storm and as soon as it blows over stand strong again.

Life is this storm. We will have situations that blow us over but it is how far we can bend and adapt to the storm that determines if we survive it to see another day or break in half. Trusting yourself is so very important to survive. Ironically, the sun shines while the wind blows at a dangerous speed. Funny, everything looks like it should be okay but it’s not. Sometimes that is how life is. Everything seems sunny but there is a storm blowing that threatens to destroy everything.

We as humans have to learn that stress, storms, setbacks are part of life and that with each one a lesson is waiting on the sidelines to be discovered. Instead of failure we can embrace learning. Accept what we are given and be grateful for it good, bad or indifferent. I will have many storms myself in life to face yet, and the one’s I have already been through we’re wealth’s of information and learning.

The analogy of using workouts as controlled condition storms to prepare for the real storms of life is so true. Each time you push in a workout to a place you don’t think you will get through or finish but complete anyways you obtain a small victory. Enough victories help to empower us to a new way of seeing ourselves and life, sometimes they are even enough to see ourselves as a success regardless of what the scale says or what society says we should be.


(80 mph winds on the top of Mt. Rainier in above picture!)


Developing the power inside you…

50 squats

50 pushups

50 burpees

50 lunges

50 mountain climbers (25/leg)

50 plank hand to elbow (25/side)

50 jump squats

50 crunches

50 jumping jacks

50 seconds wall sit

How many victories can you achieve? 1, 2, 3 rounds? And if you can’t get through one round work up to this and believe you can get there! Start with 10 or 25 of each if you have to make your workouts and life a success for you!!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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