Silence is GOLDEN!!

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Being quiet is hard, being still is hard, funny both of those are required to meditate. I used to think that meditation was for those "other" people who were special. Ha! Sure.

I was busy, busy, busy who has time to sit still for 5 minutes or 10 minutes? Being busy made me feel needed, strong and purposeful. Ha! Sure.

Perhaps, I'm not sitting crossed legged on the floor meditating but I have noticed that my awareness of self, soul, spirit and who I am has increased immensely lately. The most freeing part of my life was the moment I let go and let God.

No, this is not a religious blog it is recognizing that I am part of a greater energy source than myself and we are all part of that energy whether we recognize it or not. My own inner belief now sits so deep and unwavering in what I want for my own life because I have finally accepted that I can't control everything, I am responsible for myself, my actions, my thoughts and how I treat myself, past that let it go...


We are all meant to shine, glow and feel connected to ourselves. I see it in this picture whether it's sweat on my phone or a true glow this is how we are meant to be. 

How are you supporting yourself? How are you supporting the body that carries you around while you enjoy your time on Earth? Lately, as I have became more aware of listening to what people say pay attention to their answers. Very rarely do you hear someone answer any question with how wonderful everything is it's the usual (can't complain, surviving....). I am reminded of a friend who used to constantly tell me to be careful what I speak aloud because my body was listening so when I said my back was killing me she would gently remind me that it wasn't and I should consider not saying that. I FINALLY GET IT!! She is right!

Find an ache on your body right now or something that is bugging you. Are you sore, itchy or annoyed with something on your body? Now, for the next minute think of nothing but that: GO!  

How bad did the problem get? Did it exacerbate by tenfold? Notice something that was just there was then multiplied in intensity by just focusing on it only? Now, for the next minute you will think about someone else and send them positive energy and love. Someone you know may need it or someone you care about and just want to focus on: GO!

Notice a difference? Did you see that when you focus on the problem it gets worse not better? BUT, when you focus on the positive for someone else or something else your pain disappears? Hmmmm...

Perhaps as our psyche (or psycho) takes over our brain with all this problem fixing BS chatter over and over you become so enveloped in it you forget that you don't have to agree or listen to it. You are great, you are perfect and you are as you should be. I actually start to feel sorry for people trapped in societies expectation to look a certain way, act a certain way and have certain things to meet standards that are set by MONEY GENERATORS, true story. Oh wait that was me...I felt sorry for me, until I realized I am OK just as I am. Not with a fancier car, fancier clothes or anything external; all I need is me. 

When I say all I need is me it doesn't mean I don't need others in life, we all need each other to love, share love and be love but what I did realize is that I am good enough to share that with anyone or everyone I want to and that becomes a gift in itself. Read The Untethered Soul (Michael Singer) please please please!! It should be required reading in school and if your mind isn't ready to read it yet then that's okay too because all things unfold when they are ready to and we are ready to absorb the lessons from it.

Silence is GOLDEN especially if it's in your own head and the chatter, negativity and neverending mind games stop. What would that feel like? I don't know but I am slowly decluttering my mind or at least being aware that it is there and I don't have to listen :) 

People can sell you diets, plans, one solution fixes all schemes but in the end our bodies are lived through our minds so if you want to change your life, fitness, body and health start with your mind and allow the rest to fall into place (with sweat of course!). That sweat is akin to a soul cleanse and you can't buy it you just have to do it!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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