Nothing Changes Without...

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Nothing changes without movement...

Consider this for a moment. Nothing changes without movement. It doesn't matter what we are talking about. You don't get to work without moving and changing locations, you don't read another word in a book if your eyes don't move. Change has to occur with movement.

There's been lots of change in life lately for me with moving (notice I had to move for change) to a new location. The downsides are some for bootcamp such as less space, having to sign up differently but the positives have outweighed the downside tenfold.

I have the ability to work with people I couldn't before, young girls that are shy or don't like public gyms. Private sessions of yoga verse a personal training session when some days clients don't have the energy to workout hard or have just had "that" day. Private group sessions that have me crying I'm laughing so hard have been great additions to my life and workplace.

By moving and creating change one has to modify but there is always a new possibility with it. The irony of reading the first sentence of this blog is that this sentence can apply to anything and definitely to a lifestyle change towards fitness.

Movement = change in your body and fitness level. This doesn't mean you have to look like the latest cover of a magazine. That means you are getting stronger, you heart and lungs function more efficiently and you are enjoying a confidence from knowing what you can do in the gym. Moving heavy weights brings a self efficacy that you can't fake, empowering yourself by trusting your body to support when you push your limits transfers to the rest of daily living.

Some days are hard but I've had workouts that have mentally pushed me there before to the brink and I knew I didn't have to collapse but simply do as I have before count to ten, keep breathing and continue on.

One strategy I've adopted lately to help with the struggle of meditation, I ironically enjoy it but the thought (awareness) doesn't present itself in daily life as once my feet hit the floor running (literally some days) there is no stopping. Even in break times at the studio there is still cleaning, eating, paperwork and other business related items that need attention and I love working it's enjoyable tasks.

However, everything in my life has pointed me towards how much more stillness I require in my daily habits so as a bridge to meditating regularly I wake up and stop. Before one foot hits the floor at all I stop, put my hands on my chest and feel my breath then while I focus on my breath I put forth positive energy to those I know need it. Subconsciously sending positive thoughts to others in need is a direct support to them and indirectly supports your health at the same time.

So far I feel so much more grounded in a day instead of sporadic and rushed. It takes me literally 2-5 minutes to do but instead of forcing myself to meditate and not continue with it this is a great bridge to the future. Creating a pattern and habit for life that provides me with tools that work with MY LIFE.

You can take the latest diet shake, pill, booster, cleanser, workout obsessively and eat clean strictly for any period of time. Some people would call that competition prep. And to those of you who read this you may not think that adding that small practice to my day will have much affect but it will and does if I can maintain it for life.

Watch your thoughts,they become your words.

Watch your words, they become your actions.

Watch your actions, they become your habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.


What are you moving towards? What are you feeling stuck on?


Nothing changes without movement.


I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


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