Fast, Free & Footloose!

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Well, I'm free and footloose but fast is a matter of opinion!

I've got two shoes on now which is a huge improvement over the cast of 6 weeks, for some odd reason I thought I had another month in a walking cast but I was set free into an ankle brace!! The angels sang in happiness I'm sure (I did anyways!).

Last night I realized after two months of doing very little compared to my average life, 15-30 minutes of easy yoga a day *DAY 18 today with my daughter; does not add up to the intense workouts I am used to. And like many others in this world between less movement and heading out to the lake on weekends I discovered one thing last weekend: my bathing suit is tight.

I can't say it's been a runaway but everything is just a little snugger than usual. So last night like a plethora of others before me I made the decision that this week I would re-focus and start to exercise more than usual and in the words of my orthapedic surgeon "You can walk.", so walk I did and instead of waiting until Monday to start my new routine I started last night even though I was tired from too much fun, sun and lawn mowing in the day I set out to walk.

Can you tell who was really excited to head out on the road again? She has been waiting nearly 2 months for this day I felt like I was being stalked putting my shoes on!

I headed out with trepidation and a plan, walk only one mile and turn around no matter how good I feel, today was the day I busted out my new bionic ankle running shoes and christened them with a walk not a run but a walk.

 After attending the fitness conference in May I am trying to wean myself from the cushioning I am used to and what better time than when you have to ease back into walking and slowly build up. I tried my Merrell Pace Gloves (I have never been a Merrell fan but I am eating my words to start a new theory).

The first few steps down the driveway were tender since my family and I golfed that day but once I got warmed up I felt great and I even thought I was flying fast walking....

That is until the cat passed me, humbling me just a little.

The dog was ecstatic she would run ahead and run back wondering what the heck was wrong with me and why weren't we flying down the road as usual?
But the look on her face captured joy; pure joy!

She couldn't contain herself inside her body it was as though she was going to explode with happiness. I felt the same just at a slower level.

It felt so good to go outside and move again, really move and see the world around me once more. I am so thankful to be able to walk and just walk right now I feel alive.

Weight is just a number and understanding when you have to check your lifestyle is noticed by your clothes, I don't need to weigh myself to know what has happened and then berate myself for letting 5 or 8 lbs creep up. I am proud to have made it through this surgery, proud to have gotten back to work and proud that I never let any of this stop me it is just a speed bump that slowed me down it hasn't ran me over by any means.

 The sun was setting last night and when I am outside I remember how I am literally the grass on the ground and the blue in the sky sometimes it brings me to tears seeing the beauty of our world!

Plans have began for hiking in August I cannot wait to have a goal again and see some more of this world. One goal achieved: make it through surgery and out of a cast. Next goal: complete yoga training, then hike in the mountains and the final countdown is running at the end of August!!

Thank you body for the miracles that you keep giving me.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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