Who Will Throw First?

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Sadness envelopes our community with the loss of a young boys life under tragic circumstances most likely human error and with it the sense of loss deepens for more than just the loss of life but the seemingly senselessness of it all.

Most tragedies are hard to understand and usually with any loss bitterness follows whether it's being angry with cancer who stole our loved one too soon or as with sudden accidents a sense of why did this have to happen to my family.

I've done the anger part well, I was so angry for so long at cancer I didn't understand that the anger was then poisoning myself the way the cancer did my father. Next go round with cancer I had no anger left to give as it was just too draining to keep that and support my families emotional well-being. Don't get me wrong I had moments of anger but I wasn't enveloped in it like a cocoon. What eventually turned a lot around for myself was love. Corny but true. Love for myself, love for my family and even love for cancer in what lessons I have learned from it.

True. Hard but true, I have gratitude for all of it. I would have never got to the point of peace I am at now in life. Until you face these situations it's easy to fear it and think this chick is crazy.

Now we have a tragedy that involves a lot of guilt, anger and grief. Before people begin slamming everyone else for what they did or didn't do imagine being one of those people. It's easy to say "that would never be me", "I would never do that" maybe, but that fact is whatever happened I can't throw the first stone to say I have never not scared myself swerving on the road not being aware. I also can't say what I would do with "rational" decisions when I am panicked, in shock and scared to death.

Not one stone needs to be thrown because the amount of stones that will be built up from the sadness in the whole situation is enough to weigh down everyone's pockets, making it hard to pick up your feet. Why now must we add in blame, finger pointing or stone throwing? We don't.

We need to heal as a community, love as a whole and help those who are involved by possibly putting ourselves in their shoes for a moment. The facts aren't out yet and even when they are the outcome will not change, a boy is gone but we do not have to perpetuate hate in place of a life lost.

That would be the real tragedy.

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