Lucky 13 Left!

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I realized yesterday that I have 13 days left to enjoy life as I know it. Running footloose and fancy free...not pain free just fancy free.

So run I will, even if it is a mile a day until April 28th when they will repair my ankle. Join me if you wish and run a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) until I am in a cast for 6 weeks.

Funny, how when you put it in perspective that you do not waste a day. Upon waking this morning I am sore but I will run today even if it is a slow shuffle.

It's interesting to listen to everyone's assumption of how I ended up wrecking my body to the point that I require ankle surgery. Ironically, I hurt my ankle long before I worked out; hauling firewood at home at the age of sixteen. I tore it so badly I was on and off of crutches for two years. Add in genetics that predispose my ligaments to function more like spaghetti than elastic and you have the perfect recipe for hypermobile joints.

Truth is if I was not as strong as I am I would not walk without a lot of difficulty. So, after years of holding myself together with strength my time has come to get it surgical repaired. However the stark realization of now being in a cast for 6 weeks for this girl is a big deal. I do not take it for granted when I hop out of bed or having the ability to do what I please physically when I wish but now I will become the cared for....oh dear. 

Thankful for good friends (chauffeurs) and family that will help me in my incapacitated state I am ready to tackle this just as I have any other obstacle: with a plan. I am not giving up to eat junk food on the couch in my recovery state but I have figured out how much nutrition I need to optimize healing, what I can do to help myself heal to the best of my ability and perhaps I will have arms of steel by the time I have done my 1000th bicep curl sitting on the couch? Who knows but I know I am not taking this laying down (well maybe the first couple of weeks).

I have a couple of courses to finish up while I am healing. My yoga philosophy and nutrition course to continue working on and I look forward to yoga teacher training in July to return to a physical exertion state of some type. 

And in the back of my mind if my body allows it I still have a race to complete in September with a good friend. We will see where my body takes me.

I look forward to writing during this healing time and staying in touch on here!

(Don't worry I will be back at bootcamp the first week of May, I can still teach on crutches lol)

The Death Race seems like a million years ago by this point but I cherish all the memories my worn out ankle has given me and look forward to living with a stronger one!

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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