Fall Down Seven Stand Up Eight

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At work by 8 am training yesterday, boot camp, yoga sessions, Go Girls class with young women learning fitness and yoga, clients who are becoming the best athlete possible, clients who are starting a journey, clients who have serious health problems just trying to survive; leave work at 7 pm. That is a snapshot of my day.

Listening last night to a snapshot of Dr. Eva Olsson's day was mind numbing. I think a person could listen to her talk fifty times, a hundred times and still never absorb a miniscule amount of the suffering and pain that she has endured, witnessed and survived. At the age of 91 she stood proudly and strongly at the front of the gym speaking to the group of people who really had come to witness history. I nearly went home after a long day but realized that in my lifetime I will never be able to hear another Holocaust survive speak in person again; it was the right decision.

I'm a firm believer that whatever event, person or situation has been placed in your path has been done so for a preordained purpose. The lessons that you garner from each experience is building up your knowledge for life. It is said that "If you resist learning in gentler forms, life is more than prepared to teach you through ever-increasing hardship." This quote out of a book I've been reading for a few months but struggled to get through called The Four Desires. It is one of the most challenging books I have ever read to dig truly deep down into the root of what your life purpose is and what is holding you from it.

The Holocaust and what happened in that time frame to 11 million Jews was a larger than life lesson that is becoming far removed with hatred being perpetuated again in schools, online and in daily life by people with more anger than love for themselves and in turn others. Dr. Eva Olsson is a living breathing reminder that we do need to open ourselves to love instead of anger. The twists of fate that lead to her standing in the middle school gym last night is nothing less than a miracle. She was meant to be here to carry this message to the world that although anger and rage can kill, ravage and nearly destroy a whole culture. One candle left burning can share that light and ignite the world.

Have you ever considered why people with the largest lasting impact in the world have always had a message of love? Unconditional love? Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Dr. Eva Olsson. Because love transcends everything. If you love yourself you will not accept poor treatment from others. Love does not mean you are a doormat. Love means you are strong enough to stand up for yourself and others.

Love sold on television and social media is not real love, that is superficial garbage perpetuated by money and fueled by sex. Sometimes when someone can't love themselves you are the love that helps to show them that it is possible to love. I think after all that Dr. Eva Olsson went through what broke me at the end was when she finally was free, survived, recovered unspeakable horrors and found a new wonderful life in Sweden it was shattered once again.  (Either go watch her today at LTIS School or read the book to find out what happened)

Did she lay down? Maybe briefly, but she stood up for the eighth time refusing to let life keep her down. Life I'm sure hasn't been easy but finally breaking her silence, sharing the horrors she is bringing light every day to her own life and others. Darkness begets darkness and lights creates more light. "Sometimes the simplest thing you have to do is just step through one door out into the sunshine" ~Dr. Olsson.

It's funny yesterday I started writing a blog before hearing her speak and it started like this: Take your hands and cover your face. Spread your fingers slightly looking through the cracks. What do you see? It's darker and there is limited vision. Now take your hands away...looking forward with completely open vision and unobstructed views. Sometimes our lives really are that simple we just have to open up to see clearer.

Yoga is about opening your heart which opens your emotions and in turn opens your life to love. It is one tool we have to break out of darkness. Not just yoga but anything that nurtures your soul and creates more love for yourself creates light.

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