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I write this with shaky arms, finally my arms are shaky not from painkillers but from a workout. It has taken me 9 days since surgery to even feel like lifting weights. Even though I cannot complete any leg workouts (other than the thousands of single leg squats my good leg has done), my good leg burns from standing on it so much that I was sent down to my knees for most exercises. You have two choices in life: make excuses or make it work.

The fog of pain killers is gone yay!! As simple as it seems for someone who has never really taken any kind of medication it was a bizarre but necessary evil to heal properly. If you are in too much pain your blood pressure is elevated, your body is distressed and you do not heal well so to give yourself the best chance at healing you need to use what is offered to you for pain management.

Since the birth of my daughter nearly 12 years ago I think this has been the longest stretch I have ever gone without exercise of some kind. Personally, I thought I understood how integral working out was to the fabric of my life but maybe not how integral. With just one workout I feel strong again which waivered greatly over the last few days. It is hard to question yourself and how you feel when you've felt strong for so long. 

Perhaps I had a glimpse of how you can start to feel when you begin to believe you can't change where you're at. I remember that feeling of helplessness when I was very pregnant and very out of shape between giving birth, nursing and being pregnant once again. I nearly fell into the lapse of believing that this was were my life belonged as I aged. 

A friend posted that her Uncle at the age of 81 is cycling across Lands End to John O'Groats proves that we do not have believe what aging does to us. What we believe is where we end up as we age. Now, not everyone will be able to accomplish this feat but my neighbor who moved town near the age of 90 still walks every day so whatever way you can continue to stay active is what works for you just never give up!

People often tell me that they fall out of the health habit because life overtakes them; either children, divorce, death, crisis or ________ fill in the blank. Life does ebb and flow that is a money back guarantee. What is not guaranteed is our willingness to give up on ourselves. Even if all you can maintain is 2x/week of workouts that is a better option than no workouts at all. Even if you can't afford a gym membership you have your legs and arms attached to you which means you can workout anytime and anywhere. Walking a mile a day will do wonders physically and mentally.

You don't have to pay for expensive supplements, a trainer, fancy clothes or pre-packaged protein all you have to do is move, sweat and trust yourself that you can do it.

There is no easy answer when we start to fall down the rabbit hole other than to have someone hopefully give you a nudge or swift kick out of it, you choose yourself to get out of it or life forces you out of it. For most people a health scare triggers big changes. Although my surgery was not life threatening being unable to do what you normally do does help put life in perspective again. I've always been a proponent of never taking for granted what you can do each day with ease. Whenever I thought I didn't feel like working out I would ask myself "What if I woke up tomorrow unable to exercise, what if this gift was taken away?".

I smile looking back in the gym today at the carnage left and shaky arms that were a by-product of it. The worst part was looking up the stairs realizing I had a long ways up on crutches with tired arms...

Corny but true these stairs represent life: one step at a time til you get to your goal. 

I obviously made it and now am firmly planted down in my chair to rest.

Back to work tomorrow, I feel ready as I developed my own strength so I can share it with others now.

I Live Life Now,

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