Welcome To The Zombie Apocalypse

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You've been waiting for it, watching and preparing. There's hit TV shows about it and readiness/survival books published to help: Zombie's they're coming!

Well it's here! No need to prepare we are already in a full fledged onslaught. Where are they? Walking around us in plain daylight starring at their phones, worrying constantly about their own pain (real or imagined) and or simply zoned out to the world around them.

Zombie (informal definition): a person who is or appears lifeless, apathetic, or completely unresponsive to their surroundings. This is according to the definition in my computer dictionary.

Hmm seems their not the flesh eating half dead humans pictured in movies by definition it is much deeper. And that is a true description of the literally thousands of people walking around right now.

Everyone is overworked, overstressed, unhappy, under zealous, dreading waking up each day and dragging around the world lifeless. You talk to people and it is rare that someone uplifts your spirits mostly it's humdrum whoa is me talk. There is hope, you can be the light in the darkness around us.

Consider for a week instead of dreading, appreciating the gift of life. Nope, not every day will be a bucket of rainbows and lollipops but I promise with gratitude in even the hardest situations you can begin to sort out the feelings your having.

Remembering that we are all connected, the negative thoughts you have towards others is not helping you at all. In fact a revelation for myself a while ago was that each time I think badly about someone it actually manifests in me tenfold back so truly it doesn't mean I have to be everyone's friend but I can actually wish them well in their own life pursuit.

Melody Beattie a recovering addict and author wrote of one time she had a co-worker she was very jealous of and with each day she begrudged her it was of no use to her own well-being and was actually very poisonous in her own emotional health. Then one day she completely flipped her thinking she wished upon her worse enemy all the best things she could possibly have. It wasn't easy she had to be diligent in her constant daily affirmations to the other woman but over time she began to like her and then great things started happening for herself.

Moral of the story; instead of spiraling in regret and anger thinking that she could never be better than this woman she felt gratitude for having her put in her life. Turning towards the problem with love and gratitude is a million times harder than just writing that person off as frustrating, stupid, unlovable or belligerent and walking away.

They say walking away is the hardest thing to do and yes, there are some circumstances that require leaving if you safety is in danger...walk! However, more times that not we walk the wrong direction away instead of towards. It is said that it takes a special person to run towards a burning building verses fleeing the fire and yes, it does. But, you can train yourself to become that person because maybe the cause of the fire is you and you keep running away only to create a new problem elsewhere.

Wherever you go; there you are. If you are having the same problem with a new person perhaps it's not that person but your perception of the problems that are occurring. That's a tough pill to swallow. That's not saying your responsible for the problems necessarily but that your reactions are the same in each instance.

I've had some eye opener, tear jerker moments that have forced me to re-evaluate how I react or act in my life and they were the most painful, difficult things I have ever had to face and stand up to. However, the ease of life now from having done that hard work makes up for all the lessons I worked through. Take the few moments of pain and struggle to be free for the rest of your life. Why live in steady state pain scared of what would happen if you choose to run to the fire instead of away? You could save a life by doing so, most likely your own.

We are zombies walking around hiding ourselves from the pain, from the difficulty of life and from what life keeps repeating for us in obvious lessons that we keep choosing to ignore with whatever method works. Self abuse, abusing others or simply shutting down.

How do we turn some of this around? Self care, climbing Everest would be easier. Taking our own lives and learning to pick out patterns of avoidance. Staying busy is far easier than asking someone to love us because we feel that they aren't there for us, feeling insecure from not being express your needs is natural. In the end we all just want love and connection from whoever is in our life. Bonding is so important and feeling wanted by those around us is really what we're always fighting for.

Begin by caring for you first, if you can't honor yourself you can't honor others and you will be giving yourself away as a martyr. Martyred love in tainted love because you are giving it away with expectations in return even if it is the expectation of making you feel better or as a selfless person who gives and gives. Love is given without expectation, not tit for tat.

Plant your foot on the floor in the morning with the thought that this is another day, some people don't have that chance and eventually we won't either. Death knocks on all our doors do not be so foolish to think that being a zombie saves you from that, even if you're half living now doesn't mean you get a longer life this time round.

Life needs to be lived with patience and urgency. If you are struggling with something right now what would you tell your best friend as advice? Can you take your own medicine or is it simply a placebo for yourself?

Look in the mirror, tell yourself you are amazing and loving just as you reflect back without another change. Stop buying what everyone is selling you to fix you, soothe you and make you a better version of yourself. It will all fail eventually. Believe that you have enough right now and you are enough right now. This doesn't mean we can't have goals but it shouldn't involve shaming to get there.

Wake up say to yourself: I am enough.

I Live Life Now,

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